MAC Pro Haul - Orlando

Hi Bellas,

It's been a little while. Sorry about the lack of posts...I was in Orlando celebrating x-mas with the family and my BF came down with me. It was great...lots of food, eating, celebrating, and of course MAC galore!

I discovered that Orlando has a Pro store and that was on top of my list as one of the things I wanted to do in o-town. So I went on Sunday and got a bunch of pro colors as well as a few other items on my to buy list. However, one trip to the store wasn't enough, lol. I hurried back the next day, Christmas Eve, right before they closed and got another haul. I figured since I don't have a pro store around me I should get as many pro e/s colors as I could. Oh man, now I feel like I have too much. But I love the colors, I tried out a few so far. I tried to get most in palette pans but they were out of some so it looks like i'll be doing some major depotting this week! I really need to get organized and label the palettes on the inside with the name of the e/s colors.

Did I mention my new Web Cam sucks! Sighhhh I tried to do a video on a smokey eye and the thing just makes my motions too slow and delayed. So to compensate I'm doing pic tutorials. I had a pic video for a smokey purple eye (for Mrs. Lynne) but my labtop nearly died on me! Hopefully the BF can fix it and the video is saved because I haven't posted it on you tube yet :( so until then, i'll have to post at work :)

So here's my haul and my x-mas eyes I wore on Christmas Eve.

Here's some of the upcoming things to expect:
Purple smokey eye tutorial: already finished, hopefully I can salvage it and upload
Green eyes pic tutorial (photos already taken, just need to post)
Christmas eyes pic tutorial (photos already taken, just need to post)
Smokey eyes (I'm going to have to reshoot this one, sorry guys)
Christmas pics and presents!
New makeup organization system

Hope you enjoy!

Me at the pro store :)

Haul Day One

Swatches of the eyeshadows, no base, just swatched with finger and bare hand
Top to Bottom, Left to Right (i'm doing this from memory at work, so please bare with me-i'll make corrections if need be later)
Orange, Burnt Orange, Sky Blue, Kelly Green, Amber Lights, Gesso, ?Brick Red?, Clarity, Red Violet, Vibrant Grape (love this one!)

Haul Day 2 (I don't even remember all these colors, i'll update later)

Christmas Eve Look - Red and Green