Sexy Smokey Eyes Tutorial - Reader Request

Hi Guys,

As you might of heard me mention, my last webcam sucked. I already returned in to Target yesterday. I filmed a smokey eye tut on it but it came out too slow and delayed;it was hard to see me doing any motions without having a weird trail effect, know what I mean? So last night I recreated the smokey eye look from my holiday red lip video. This was a request from one of my blog readers so I definitely wanted to get it out timely. The only one left is to get my purple eyes video done for Mrs. Lynne. I think I may turn this into a video for my you tube page later. Please keep the suggestions coming. Hope you enjoy!

What I used:
I mainly used an eyeshadow palette I ordered from CameraReadyCosmetics.Com. I've been raving about these pro products for weeks. I skipped the foundation and blush since I already had it on from my previous look.

Other items used:
-Fiberwig mascara
-MAC kohl pencil in Smolder
-MAC lip erase in Dim
-MAC lipstick in Freshbrew
-MAC lipglass in C-Thru
-MAC e/s in Vex
-Ardell Gisele false lashes

1)Note the e/s palette I used. I used the light brown color on the far left and the dark blue/gray and black colors on the right.

2)Add base. I used bare canvas paint applied to entire eyelid up to brow bone with clean ring finger.

3)Apply light brown to the entire lid using fluffy eyeshadow brush.

4) Apply the blue color to the outer ½ of lid forming the outer V shape

5) Use your 219 brush to emphasize the outer V using the black color.

6)blend in harsh lines with 222 brush.

7)Line top eyes with kohl pencil forming a little wing at the end. Line bottom waterline as well.

8)Use small e/s brush to apply black eyeshadow to lower lashline.

9)Make sure eyelashes are already curled. Apply false lashes. I used Ardell Gisele lashes with duo lash adhesive.

10)Apply mascara to real lashes to blend them into false lashes.

11)Tightline upper waterline using kohl pencil. (I forgot the picture, but highlight browbone with vex e/s)

12)Apply lip erase to void out your natural lip color. You're aiming for a nude lip.

13)Apply fresh brew l/s and top with c-thru lipglass.

And voila! You're done :)