Hi Bellas,

Have any of you all been so tempted by those social media sponsored ads?  Well I caved and decided to try some outfits from www.PatPat.com because I just couldn't resist the adorable matching family outfits.  Bella Hubby and I filmed a haul and I was definitely surprised by the quality and fit.  Check out the video on my YouTube channel to see if the site is legit or a fail.

Study These Athletes For Hot Weather Makeup Tips

Hi Bellas,

In most places, the end of summer means hot and humid. And as temperatures rise, it’s hard to keep your makeup looking cute, especially if you’re active. Unless you're sitting in an air conditioned room, you’re going to get at least a little sweaty, which means your foundation will smear, mascara will run, and your flawless eyeliner will be ruined. But this is why we look to some prominent female athletes for tips and tricks. These talented ladies continue to look radiant even when breaking a serious sweat, which means we could all learn a thing or two from them! Check out their tips below!

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