Hi Bellas!

Recently I had the opportunity to test out some products from an amazing professional cosmetics brand Graftobian. I already have several of their items in my kit including a 12 pan Dual Powder Foundation Professional Palette, Cream Blush Palette, Fashion Colors Lip palette, and of course a few of their famous steel palettes and palette knifes (I purchased all of this from CameraReadyCosmetics - one of my fav makeup artist supplier sites).

I've been playing with their products for about two weeks and I'm sold...now I want more Graftobian in my kit! In fact, their foundation is giving my beloved Cinema Secrets foundation a run for their money! I have several tutorials planned using these products, but I wanted to give my blog followers a sneak peak.

I got my generous package of goodies the same week I moved into my new apartment...what a great housewarming gift! Here's a shot my boyfriend took of me playing with the new makeup! You can see I'm already working on developing a super bright look!

I actually recorded myself doing today's look over the weekend...to my dismay, my two part video never processed on my camera because it was too long! How Sad! My twitter followers were lucky enough to see me post the look that same night but I didn't want the pics to go to waste so I'm showcasing them in this blog entry. No worries though, I re-filmed this look Wednesday night :)

In today's FOTD, I'm focusing on the Graftobian FantasEyes palette. Isn't it beautiful? Bright colors are right up my alley. Each pan is like 4 times the size of a MAC pan eyeshadow, nearly blush size. You can get it in a pre-filled palette like this, or you can buy the empty palette and fill them with pan refills for only $8.5o! A MAC pan eyeshadow is about $10 and it's only a fourth of the size. The empty palette is also only $11.99 - great deal! The pigmentation is amazing...you don't need a bright base underneath to make the colors pop (unlike many eyeshadows out there). I only used a light foundation color as my base in this look.

Top Row Left to Right: Purple Power, Fuchsia Fever, Blue Powder, Blue Aqua
Bottom Row Left to Right: Red Crimson, Orange Geuse, Yellow Ray, Green Flash

I used the Ultrasilk Matte eyeshadow in Warm Creme as my highlighter color. This huge eyeshadow (a bit bigger than MUFE eyeshadows) is only $9.99. It will last you forever! It's the perfect all over lid color/highlight color in an eggshell tone. I also love using this as a highlighter for the face! I used it on my girl Joy last night, and it made her skin glow!

To line my eyes, I used their Black Cake Eyeliner. I've never really used powder liners, but I'm sold on this one! Mixed with their Lining liquid, it's amazing! The powder pan is extra huge once again (the size of their humongous eyeshadow) and I can also use this as matte black eyeshadow...fabulous! Lining the eye with this is a lot easier than using a gel since it doesn't move around...to get the line really black the lining liquid comes in handy. Again this is very reasonably priced at $8.99, great deal!

I applied my New York style/drag lashes from Red Cherry and then blended in my real lashes with the Graftobian black mascara. The formula is dryer than some I've tried...this could be a good thing because it will hold curl, but it takes a little more effort to apply. The mascara brush head is pretty typical...but as a makeup artist the brush doesn't really matter since you use disposable applicators anyways. This mascara is very reasonably priced at $10, comparable in price point to most drug store brands.

I made my cheeks glow with this fabulous blush...talk about super pigmented! I had to use my fan brush to apply. This would be amazing on any skin tone. This color was a super pretty reddish tone with gold shimmers. Again, a great deal with the individual compact at $9.99! This is half the price of a MAC blush and the quality is equal if not better.

And here is my super dramatic look! I wanted to show you how intense the colors can get! Like I mentioned, I just used foundation as an eyeshadow base...most of the colors were applied dry except for the Blue Agua eyeshadow which was applied wet in the outer v. My lips were a combo from MAC: magenta lip liner, magenetique lipglass, and extra amps dazzleglass.

I'm wearing Yellow Ray in my inner 1/3 eyelid, Powder Blue in the middle of the lid, Blue Agua on the outer v, Green flash above the crease, and a combo of Purple Power and Fuschia Fever on the lower lashline. I'm also wearing my Gray Circle lenses in this look, thanks again Anna!

I used a Styli-Style blue eyeliner on my waterline, set with the Graftobian Powder Blue eyeshadow to make it really pop.

I'm wearing Graftobian foundation, concealer and powder in this look, but that's another post!

Stay tuned for my upcoming videos (already filmed) featuring Graftobian products: Graftobian foundation/contour video, Bright FantasEyes Tutorial (this look re-filmed), Clubbing Look using Graftobian products.

Meanwhile check out these products at Graftobian.com or via Camera Ready Cosmetics.com. Honestly, these are amazing quality products at great prices. They aren't some random run of the mill brand, they are a reputable professional grade brand for makeup artists. If you can't afford to buy a pre-filled palette all at one(like the FantasEyes palette), you can buy the empty palettes and buy the refill pans individually (like you'd do at MAC).

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

Thanks for participating in this contest. My BF and I picked 5 winners - each will receive one pair of circle lenses at my choosing.

FYI, if you win, please use your disrection when applying the contacts - apply it with clean fingers and if your eyes seem to get irritated, be smart about it, don't force it in! I had no personal problems with them, but since this is a product that has to deal with the eyes, you have to be careful!

You can check out these lenses at Anna's blog. This is the correct address. I accidentally listed her personal blog in the last entry.

And the winners are....


Congrats! Email me your mailing addresses and I'll send them out!

I have a couple more giveaways coming up, don't fear if you haven't won!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

Is it just Tuesday? LOL Yesterday I was productive, my good friend Melissa came over and I filmed a 45 minute tutorial on her doing a complete makeover using Eve Pearl products. I'm going to split it into two videos, eyes and then foundation. It came out great! I've taken a little break on videos for the past week and some change if you haven't noticed...but I've still been filming them. I should have a video up in the next few days hopefully.

Meanwhile, I wanted to talk to you guys about another giveaway!

Recently, my girl Anna hooked me up with a bunch of circle lenses to try out. I was always a little wary about them...I had seen them on Asian Beauty Blog and honestly they used to scare me! However, this time around I've grown accustomed to wearing them. I picked colors that I thought were "more natural" than others. FYI, if you're not familiar with Circle Lenses, they are color contact lenses which are larger than regular ones. The larger color part of the lense makes the iris of the eye look larger...given you a bigger eye, doll like effect. My boyfriend absolutely hates when I wear any kind of color contact, but I think colored contacts/circle lenses look really nice when you do eye makeup.

Here are some pics of me with the circle lenses:

Here I am wearing the gray lenses. Unfortunately this pic is of a makeover tutorial that I did this weekend that was never saved...so sad. I might be recreating this look a little later though.

Here I am with the black Geo Lenses.

Can you tell the difference? Subtle right?

I got five different colors to try :) I'm also rocking a hazel pair right now.

Unfortunately, it looks like Anna is no longer selling the lenses but I still have 5 pairs to give away. When it comes to reviewing products, I always ask to give away a few pieces so that you guys can test them out yourselves.

The 5 pairs are all in zero degrees...meaning they have no prescription to them. I thought this would be the easiest. So for you lucky ladies who don't have vision problems, leave a comment and you can win a pair! I'll have my boyfriend pick again. Good luck!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? The new apartment and decorating is coming along nicely. My BF put up all the components of the makeup room including the mirrors and new lighting, I love it! The lights really tied it all together. I can't wait to show you all pics!

Also, this past few days I've finally been able to start wearing gloss again, yay! I've recovered enough from my horrible lip allergy. I broke out some new products that have sat untouched waiting for me.

I didn't do a full face, just lips, a little blush and lightly filled in my brows. I wore this to do errands with my BF a few days ago and needless to say he avoided my usual kisses, he he. He wasn't digging the glitter extravaganza. In person it was so much brighter too, lol. I actually drew outside of my lip line to cover up some remaining scarring left from my allergic reaction so that's why my lips look a little fuller than usual.

Click on the pic to expand and see the lips better and see the sparkle!

On my lips:
-MAC magenta lip liner
-MAC tender tryst see thru lip color (Rose Romance collection)
-MAC funtabulous dazzleglass

-Graftobian Shiny Penny blush

-Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil

I love how my lips matched my glasses he he.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

Sorry it took longer than usual to announce the winner. I wanted to give you guys a little longer to enter.

The winner by the BF's choice is Teeyah! Teeyah, email me with your address to claim your prize!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about a new fabulous lip combo!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I'm back! I was off from work sick yesterday...again! I have a really weak immune system so once allergies kick in...I get asthma attacks and then I just get sick. On a good note, my apartment is nicely coming together. My boyfriend and I are working on the Makeup Room this weekend, yay!

Last weekend I had a client come over for makeup lessons. She was planning a trip with her husband to the Kentucky Derby and wanted to look fierce! We had a makeup lesson using a lot of her own products. I did one half of her face and she did the other. We broke it down from applying liquid eyeliner to applying lashes.

We started the lesson with a daytime look and then transformed it into evening. The look she's wearing here is her gold smokey look perfect for a night out. At the end of the makeover her skin glowed and her natural features were enhanced.

Click on the pic to expand:

Here's What We Used:

-MAC prep and prime
-Bobbi Brown Concealer and foundation
-MAC studio fix
-MAC msf in gold deposit
-MAC blush in housewine
-MAC sculpting powder in Definitive

-soft ochre paint pot
-MAC highlight e/s color (not sure which one, she had it in a quad)
-MAC amber lights e/s
-MAC black eyeshadow with gold sparkles (not sure which one, she had it in a quad)
-client's liquid eyeliner
-Ardell 120 demis

-MAC chesnut lip liner
-Bobbi Brown lip glaze

This weekend I am planning on recouperating and finishing decorating. I'll have my BF choose a winner for the Jan Marini face product tonight, Good luck to all that entered!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

After my recent skincare disaster with Artistry products, I have run full speed back to my beloved Jan Marini products. My skin has always loved this line...like I said in my last post, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Ever since I posted my skincare vid on YouTube, I've been on the hunt for a good face mask. My current drugstore grapeseed mask is okay, but there's way too much alcohol content in it. On top of it all, I wanted something that would yield long term benefits.

I recently discovered that Jan Marini has just released an amazing new mask product called The Age Intervention Regeneration Facial Mask. Apparently, it's their next best thing since the release of their amazing eyelash enhancement product "Marini Lash" a few years ago. As a big fan of their lash product, I was excited to see what all the buzz was about.

The amazing thing about this mask is that results are immediate. Usually skin care products take time to realize the benefits of them...not so with this one!

I was anxious to try it but of course I had to wait a couple of weeks for my skin to recover from the allergic reaction of Artistry products. Last week I tried the mask on my boyfriend and myself! After cleansing our faces, I applied it using a clean foundation brush. Using a clean brush is a lot cleaner and more sanitary.

The product doesn't really have fragrance, it just smells like the standard medicinal mask. I then let it sink in for 10 minutes as I plopped in front of the tube to watch my reality TV shows. Ten to fifteen minutes later I washed it off the mask with warm water and a wash cloth.

The Results

After I dried off my face, I felt my skin - it felt soft as a baby's bottom! Upon looking at it in the mirror, it almost looked like I had gotten a facial - it looked like a new layer of skin that was glowing and fresh! I checked on my boyfriend and his skin was soft and smooth too. Best yet - not allergic reactions, no hives, nothing!

I tried the mask a few days later...same thing! My cheeks were rosy and glowing...I've never had a mask transform my skin like this. Best off, the results last for a few days between applications.

Guess what? Jan Marini has generously donated a free mask to giveaway to one of my lovely blog readers. Leave a comment and I'll ship you one asap so you can get fresh glowing skin too!

I'll have the BF choose a random comment and I'll announce the winner this week.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Hi Bellas,

A few weeks ago, my co-worker asked me if she could give me a free skin care analysis. She was training to be an Artistry representative and wanted to practice on different skin types. In case you're not familiar with Artistry, it's the leading door to door makeup/skincare brand like Mary Kay and Avon. My old roommate/bestie uses it so I was familiar with it.

Of course I was psyched to get my skin analyzed. For the past several months I've taken pretty good care of it with a thorough skin care regimen. I also don't usually wear makeup during the work week so my skin stays relatively clean.

We went to the house of one of the Artistry reps who was training my co-worker. She asked us to wash off anything on our face.

Next we were asked to stick our head under this hi-tech machine. This is my co-worker Toni under the machine. Inside there is a mirror with reflective UV lights that make any imperfections in your skin shine as purple.

My Skin Care Analysis
I informed them my problem areas: clogged pores on the nose and dry, sensitive skin. The analyst agreed with that and stated that I also had minor sun damage and fine lines. She then put some artistry products on one side of my face and let us go under the machine again to see the difference.

Once under the machine I could see that the side she exfoliated and moisturized was more clear. However, she then tried to recommend a $74 face cream...yikes! I didn't get it.

What I Purchased
She did recommend the Jojoba oil face scrub which I purchased along with the microdermabrasian cloth to go with it. This cloth is really cool because it is very delicate to the skin, but combined with the scrub it's way more effective than using your hands to apply the scrub.

I also purchased a lip conditioner/lip scrub set. I have a lip scrub by Smashbox in my kit and wanted to see how this would measure up. (The scrub isn't pictured here as it was ordered and delivered to me later).

The Results
Can you say hot mess? I first tried the scrub and lip conditioner for my lips. Mind you, my skin is super sensitive but usually I can wear most lip glosses so no biggie. I wore this lip conditioner and tried the scrub for a few days and I had the worst reaction ever!

For about 2.5 weeks I experienced things on my lips that no person should have to go through. For that reason, I haven't made any new tutorials. Even my good old aquaphor wasn't working! I even scheduled a dermatologist appointment to have it treated...I ended up cancelling it because I found some ointment from the last time I had a lip allergy a few months ago.

I tried the face scrub two weeks later...same thing! My face broke out into itchy hives that took a week to go away. Sigh...luckily my BF loves me for my internal beauty, lol.

Clearly, my skin isn't cut out for artistry products. I should have stuck with my Jan Marini skincare...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

My takeaways
-I kept the microdermabrasian cloth - I do think it still works. I'm going to use it with my MAC pore refinisher.
-Artistry luckily has an excellent 6 month return policy, even if you finish most of the product. I'm waiting for my refund on the lip products and exfoliator.
-The UV machine is a cool gimmick, but honestly if you stuck my head under the machine with my normal face product on one half, I'm sure you'd see positive results on it as well. Of course my skin is going to look worse when analyzed without products.
-Next time I test skincare products, I'm doing a patch test first!

Hope this helped some of you guys. You may not have the same reaction I did, but I just wanted to share in case it helped another sensitive skin sister out there.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

Sorry for no post Monday...I finished moving into my new place this weekend and all of the exertion from a long work week combined with allergies and asthma got me sick! However, this weekend I was able to squeeze in makeup lessons with a client. I'll show you the before and after soon!

I'm trying to catch up on posts...this week should be better :)

Meanwhile, I got the pictures back from the Indian Wedding I did a few months ago. Check them out :)

Here we are the morning of the ceremony. We're at the bride's hotel helping her get ready. I'm on the right!

Here's a beautiful getting ready shot. Her jewelry is gorgeous!
I love this shot...her Henna and bangles were just to die for!
Touching up the bride before she makes her way to the ceremony :)
After the cermony, the happy couple!

Just the bride now :)

A new evening makeup look for the bride and pics from the reception!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!
Atlanta Makeup Artist - FYI, the website is nearly done, stay tuned!

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday! TGIF! I've been working late nights all this week...then coming home to packing and moving into the new apartment. My BF and I have been moving till midnight each night...talk about exhausted! Hopefully we can finish moving into the new place by this weekend. Combined with that, I've had the worst allergies ever...my skin is reacting still to an allergic reaction to products, and my eyes are super red...so sorry, no tutorials until I recover, I would just scare you all!

On to the review!
I've had this product for a while and am just now getting to posting it. I usually just review makeup and skincare, but I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Gillette Venus Embrace Razor. I've always been a Gillette Venus girl, it's the only brand I used...so I was excited to try out the new Venus Embrace.

Not to generalize, but most of us do need a little help in the hair department...by hair I mean unwanted hair, lol. Now that Spring is here, it's time to get my legs out of hibernation and break out the new razor. I'm guilty of holding onto a razor for way too long, my boyfriend calls me out on it for a daily basis. I was so happy to have a bright and shiny new Venus Embrace razor.

-The head of the razor is twice as huge as my regular one! It removes twice as much, cutting down shaving time
-Two moisture strips keep your legs super moisturized.
-Flexible head fits to the curves of the body, reducing knicking
-Suction Cup holder keeps the razor within an arms reach in the shower.
-5 blades allow for a closer shave
-This version is lighter than the old version, making it easier to use

-There really aren't any.

What are you waiting for? Go pick it up at your closest drug store.
Any big plans this weekend? Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Hi Bellas!

As promised, here is the tutorial for the look that won my second makeup contest a couple of weeks ago. I recorded it a while ago. Luckily I have some videos in surplus so that when times are busy I have something to upload. Moving is kicking my booty! I'm exhausted and i'm still fighting off some allergic reactions to products I used along with my regular killer allergies - pollen in Georgia is crazy! I just got some Eve Pearl stuff in that I'm playing with..so far so good!

Back to this look...I love this color combo! So colorful and pretty! I think I'm going to start wearing pink lips more often. Thanks again to BuzzFuzzBunny...the winner of my contest and the creator of this look.

Anywho, check out my video tutorial of this look!

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-otherworldly paintpot
-pure white chromaline
-gesso e/s
-cobalt e/s (pro)
-MUFE no. 92 e/s
-passionate e/s
-penultimate liquid liner
-smolder eye kohl
-carbon e/s
-vibrant grape e/s
-Shisem lashes
-Rimmel brow pencil and cork e/s on brows

-regular foundation
-azalea blush (pro)
-shadester sculpting powder (pro)
-blond msf

-NYX pink lipliner
-flashmode lustreglass
-hot pink gloss from Heatherette collection (forgot the name)

I like the makeup pics this time better...maybe because my BF took them!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I did and "OMG I want this" entry first with the Zuca Pro Bag/Traincase of my dreams. The recession has hit many of us, but it can't stop a girl from dreaming! Since I don't haul as much as I used too...I think it'd be fun to start the "OMG I want this" series to show you what's on my lemmings list. I'm an intense Googler/Research when it comes to products I want, so I want to share my findings with you!

Today we'll be talking about Eve Pearl...Like many of you, I've been following Eve Pearl for a while now. She's the Emmy award makeup artist/Founder of Eve Pearl Cosmetics. She's done several YouTube videos...even some with our fav gurus EnKore and Pursebuzz.

Eve Pearl is definitely one of my fav makeup artists. She is such a good teacher and I trust her products even more because she has years of experience. For example, the dual split cream foundations are amazing! I always mix colors...and I usually stick to cream foundation with clients since it's very versatile.

Her kit retails at a discounted price of $500...it includes all of her products in every skintone. From watching her videos online, she fits all of her kit items in a small plastic case the size of a lunchbox! My kit is pretty detailed and at times cumbersome...I'd love to find ways to downsize.

That's why the Eve Pearl Premium kit has been on my lemmings list for so long. She makes it seem so easy with her Eve Pearl Method of applying makeup. In particular, I want to try out the foundations and concealers...I'm going to get some for my personal makeup bag too!

As you can see, it may not look like a whole lot, but that's the special thing about her cosmetics...she puts them all into mini palettes to simplify packing a traincase or makeup bag. Each product has multiple uses..i.e. bronze/blush trios, priming moisturizer etc...love that!

If you're a Makeup Artist, I think it's a way better deal to get her items in the kit than to buy them individually...you save so much more!

One day I'll do a review on this...i'm saving up :)

Meanwhile, Eve Pearl is hosting a great Gift with Promotion deal. If you're planning on buying, why not get some gift items for free!

EVE PEARL - Gift with Purchase

Get up to $157 FREE EVE PEARL Products
(Coupon Code: GWP0904)

*promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion, coupon, discount, kit, etc.

Spend $50.00 - $99.99 and receive a FREE gift worth $22
EP-MASC-GLAM Glamour Lash Mascara - Jet Black $22

Spend $100.00 - $149.99 and receive FREE gifts worth $40
EP-MASC-GLAM Glamour Lash Mascara - Jet Black $22
EP-EP-202-BLK Kohl Eye Pencil & Smudger Combo – Blackout $18

Spend $150.00 - $199.99 and receive FREE gifts worth $58
EP-MASC-GLAM Glamour Lash Mascara - Jet Black $22
EP-EP-202-BLK Kohl Eye Pencil & Smudger Combo – Blackout $18
EP-LP-101-CSM Kohl Lip Pencil & Brush Combo – Cosmo $18

Spend $200.00 - $249.99 and receive FREE gifts worth $86
EP-MASC-GLAM Glamour Lash Mascara - Jet Black $22
EP-EP-202-BLK Kohl Eye Pencil & Smudger Combo – Blackout $18
EP-LP-101-CSM Kohl Lip Pencil & Brush Combo – Cosmo $18
KOP-LGC-101 Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss Combo 101-Wet Kisses/See through $28

Spend $250.00 - $299.99 and receive FREE gifts worth $110
EP-MASC-GLAM Glamour Lash Mascara - Jet Black $22
EP-EP-202-BLK Kohl Eye Pencil & Smudger Combo – Blackout $18
EP-LP-101-CSM Kohl Lip Pencil & Brush Combo – Cosmo $18
KOP-LGC-101 Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss Combo 101-Wet Kisses/See Through $28
EP-EL-101 Ultimate Eyelashes $6
2 x EP-EL-102 Au Natural Eyelashes x 2 $12
EP-EL-103 Diva Eyelashes $6

Spend $300.00 - $349.99 and receive FREE gifts worth $132
EP-MASC-GLAM Glamour Lash Mascara - Jet Black $22
EP-EP-202-BLK Kohl Eye Pencil & Smudger Combo – Blackout $18
EP-LP-101-CSM Kohl Lip Pencil & Brush Combo – Cosmo $18
KOP-LGC-101 Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss Combo 101-Wet Kisses/See Through $28
EP-EL-101 Ultimate Eyelashes $6
2 x EP-EL-102 Au Natural Eyelashes x 2 $12
EP-EL-103 Diva Eyelashes $6
PRO-SHRP Professional Dual Pencil Sharpener $5
2 x EP-PMP Eve Pearl Professional Puff x 2 $4
EP-EBR Tri-Fold Eyebrow Razor $8
EP-MS Professional Sponges $5

Spend $350.00+ and receive FREE gifts worth $157
EP-MASC-GLAM Glamour Lash Mascara - Jet Black $22
EP-EP-202-BLK Kohl Eye Pencil & Smudger Combo – Blackout $18
EP-LP-101-CSM Kohl Lip Pencil & Brush Combo – Cosmo $18
KOP-LGC-101 Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss Combo 101-Wet Kisses/See Through $28
EP-EL-101 Ultimate Eyelashes $6
2 x EP-EL-102 Au Natural Eyelashes x 2 $12
EP-EL-103 Diva Eyelashes $6
PRO-SHRP Professional Dual Pencil Sharpener $5
2 x EP-PMP Eve Pearl Professional Puff x 2 $4
EP-EBR Tri-Fold Eyebrow Razor $8
EP-MS Professional Sponges $5
EP-MBC-101 Makeup Bag/Clutch $25

I'm definitely going to try and get a few items for my personal makeup kit so that I can travel with them to the Philippines in May. This will definitely cut down on excess makeup packing! Stay tuned for the reviews!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

So I got up my video tutorial on the Arabic look I did a while ago. I don't usually read comments on my YouTube wall because I try to keep positive and not let the haters get me down but I happened to peruse them yesterday. I've changed the title of this video three times to make my viewers happy. You can't please everyone, lol.

This look was more of a creative expression of makeup as opposed to a wearable style. It's fun to push the boundaries sometimes and do something bold and unexpected. I'm glad that most of you guys can see and appreciate that :)

I'm shy of 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and I think i'm going to slow down with videos for a while. I'll still do them every week, maybe not twice a week on a deadline like I used to.

Enough rambling, check out my video!

The final look!

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-NYX black jumbo pencil
-black, light pink e/s from Stars Makeup Haven 96 palette
-passionate e/s
-CRC brown gel liner
-L'oreal carbon liquid liner
-Smolder Eye Kohl
-Ardell 118's
-fascinating eye kohl

-shadester sculpting powder
-NARS sin blush
-refined msf
-regular foundation and concealer

-spice lip pencil
-Stila brown sugar lipglaze
-Stila vanilla lipglaze

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

How was your weekend? Mine was super busy...didn't get to pack as much as usual and I'm moving tomorrow, lol. Luckily I have about 2 weeks to move until my lease is up.

Meanwhile, one of my readers sent me a link for another NYX lot sale.

To go to the sale, select the link here.

30 lashes for $24? Pretty good deal! I'd definitely get them if I hadn't ordered a ton of Ardells.
The foundations looked promising until I clicked on it and they offer you 23 bottles of foundation...but there are only 7 shades? They give you 12 bottles of nude...that doesn't make sense to me, unless you only work with really pale clients or you're trying to stock up? If they did a lot sale with all lipglosses, I'd so get it...maybe next time?

I ordered the lipsticks and individual eyeshadows last time...they sent me the wrong stuff and I'm still waiting them to fix it :(

Meanwhile, check out my video today for dramatic arabic eye makeup. The same one from Spankadelic's contest a while back.

Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

This is going to be a short post today. I'm in the middle of packing and moving into my new apartment so my blogging time has been a bit cut short. On top of it all, i'm still dealing with my allergic reaction to a lip product...it really makes me not want to put on any makeup lol.

In the meanwhile, I have some upcoming videos that have been filmed and are ready to upload.
1) Dramatic Arabic Eyes Tutorial
2) Tutorial on My Contest Winning Look
3) Updated foundation tutorial with Studio Sculpt and Beauty Blender Sponge
4) Camera Ready Cosmetics Haul

These videos are ready to go so at least I won't fall off my YouTube. I try to have a little surplus for times when I get busy. I post every Monday and Wednesday around lunch time if you hadn't noticed. I'm going to give my lips time to recover before I do any full makeovers.

Any big plans this weekend? I gotta finish packing...brunch Saturday with two beauty bloggers...bridesmaid duties after - checking out venues for the shower...and Easter Dinner on Sunday with the crew. Please be patient with me over the next week or two as I'll be strapped for time. Thanks Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

A while ago I received a huge shipment from Madame Madeline. I was running low on my fav lashes, so I put a bulk order into Madame Madeline. The more you order from the side, the less the price of the lash. This is awesome because it reduces the expenses for when you do makeup for others. I ordered 75 pairs and each pair was under $2...you know that ardell is usually at least $3.50 to $5 individually.

As many of you know, I'm a Falsies fiend! In all of my tutorials I'm always wearing them, and I apply them to just about all my clients. They make such a difference! I have lashes ranging from very natural to very dramatic. I've tried out plenty of brands from low to high end. These include ELF, Shisem, Andrea, Elise, MAC, Sephora, Ardell, Asian Brands and more.

I'd have to say my favorites are the Ardell lashes. They're high quality and for a very affordable price. It's hard for me to justify buying super expensive lashes when I have a cheaper alternative. Ardells are lightweight and the hair is very natural looking and feeling unlike some other brands. A huge lash requirement for me is that it has a defined curve to the spine of the lash. This makes it so much easier to apply lashes without them flipping up at the ends...it also makes them last longer.

Check out my video where I show you my haul and my favs.

Here are some snapshots of the lashes I hauled from the site. My personal favs are the 120 demies, Wispies, and Demi Wispies.

Here are some coupon codes for you to try!
5lashes (for 5% off)
MYSPACE (for 8% off)
FREEBIE (for a free pair of lashes)

I'm planning on ordering a haul of Red Cherry Lashes soon, stay tuned!

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