Hi Bellas,

One more day to Friday woo hoo! Yesterday I didn’t play with my makeup because my eyes were killing me! Talk about water central...I had to take out my contacts and wear my glasses...making it a whole lot difficult to apply. Plus, that whole area was uber sensitive. Instead I gave it a break and tonight I’ll be ready to create my Valentine’s Day look. I’m pretty much going to re-do my makeup from the Drugstore Haul Video but add more pink. On a random tangent, have you guys heard the new Chris Brown song “with you” lately? It’s in Anne’s neutral every day look video. It’s been in my head since I watched it yesterday and then I heard it this morning on my drive to work. I love that song! It reminds me of my days in high school where I was obsessed with boys, falling in love, and bubblegum pop culture. I think I’m going to use it in my Valentine’s Day video because it’s just too sweet. Thanks for the inspiration Anne :

Ain't he cute...if I was 5 years younger ;) oh and didn't have a man I was in love with...hehe...

I need to pick a restaurant for date night tonight..I was watching the food channel and in one trip they went to Ghana and the food looked sooo good. I’ve tried researching but there aren’t too many African eating spots around here. I looked up some restaurant reviews and I think I’m going to take us to a Chinese spot called Da San Yuan. I love spots like this where it’s not overly commercialized, and the food really does serve to the ethnic roots. Don’t get me wrong...I love me some Panda Express after a long shopping spree at the mall, but on date night my BF and I like to expand our taste palettes.

So on another note, I found out that there’s a Wal-Greens near me. My BF informed me after he read a blog entry in which I was complaining there were none nearby. I almost wish I didn’t know this information because now I have the urge to go and find that Milani blush! LOL. Oh well, I’m really trying to hold out for the next MAC collection. I’m keeping a tight watch on how much money I actually spend this month on makeup so hopefully I can keep to it.

In the meanwhile, back to work...stay beautiful, inside and out :)

Hi Bellas,

Happy Hump Day! Already halfway through the week :) Tomorrow one of my good friends from home (Orlando) is coming into town and bringing her friend with her. It’s going to be a big week of entertaining and seeing the sights. My roomy is taking off Friday to take them out during the day but she also works from home and luckily has more flexibility to do so. There are so many weddings and events that I have to go to this year that I need to save my vacation time! It’s definitely going to be a jam-packed few days so no video editing for me this weekend! Luckily I have my video reserve for times like this. I think I’m going to give my friend a makeover since it’s her birthday...she doesn’t really do makeup so it will be a nice little change. Luckily I have my foundation and blush palettes so I can do everything from start to finish. It will be good practice to. She’s Haitian and has beautiful dark chocolate skin so i'll have the opportunity to experiment with different colors on new skin tones.

Meanwhile, I was bad and went to ULTA yesterday :( I know I’ve been trying to hold out for FAFI but I couldn’t resist! I was looking for the Milani Blush in Luminous and some of the NYX lipsticks that Mrs. Lynne has (you guys are bad influences on me, lol) and they didn’t have any at Wal-Mart, CVS, or ULTA. Man! However, I did have time to step over to the Urban Decay section at ULTA. Have you guys tried the Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadows? Oh my gosh, they are heaven! The description states they have a cashmere finish and when you run your fingers over them they feel so soft and silky-definitely the softest eyeshadow I’ve ever felt. I know Vanessa did a post on this back in December on this and POWPOW baby on youtube also did a video review. Each deluxe eyeshadow is about $17.50 and comes in it's own specificially decorated case that is too cute. For example, the cover graffiti has it's own compact with spray paint lettering on the front, how cute is that? I was going to get two of them. However, I saw they had the palette with all the shades, just smaller amounts, for $36. I couldn’t pass it up! The colors are so vibrant. I did a video on it last night...a Barney inspired look if you will...bright green and purple! If you're into highly pigmented bright eyeshadow colors, I definitely recommend. The color only needs one swipe to be super bright, but you need to watch out for the fallout because of the soft texture of the eyeshadows. I was inspired by Vanessa’s posts and finally pulled out my bright fuscia eyeshadow...she pulls of bright blushes so beautifully that I was inspired to give it a try. After much toning down with a flat top kabuki, lol, I managed to get that blush on. You’ll have to see the results yourself when I post the video :)

I also picked up two pairs of NYC false eyelashes because they were $1.99 and all NYC products were buy one get one free! I wore them with my look last night and let me tell you...I can see why they were cheap. They were so flimsy and hard to get on compared with the Ardell, Elise, and Andrea lashes I’m used to. But hey, at $1.00 I’m fine with wrestling with the lashes for a few extra seconds to get them on.

I also got some more smashbox photofinish primer...however, I got the green one that’s supposed to correct redness in the skin. I got the smaller screw top one for $16.00 and honestly I’m not sure how much of a difference I see. That stuff is super expensive...I’m going to give it a few more gos before I give my final verdict on this one.

Don't forget to watch American Idol and Project Runway tonight...Enough blabbing...back to work :)

Hi Guys,

I can't speak for everyone out there...but it seems that the most awaited MAC Collections are the Fafi and Heatherette line. Like many others, I read www.Specktra.net every day for new updates, tidbits and pics that are leaked. Today they gave us the color story for Heatherette as well as some new collections I'm super excited about! You can see my thoughts on each collection in quotes and italicized.

Specktra Exclusive Scoop - Heatherette & MAC Collaboration Color Story Info!
"I personally can't wait to see all the hot pink packaging as well as the eyeshadow trios! The dual ended pencils look promising since you get two for the price of one, and those lipsticks and lipglasses sound yummy!"

The colour details are as follows:

Lipstick $14.50USD
Lollipop Loving (G) - Mid-tone coral w/ subtle green gold iridescence (LE)
Fleshpot (S) - Light neutral beige (Repromote)
Hollywood Nights (S) - Fuchsia pink (LE)
Melrose Mood (AC) - pastel pink (LE)

Lipglass $14.50USD
Bonus Beat (F) - Sheer yellow beige w/ gold pearlized pigments (LE)
Sock Hop (C) - Soft mid-tone coral (LE)
Style Minx (F) - Fuchsia pink (LE)
Starlet Kiss (F) - Pastel pink (LE)

Eye Trio (a 3 pan eyeshadow compact w/eyeshadows) $32.50USD
Eye Trio 1
Mood Ring (VP) - Pastel mint green (LE)
Cloudburst (V) - True black w/subtle green pearlized pigments
(Repromote from Blue Storm)
Hoppin’ (F)- Pastel peach (LE)

Eye Trio 2
Baby Petals (S) - Pastel pink (LE)
V.I.P. (V) - Mid-tone yellow pink LE)
Cassette - Blackened eggplant - (LE)

Glitter $16.50
Reflects Gold - translucent glitter w/ gold reflection (Pro)
3D Silver - Multi-reflective silver (Pro)

Pigment $19 USD
Jardin Aires (F) - Gilded peach w/ silver reflection
(LE - Repromote from Strange Hybrid)
Pink Pearl - Mid-tone pink w/ blue reflection (Pro)

Dual Edge Pencil (a pencil with 2 ends and 2 different colours) $16.50USD
Black Funk/Pop Blue - True black/turquoise w/ silver glitter (LE)
Phone Me/Text Me - Charcoal grey/metallic silver w/ silver glitter (LE)
Nighthawk/Front Row - Coffee brown/neutral peach w/ gold glitter (LE)
Fab Orchid/Dash Lily -
Jewel-tone purple/mid-tone lavender w/ silver glitter (LE)
Color Story Information Credit: Specktra.net


Mineralize Powder Foundation
"So MAC finally caught onto the mineral makeup craze. I do love the mineralized skin finish natural in medium dark so I'm assuming I would be medium dark in this line as well. I've struggled to find a mineral makeup that has truly matched my complexion. I might have the makeup artist test this one out on me. However, I know that many of you ladies can vouch for the fact that many of the independently run mineral sites are already on point with their mineral makeup. This line is permanent at MAC stores so no rush...save up for Fafi!)

February 7th 2008 - Nordstrom
February 14th 2008 - All other outlets of distribution[US/Canada]
UNK [international]

The color details are as follows:

Mineralize SPF Powder Foundation (Loose) $29. USD
Light - Neutral pale ivory (permanent internationally only)
Light Medium - Neutral light beige
Medium - Beige
Medium Plus - Tan beige
Medium Dark - Rich tan
Medium Deep - Deep golden orange tan
Dark - Caramel
Deep Dark - Deep caramel
Deeper Dark - Milk chocolate
Color Story Information Credit: Specktra.net

Facts and Tidbits about this newest Foundation launch:Mineralize Powder Foundation is medium-buildable coverage depending on the brush you use. #150=medium, #190/#191=fuller. You can change the finish. originally natural/natural matte, but the more you buff, the more satin-y the finish becomes. Mineralize Powder Foundation comes with a sponge-top applicator, called the “capplicator”. It is a sock-covered latex sponge (same as sponges sold at mac) applicator. 2 replacement socks come with the foundation. The socks apply and blend foundation in to the skin softer and smoother. DO NOT use the capplicator sponge without the sock. it gets dirty and cannot be replaced. Mineralize Powder Foundation a long-wearing foundation (6 hours). Mineralize Powder Foundation contains wheat germ and vitamin e, which is makes it ideal for dry skin. It has been posted that BE is not liked among the dry skin population. This is the opposite. it doesn’t cake onto dry flakes. Both UVA and UVB protection. Mineralize Powder Foundation tends to run darker than the MSFNs. Mineralize Powder Foundation is LE at partnered locations, but permanent at MAC stores.


Strobe Collection
March 6th 2008[US/Canada]
UNK [international]

"I have Strobe Cream and love wearing it under foundation. It makes my mineralized satinfinish foundation turn into HyperReal foundation...honestly, you don't need both! For those of you who didn't like the way strobe cream made you look like a disco ball the strobe liquid might be for you. Personally, I think i'll be taking a look at the tinted lip conditioners."

* Strobe Cream -
Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants. Enhances the effects of light on all skin and in all lighting conditions from sunlight to spotlight. (Repromote) $29.50USD

* Strobe Liquid -
Strobe liquid in similar to oil control lotion in texture. It has smaller pearlized pigments to it than strobe cream, and it lacks the strobe cream fragrance and moisture time-release system. It provides a softer glow to the skin. it is more candlelight illumination, where strobe cream is more stagelight illumination. (Perm) $29.50USD

Tinted Lip Conditioners SPF15 (these contain the strobe pearl)
Strobe Kiss - Sheer coral with golden strobe pearlized pigments.
Strobe Rays - Light caramel with golden red strobe pearlized pigments.
StrobeBlossom - Light blue/pink with red strobe pearlized pigments.
Strobe Current - sheer plum with golden red strobe pearlized pigments.
Strobe Beam - clear with strobe pearlized pigments.
Color Story Information credit: Specktra.net


Beauty Powder Blushes

"I definitely want to try this out...it sounds so pretty, and I don't even own any beauty powders besides Drizzlegold which I've seemed to abandon :( I probably won't go crazy and get all of them or anything because I honestly don't wear blush that often...but I might pick up one or two. The fact is that these blushes sound fantabulous...and with pearlized pigments? You won't even need to layer an MSF over your blush...I can't wait!"

March 13th 2008[US/Canada]
UNK [international]
Beauty Powder Blushes:
A micronized powder blush with a subtle pearlize pigment, 8 new shades and 2 repromoted brushes (details on brushes shortly).
Shy Beauty - Pastel apricot with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)
Feeling - Plum with silver pearlized pigments. (LE)
Sweetness - Intense blue pink with pealized pigments. (LE)
Joyous - Peach with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)
True Romantic - Mid-tone pink with silver pearlized pigments. (LE)
Serenely - deep brownish red with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)
Eversun - neutral peach bronze with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)
Secret Blush - Neutral plum with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)

These are different [than Beauty Powders]. they are a blush, so they have a bit more color to them, but they do have that luminous pearl to it that the beauty powders have. They are like the pressed beauty powders, but with more color.
Color Story Information credit: Specktra.net

Hello Bellas,

How was your night? I went to sleep late again…I think my boyfriend is a bad influence on me because he stays up sooo late. He just tells me that I should go to sleep because I can't hang with the big dawgs or something or other, lol. I’m supposed to be at work by 8:45 (which is more like 9:05-9:15) but go to sleep at 1:30am and always feel it the next day...that’s not good :(

Anywho, after reading Vanessa, Mrs. Lynne and everybody’s pages about all their drug store hauls I was really wishing there was a Walgreens or Duane Reade near me so I could finally get my hands on the HIP paints. Alas, my local CVS does not carry them. Also, the Milani blush that’s a dupe for NARS is definitely on my list.

I think I might go to Wal-mart during lunch today and pick up more work snacks and check out the cosmetics aisle ;)

Last night I did a really quick makeup look to one of my sorority events. I wore one of my neglected Mattene lipsticks in “All Grown Up”. I try to revisit some of my older products to make sure I at least use all of them a few times. I mean if we shell out so much cash on these items we've got to get our money's worth, right girls?

Just like friendship, you may meet new friends, but you can’t forget the faithful ones that have stuck by you through the years...well the same goes with makeup (good methaphor eh?). This lipstick is described as a deep chocolate brown and honestly, I’m not sure I can pull it off. I got it mainly because it was different and I didn’t have too many dark colors at the time. It shows up so dark that I need to use something underneath because it settles into the lines of my lip, giving me unsightly dark lines on my smackers-you know, the Angelina Jolie affliction?
Here's a pic from the MAC website:

I paired it with nothing else except my eyes lined top and bottom with Graphblack Technakohl liner. It was definitely a darker, more mature look...not really my typical bright eyes but I was happy that I expanded my makeup boundaries, lol. Sometimes you need to try different things! Sorry but I didn’t take a pic but you get a visual image right?

So this Thursday I’m planning on recreating the smokey pink eye and curly hair for a Valentines Day look. I’m doing it Thursday evening because that’s date night for my BF. I might of mentioned htis before, but we switch off each week picking a new restaurant neither of us has been to. It’s my week...usually we pick some form of ethnic food-any suggestions?

Like I mentioned before, I’m putting out less videos so I can have a few nights off each week. Last night I finished edited my Shiseido Mascara Base Review. I also got the go ahead/music approval from the BF on the “Hot Hepcat” look (he's the one who usually gives me my background music inspiration) as well as what I call my “Blue Bling Bling” look. Unfortunately Windows Media Maker is tempermental and lost all of my edited music clips I inserted in my Blue Bling Bling video. I was so mad that I took it out on the boyfriend :( If you’re reading this babe, I’m sorry! I went to bed all frustrated but I think in my random tossing and turning I looked over my shoulder and could’ve sworn I saw him redoing the music on my video for me. Gotta love him!

Anyhow, with those vids I should have enough material for you tube posting for the next week or two.

Meanwhile, here’s my “To do list” of viewer requests, tutorials, videos and looks:
• Warmed MSF as eyeshadow
• Burnt orange look
• Collection video
• Valentines Day look
• Curly hair tutorial
• Still have to do my funky eyelashes and drag queen look but those take a little more practice...

Don't forget to watch American Idol tonight! Well back to work so I can make money to pay off my makeup, he he. Ciao bellas!

Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good...very relaxing. I actually didn't really go out too much...just spent quality time with the BF, it was nice though.

I didn't really try any new makeup looks this weekend either because I was lazy and still have a surplus of videos of myself putting on makeup which I haven't edited for youtube yet. I'm trying to space out the videos a little more to give myself some breathing room.

Can you believe January is already almost over? This year is already flying by! Gotta remember and smell the roses sometimes.

On Friday I went with my roomie to MAC after work to help her find a natural yet fresh look for work...she's going on a business trip and wants to look hot...you know, in a work kind of way. It was really fun actually...and then we got home and I showed her how to apply it. I introduced her to the wonderful world of paint pots as bases and she was amazed at how they can totally intensify and change the color of eyeshadows :) She spent $100 and was like "Whoa I'm going to wait another 8 months before I purchase makeup again...". I just looked at her and was like "Yah, it's addictive huh" lol.

So I had time to post my video from my CVS haul...it has some swatches and mini reviews in there. I've been getting a lot of comments on my curly hair...good ones...lol but noooo it's not natural. Just some good ol' hairspray and a curling iron. I think I'm going to go ahead and do a tutorial on it...it's really easy and lasts a few days. Anyhow, back to the vid...hope you all enjoy!

By the way, I posted a new video.

Hi Bellas,

So last night I filled in my container store lipstick holder…I didn’t have enough lipsticks but I did have more than enough lip glosses, glasses, etc. I’m trying to get more into lipsticks this year since before then all I owned were glosses. It was kind of cool actually…because since I’m laying the lipsticks upside down they all tilt in one direction due to the rounded tip. I might have to get another container because I have some lipglosses that couldn’t fit in there. The acrylic of the lipstick holder is very thick and sturdy and it’s only $7.99. I definitely recommend it!

Oh and guess what? Last night I called my nearby MAC freestanding store and inquired about any upcoming events/promotions for the FAFI collection. She told me their was an unveiling on February 10th with h’ors d’oeuvres and that I could sign up for a spot and bring a friend. I guess the mall will be open later for this because it’s a Sunday but the event is from 5-7pm, and in my neck of the woods malls usually close at 6pm on Sunday. Anyways, of course I signed up for the earliest time slot to make sure I get my hands on these goodies. I’m so excited! I get to see the collection 3 days early and this is my first MAC event I’ve attended. Thank goodness for Specktra for the heads up! If your interested, give your store or counter a call. I heard that some stores do this thing where you have to pre-purchase a $50 gift card which will go towards your purchase and you also get a FAFI makeover. I wish my store did that but it’s just an unveiling. Oh well, better than nothing!

In the meanwhile, I uploaded a new video last night. I get to finally show off my new traincase I was talking about a few posts ago as well as show you how I label my MAC palettes. Hope you ladies enjoy!

Hi bellas,

So like i've mentioned before...I've been trying not to get myself in trouble with more makeup debt...I think a lot of you agree with me on that one...in the meanwhile, I need to get my makeup collection posted.

However, I've been having problems. I tried doing a video and laying all my items on the bed but it looked crazy! Then I tried taking pictures but since I was standing over my bed it had creepy shadows on them, lol. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get organized. I know sometimes I get overwhelmed by all this makeup and it drives me crazy when things look cluttered. Right now I have my makeup in those plastic drawer containers from wal-mart. Have any of you run into the problem of sorting through lipsticks...getting frustrated having to open every lipstick because they all look the same?!? I saw a little storage solution at the container store. I think i'm going to check it out during my lunch break. I heard about this on specktra. You place your lipsticks upside down so you can see the label. The only problem is that the MAC lipsticks have a round cover so it might be wobbly. Others also mention they've taken swatches and somehow put them on the lipsticks? I'm going to have to experiment to find my perfect storage solution.
Here's a pic, it holds 24 lipsticks (I might put my glosses in here too) and it's only $7.99:

While I'm there I'll also check out some other organizing opportunities...I don't know why but I love organizing stuff, lol. It's the OCD side of me.

On another note, tonight I'll post a video with my new traincase and how I've been labeling my eyeshadow palettes. Hopefully my internet doesn't act all crazy so I can get this uploaded once and for all. I'm also still editing my hot hepcat look...that video has been giving me problems! I'm aiming to have it up by Monday. I think it's because I always do a full face in my video and usually have to edit out 20 minutes of stuff to make the video the required 10 minutes for you tube. Sometimes I think maybe I'll just do the one eye like everybody else because video editing is dominating my evenings. Or I might just cut out talking and do the speed up feature and voiceover. I'm still experimenting with what works best.

What kind of videos do you guys prefer? Subtitles, voiceover, talking while applying? Let me know so I can get a feel of what I should put out there.

On that note...off to the container store...

Ciao bellas!

Hi Bellas,

How's it going in your neck of the woods? Is it cold like it is here? The weather is so boo hoo...cold and gray. Meanwhile, I need to keep myself indoors so that I don't freeze andddd don't go shopping. No more MAC till Fafi! I was checking my bank account today and it saddened me, I really need to discipline myself. Last year I was on point with a budget...that kinda flew out once I got back into makeup. I get paid tomorrow so that will be a fresh start and I'll only budget enough for Fafi for this month. After that, enough for heatherette. However, yesterday I headed to CVS because they have a bunch of makeup sales, I know I just said I was on a budget...but this isn't MAC, lol. L'Oreal H.I.P products are buy one get one free. Other brands like Maybelline and Revlon have certain products half off as well. I got a few items. For drugstore cosmetics, the HIP line is kinda expensive...the gel cream eyeliner was like $13...luckily like I said it was BOGO or else I wouldn't have gotten one. I made a quick vid to show yall what I got and will probably post it in a few days :) In the meanwhile, go to CVS or your local Duane Reade and check out the sales!






Meanwhile...Here's the eyeshadow look I rocked for the first half of the day on my anniversary. You may be thinking...didn't she wear the crazy daises rainbow eye look on her anniversary? Yes you got me! I did a mid-day eyeshadow change...I couldn't help it, I was inspired! he he. Anyhow, I used Otherwordly paint pot and it made the blues pop! I also did a video but I dunno if I'm going to post it b/c I kinda got frustrated with my eyelashes at one point and I seemed crazy during the video, lol. Anywho, so I definitely should have written down what makeup I used but i'll try to do it from memory:

What I Used:

-otherwordly paint pot
-sky blue e/s (pro color)
-blue calm e/s (pro color)
-atlantic blue e/s (pro color)
-Rimmel eyepencil in denim blue
-eyebrow pencil in Spiked
-false lashes
-diorshow mascara

-viva glam 5 lipglass

-mineralized satinfinish foundation in nc42
-mineralized skinfinish natural in medium dark
-sculpt & shape duo in lightsweep and shadester

Hi Bellas,

How are my lovely ladies? Sorry for being MIA...it's been a bit hectic in my neck of the woods. I'm trying to maintain a balance with everything going on and I apologize for neglecting my blogging duties :) Fortunately I've had time to make some new videos and upload them to you tube. It's amazing how people are so supportive out there...it really inspires me to continue.

So what did yall get into this weekend? I had Monday off for MLK and I had a great weekend of sleeping in and just relaxing. I really needed it too...the last few weeks have been exhausting! I had time to do laundry, clean my makeup brushes, label some of my eyeshadow palettes, edit videos...and all at my leisure. My boyfriend was gone for the weekend visiting his sister in the hospital, so it was a bit hard because I missed him so much, but distance does make the heart grow fonder (hopefully I said that saying right!) Plus, I had MAC to keep me company, he he.

Usually I just film myself doing my makeup before I go out somewhere...so it's been easy getting material for my videos. The latest ones are my Rainbow Eyes and Hollywood Retro Glam look.

The first video I called Crazy Daisies. I wore this look after being inspired by the flowers my BF got me for our anniversary last Monday. He got me crazy colored daises...think back to Lisa Frank days :) They were perfect...after I saw them I immediately knew I wanted to copy the look and do a Florescent rainbow eye. It turned out pretty well...it was my first real attempt at doing a rainbow eye...I wore this to my crab leg dinner that yall saw in the previous post.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise stated):

-Clarity e/s
-Orange e/s
-Bio Green e/s (pro color)
-Bright Sunshine e/s (pro color)
-Nylon e/s
-Ardell lashes with Duo lash adhesive
-Soft Ochre paint pot
-Rimmel Denim Blue eyeliner
-eyebrow pencil in Spiked

-Smashbox Photofinish primer
-Select Moisture concealer NW35
-Mineralized Satinfinish foundation NC42
-Mineralized Satinfinish in Medium Dark
-Sculpt & Shape Duo in Lightsweep/Shadester
-Mineralized Satinfinish in Light Flush

-NYX lipgloss in Barbie Pink

My next video came from a viewer request. I don't think I ever mentioned this before but when I was in high school I was obsessed with the 50's and 60's. From music to movies to dress...I was crazy about it! I think I was in love with the whole sock hop, sweethearts romance...oh how I wished I could share a milkshake with my honey at the soda foundation and wear his letter jacket while dancing to the Supremes :) Sorry i'm a dork! LOL anyways, that was just me. Realistically if I lived during that era I would probably be someone's maid or love slave! Still, the women were so glamorous back then...think Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe-classic beauties. I love the look of a red lip with nicely lined eyes. And it's so easy! So here's my retro Hollywood glam look, hope you guys enjoy! By the way, shout out to Mrs. Lynne! She did a fabulous red lip hollywood glam look that totally inspired me, she's amazing..definitely a MILF, he he.

Here's what I used (All MAC unless otherwise stated):

-Smashbox Photofinish Primer
-Mineralized Satinfinish in NC42
-Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
-Sculpt & Shape Duo in Lightsweep and Shadester
-Sunbasque Blush
-Mineralized Skinfinish in Light Flush

-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in red
-lipstick in Dubonnet
-lip varnish in auto body red

-Nylon e/s
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Soft Ochre paint pot
-Motif e/s
-Cork e/s
-Embark e/s
-Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
-kohl pencil in smolder
-Diorshow mascara
-Spiked eyebrow pencil

So I have more posts to come :) I'm currently editing a new haul video, a hot hepcat look/arabic eye look, a shiseido mascara base review...and much much more! Thanks for the support guys :)

Hi Bellas!

So remember that smokey green eye video I've been trying to upload for the longest time? Well finally it was uploaded last night. Finally! My internet was acting crazy and kept coming in and out so it would disrupt the upload process. Luckily my boyfriend stayed up after I passed out. He wasn't satisfied with my music for the video so uploaded some more "appropriate" songs, lol. He also finally edited my boring white background on my youtube page. Check it out

It has pink hightops on it...I'm not a big fan of them, but then he mentioned that Fafi designed them, lol, and he said "that kinda changes it doesn't it..." and I was like well, if Fafi designed them AND they're pink, I can live with them ;) he he, what would I do without him?

Last night I attempted playing around with my funky blue falsies...but it did not turn out well. I was going for a really crazy bright blue look...not conventional at all, more like face art...BF didn't like it...so I wiped away an hour's worth of work :( Hopefully this weekend I'll achieve my vision.

Any plans for the weekend? My boyfriend is going back to visit his sister in the hospital, he'll be back Tuesday. Luckily I'll have my makeup to keep me company :) Please continue to pray for his sister Victoria so she can finally emerge from comatose.

Andddd here's the video like I promised :) I'll upload my "crazy daises" look that I wore to my anniversary dinner tonight. Stay tuned.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):
-Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation in NC42
-Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium dark
-Bronzer in Bronze

-lip pencil in Vino
-lipstick in Deep Attraction
-lipglass in Luminary

-paint in Sublime Nature
-Nylon e/s (highlight)
-olive green pigment (lids)
-Carbon e/s (outer V/crease)
-Reflects Gold glitter (sparkle over entire eye)
-eyebrow pencil in Spiked
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-kohl pencil in Smolder
-Diorshow mascara

Hi Bellas,

How’s it going in your neck of the woods? Can you believe that it actually snowed yesterday down here in Atlanta? It was so beautiful! It hardly ever snows here…and being a florida girl as well, I never really got to experience this natural wonder. I was hoping and praying that I wouldn’t have to go to work today…even woke up at 6am to check out company’s emergency hotline….but yah…here I am at work, lol.

Yesterday I took a trip to one of my fav stores…Michaels! I was able to use my 40% off coupon. It only applies to one item so I used it on a roll of adhesive magnetic sheets…it was originally $10 so heck yah, I saved! I have some makeup craft projects in mind…I’ll let you guys know the deal once it’s finished.

So have you checked out alienman’s blog recently? She’s got a whole ton of hot and funky falsies on there. I ordered some funky ones from Madame Madeline a little while ago but haven’t touched them. I know I was going to use a pair for my drag look…but haven’t gotten to it yet. Maybe this weekend, since it’s a long weekend. Not maybe, I WILL use them. There you go, that’s a better attitude. I’m really going to try and do something artsy as well…keep a look out!

So I’ve had this smokey green eye and magenta lip video for FOREVER…technical difficulties kept it at bay for a while…I’m really really trying to upload it but to no avail! Did any of you notice that you tube’s uploading feature was disabled for a long time last night? I was going crazy refreshing the page every 5 minutes. Hopefully tonight I can upload that. Oh, and my train case came today, woo! You know what that means…collection video here I come! I have to think of a way to properly display everything…I think first I’ll show lip stuff…face stuff…then of course eyeshadows. Yup, that seems like a plan. I’ll probably film that one tonight and have it up for this weekend.

Meanwhile, I can’t leave you without some pics…so here are a few random ones I took on Tuesday when me and the BF celebrated our anniversary. Check out my bright blue makeup!

I never realized how much of a seafood fan I was until I went to Savannah with the boyfriend last January of 07. We love this place...Spondovitz...i'm so happy you can even see my dimples!

My boyfriend is happy too...more so on the inside, lol.

Mmmmm crab legs....

This is us earlier during the day at lunch. I made us take the corny milkshake shot. Check out my bright blue eyeshadow!

Though he's 6'4 he's just a big kid...playing remote control cars...

He was up against two elementary school boys and lost, lol.

Check out the couple :)

Blurry shot the waitress took...she said she had the same camera as mine...does she take blurry shots on her camera too? lol

These shots are from two weeks ago...we were in downtown ATL and they were doing a community painting...

My boyfriend made a very lifelike banana...

I kinda copped out...

And drew a flower!

Bananas and flowers...hmmmm now that I think of it...kind of a sexual connotation, lol. Oh well!

Hi Bellas,

I actually made the title seem a lot more dramatic than my post really is, lol. So how have you all been? I was MIA yesterday because I celebrated my anniversary with the BF yesterday. We took a vacation day and pretty much did random things like going to the mall together, going for seafood, playing remote control race cars, and taking photos in a picture booth. We're still waiting on getting our anniversary present for each other, an SLR camera. My roommate may have the hookup so to the dismay of my BF who wants the camera now now now, I'm waiting to see if we can get a discount! I also totally copped Christiana's BF's anniversary gift idea and made him a video scrapbook, he he, thanks for the idea Christiana's boyfriend :) We'll see if the BF will let me post. Anyhow...I was able to do an "anniversary look" inspired by the flowers he got me...i'll post it in no time...

In the meanwhile...I was inspired by another ABB-er, PincStuff and did a 5 minute makeup video. I actually wear this to work...honestly, most of the time I wear no makeup to work, but when I do it's something similar to this look. While I was at it, I decided to do a 5 minute day to night look, for you ladies who like to spruce up a day look for a night out. I didn't use many products, and for the eyes I especially turned to my Royal Assets Metallic eye palettes...we gotta make sure we use our holiday palettes ladies!

Both are super easy...I hope you guys enjoy!

5 Minute Daytime Look

5 Minute Day to Night Look

Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? Hopefully it's not too cold out there in your neck of the woods. I have a few new updates. For one, my laptop is finally fixed, woo hoo! Thankfully my BF is a whiz with computers because I was not looking forward to 1) telling my dad my computer died and having him tell me again how I always break things and 2) paying someone to fix my computer that is only 1 year old. This means that I will be more able to post videos, pics, and blog entries.

I also did a bit of depotting this weekend...the fumes of the burnt plastic were starting to get to me...but I have enough for another Back to MAC product, yay!

I've also been rocking the N Collection these past few days. I really like this nude look...i've been getting quite a few compliments on it...that's a good thing right ;)

So these next few months are going to be busy busy busy! For one, I have a lot of events coming up with my sorority that will have my weekends occupied for the new few months. Let me just clarify, i'm no longer in college...I graduated in 2005 but I'm the Chapter Advisor of my undergrad chapter in case you were wondering. I also have quite a few weddings and baby showers I need to attend...it's getting to that time in life ladies! Speaking of which, I can't wait to see 27 dreses :)

I'm also going to be taking a trip in February to Cali, woo hoo! I'm visiting my brother in San Francisco. My parents are also flying in from Orlando and we'll be driving around trying to see different relatives and what not. I can't wait! It's been a while since i've really been to California. Even better since my parents are going so I can eat and sleep for free, ha ha. Maybe I can get to a pro store, cross your fingers! Who knows...I might even run into some of my lovely beauty bloggers ;)

As far as other things I'm looking forward to:
1) Fafi for MAC - 2/13/08, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be all over this new collection! Honestly, the packaging alone makes me drool. However, be aware of all the repromotes in this line...I think i'll focus on the lipsticks/lipglasses/eyeshadow quads/paint pots. A lot of the other items seem like repeats. Oh and myabe a Fafinette bag...we'll see! I have a month to save up, so no more MAC until then! Unless that is...i'm returning for Back to MAC but even then that might be a little too much temptation.

2)Heatherette - 3/27/08. After Fafi i'll have another month and a half to save...keep me on track guys! I can't wait for the hot pink packaging :)

There are a few other collections to look out for (courtesy of Janice from Specktra)
-2/7/08 Slimshine of 7 new colors with 13 being repromoted from the original release of 20 shades...
-2/13/08 Same day as Fafi MAC is releasing their Mineralie Foundation SPF 15 Loose. This should be interesting for all you mineral makeup wearers out there. This may be better for the warmer months ahead. So far I haven't fallen in love with any of the mineralized makeup samples I've ordered. We'll see about this one.
-Strobe - 3/6/08
Strobe Liquid, Strobe Lip Conditioner, 4 Different shades of Tinted Lip Conditioners
-Beauty Powder Blush - 3/13/08
A micronized powder blush with a subtle pearlize pigment, 8 new shades and 2 repromoted brushes.
-Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 - 4/3/08
-Dazzleglass - 5/1/08
-Skinsheen - 5/1/08

In between now and the Fafi collection I have some new ideas for videos and posts...I'm waiting on my train case and flat topped pink brush from Camelia-Rose as well, it should be here any day now, woo hoo!
Here's what to look for:
1) collection video
2) smokey green eye and magenta lip
3) 5 min day makeup
4) 5 min day to night makeup
5) drag makeup
6) blue eyeshadow look
and much much more!

On a more serious note:

Please take a moment to read…I need your help. My boyfriend’s younger sister Victoria, she’s 22 years old, collapsed on Christmas Day at work…she had a seizure and hit her head during the fall. Following this, her brain was without oxygen for a total of 12 minutes. She was rushed to the hospital and has been in a coma ever since. Victoria has still not awoken…we’ve been positive, praying everyday, waiting for her to wake up…but recently she has hit a bump in the road. A few days ago, the doctors attempted to perform a tracheotomy, moving the breathing tube from her mouth to an opening in her neck…that way she could more easily speak when she awoke. However, the tube was inserted incorrectly, causing her lung to collapse, speeding her heart rate and sending her into a high temperature. Since last night her heart rate has been at 190…almost like running a marathon. If you pray to a higher power, please place Victoria in your prayers. My boyfriend Mike has asked me to send this out to my friends because we do believe in the power of prayer and positive energy…thanks again, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Hi Bellas,

So as you all know, the N Collection was released at MAC on Thursday. It's been on my calendar for a while, and of course I ran and got it the day of!

In my head, I planned on just getting the mineralized skin finishes since these are always limited edition sell out items. Instead, I walked out with a whole haul, lol. Nonetheless, at least I have a good little break in between the next collection...Fafi, woo hoo!

Usually I favor super bright funky eyeshadows...like the C-Shock collection...however, we all need to try different things. It's a good thing too if you can feel comfortable wearing both bright and natural looks...after all makeup should be a tool of enhancement, not a mask (unless you're into theatrical/fx makeup).

If you have neutral eyeshadows the ones in this collection are probably very similar...I just got 4 of the collection eyeshadows because I wanted to put a look together. This look also really looks good with clean eyebrows and a nicely contoured face. I also love the lip colors...with a lipliner, lipstick, and lipglass all together...you get a perfect nude lip reminiscent of Kim Kardashian.

In the first video I showed you all the products of the haul...in the second, I put a nude/natural look together using the collection and a few other products.

Hi Guys,

I paired up one of my fav looks...bright green eyes...it's quick and easy, and super bright, just like I like it! My boyfriend was nice enough to edit the video for me...because I've been passing out around 10pm each night! All my late night editing is getting to me :( ha ha. So I did this look on Sunday...took me a while to get it uploaded because I'm having technical difficulties.

Coming Up: I just went to MAC yesterday and picked up the new N Collection. Expect a video of my haul and a look soon to come!

What I used: (All products MAC unless otherwise specified)

-Pharaoh paint pot
-Sour Lemon e/s (pro color)
-Kelly Green e/s (pro color)
-Humid e/s
-Nylon e/s (used as highlighter)
-Corn shadestick
-Rimmel pencil in Kiwi Green
-Diorshow mascara
-Eyebrow pencil in Spiked

-Smashbox Photofinish primer
-Mineralized Satinfinish foundation in NC42
-Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
-Sculpt & Shape Duo in Lightsweep and Shadester

-Victoria Secret lipstick in Body Heat

Hi Bellas,

It’s been an interesting year, 2007 flew past my eyes in an instant. Many of my fellow bloggers have been posting their reflections on last year and their hopes for the year to come. I decided to do the same.

So much happened in 2007…I was promoted to a new leadership program in my company, finally made my relationship with the BF official after dating for months upon months…found a hobby I love(makeup in case you didn't notice, he he), and overall learned a lot about myself.

Makeup/Beauty Resolutions: I vow to take better care of myself and fine tune my makeup artistry skills. I only got back into the game in November of 2007 and have this whole year to improve...
1) Apply Ardell brow and Lash growth accelerator every night to try and grow back my puny lashes and over plucked eyebrows
2) Be more active in promoting my skills as a freelance makeup artist
3) Apply makeup to more and more people to familiarize myself with different ethnicities, face shapes and preferences
4) Control my haul purchases…maintain a monthly budget of makeup spending and stick to it
5) Perfect the art of putting on false lashes on myself and others…give another shot at doing individual lashes!
6) Work on the blending of eyeshadows-reach a goal of seamless blending in a short amount of time
7) Try out different looks, broaden my technique…expand beyond my normal 3 colors for eyeshadow, outer v, highlight and blend technique.
8) Apply for that MAC pro discount!
9) Stop being lazy, make sure to properly cleanse and moisturize myself at night…even after going out and getting back at 3am, make sure to remove that makeup properly…and not just with a baby wipe!
10) Work on my skin…find out what’s giving me those random rashes on my cheeks and work on the dryness of my skin.
11) Invest in more quality MAC brushes as well as other brands…phase out the fakes
12) Make sure to clean brushes regularly!
13) Take better care of hair…consider more conditioning and rejuvenating treatments.
14) Get to over 1000 subscribers on you tube…market, market, market!
15) Do something different with the hair!
16) Try out new makeup brands, both drug store and high end.

Personal Goals-Ways to make life sweeter and make myself a better person
1) Talk to my brother and dad on the phone more…you never truly appreciate your family until things go awry…life is truly short and one must live life to the fullest every day. My boyfriend has taught me this lesson as he has had to undergo more personal crises than most people our age.
2) Stop being so sensitive! Rise beyond non-constructive criticism, and maintain my beliefs and continue to grow. Understand that people will always have adverse opinions, and learn to accept that and not affect my own self-worth.
3) Grow relationship with BF…continue to keep the romance alive, be spontaneous, and stop being moody for no particular reason…appreciate that I have a good man in my life who supports me completely
4) Oh lord, get back to the gym!
5) Reimmerse myself into a healthy cooking routine-and this time, don't fall off.
6) Find a career that I love…get out of corporate America…stop being depressed about a situation that I can fix myself.
7) Spend more time with my friends…just because I have a BF does not give me the right to forget that I have great friends that have been by my side for years.
8) Be positive! If I don’t have anything nice to say…then don’t say it!
9) Be a happy person-'nuff said.
10) Truly get me and BF’s side venture up and running…
11) Start rekindling my faith…
12) Get my finances back on track...remember that girl last year who was on point with her budget. Pay off the credit card balance and keep it down.
13) Try new things…go out to spots in Atlanta I’ve never tried…travel more…live life!

***On a different note, is everyone excited about the N Collection released today by MAC? I got my first mailer from MAC advertising this collection...it was so pretty, i'm going to definitely save it. LOL, who would of thought a mailed advertisement would cause me so much excitedment. I'll be going to my nearby MAC freestanding store during lunch...on my list? The mineralized skin finish in charmed...I'm trying to keep my purchases under $100 each time I go, wish me luck! I'll do a post later on what I got.

Hi Bellas,

I had a pretty low key weekend. I'm just now getting the opportunity to write about it since it was crazy at work yesterday (ahem, my normal posting times, lol). I stayed in on Friday and Saturday and then Sunday my BF and I had the day all to ourselves :) We exchanged Christmas presents...went out for dinner, and then saw two movies for the price of one, if you know what I mean ;) We saw "I am Legend" and "National Treasure 2". Both very entertaining flicks, despite National Treasure's sprinkling of corny moments.

On Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to do a lot of videos so that's what I've been posting these last couple of days. I also finally was able to clean ALL my false lashes. It took a while...picking off that eyelash glue then spraying them down with alcohol. I'm not sure if that's how you do that but it works for me :)

I also had time to go to MAC :) but don't worry yall, I only spent $42! Woohoo, new record for me. I went with the intention of returning my 12 depotted eyeshadows to get two Back to MAC eyeshadows in return. I also picked up a few other items including a new eyeshadow brush, woo hoo! Yesterday I also went to Michaels and finally got the items to make my Enkore/Sephora Brush holder. I cleaned up my makeup area and decided my brushes need a nice new home as well.

I've been meaning to do my New Years resolution post but as I mentioned...it's been crazy at work and i've been staying up really late when I get home. Sorry! I'm going to try and squeeze time in today. Meanwhile...new update, I finally got a traincase, woo hoo! Finally! My main requirements were that it had to be big enough to carry my eyeshadow palettes and other products and 2) it had to be on wheels! When I did makeup for NYE, I toted my supplies in a bag on my shoulder and I swear that i'm still walking funny because of it, lol. The traincase with wheels and pull up handle (like a luggage) will come in handy when I travel to do other people's makeup. That's mainly why I got it...and to save my back as well.

I've been checking out www.yazmo.com and really wanted one for about $120...but i've been trying to moderate my spending after trying to recover from my end of the year shopping sprees. Instead, I found one on ebay, woohoo! I paid today...it was only $39.99 but had $25 for shipping. Still, that's nearly half the price of the similar one the yazmo. Once I get this sucker I'll make a video along with my collection.

Back to the point of this entry, he he...I made a video on my recent trip to MAC and Michaels...hope you enjoy!

If anyone has any video requests, please send my way :)

Hi Guys,

I've seen a few videos like this on you tube so I decided to join in the fun! This is really what's in my purse...I didn't cute it up with things that aren't really in there...you can tell a lot about a person by what they carry around with them ;)

Hope you enjoy! Can't wait to see what's in YOUR purse, he he.

Hi Bellas!

So I decided to do more of a natural look inspired by one of the new lip glosses I got from the Vicky's semi-annual sale. The color is a bronzey brown, close to my skin tone. I tried to do a bronzey orangey gold look, but it didn't turn out how I wanted. Instead, I decided that a matte eye look would go with the lipgloss...I'm trying to incorporate different mediums for the eye besides eyeshadow...so I used shadestick as well as pigment in this look. I love burnt burgundy pigment by the way...it's so rich and gorgeous!

I did this look at like 1 in the morning...so I decided to take pics and do a tutorial that way in case I did or said anything crazy, lol.

So this look goes out to all the lovely ladies/gents out there who want a more subdued look that still packs a punch.

What I Used (All products MAC unless otherwise stated)EYES
-Paint in Sublime Nature
-Brule e/s
-Satin Taupe e/s
-Burnt Burgundy pigment
-Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in -Blackest Black
-Shadestick in Beiging
-Kohl pencil in Smolder
-Imju Fiberwig Mascara
-Diorshow Mascara

-Minderalized Satinfinish Foundation in NC42
-Sculpt & Shape Duo in Lightsweep/Shadester

-Cork lip pencil
-Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze liquid lip shimmer in Decadent Glow

Hi Bellas!

So I decided to create this look after my BFF Saiesha got her makeup done at MAC for new years. It's a smokey purple look...sexy and quite sultry if you ask me. I went ahead and substituted one of the colors Contrast for Atlantic Blue since I've yet to use it in a makeup look.

This is definitely a going out look...it's a lil extra splash of color in a regular smokey eye.

Hope you guys enjoy!

What I used (All products MAC unless otherwise stated):

Strobe Cream
Mineralized Skin Finish - medium dark
NC42 mineralized liquid foundation
Sculpt and Shape Duo-lightsweep and shadester

Sharkskin shadestick
Idol Eyes e/s
Parfait Amour e/s
Shroom e/s (highlight)
Atlantic blue e/s
Carbon e/s
Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked
Revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
Kohl pencil in smolder
Diorshow mascara
Ardell fashion lashes #128
Due Lash Adhesive

Viva Glam V Lipglass

Check out my youtube page and please subscribe :)

Look at my crazy BF in the back lol ...everytime he sees me on webcam he tries to get in with some crazy looks

Hi Bellas,

I went to Vickys yesterday for their big sale...pretty much the only time I buy a lot of stuff at this store...and I got a bunch of cute stuff!

I made a video on my review of some of the beauty products I bought-they were all around $3-$4 and mainly lip products. I really don't like their eyeshadows, no color payoff in my opinion. However, if you DO like the shimmery sheer look, then go for it!

So get your tails to Vickys and load up! I got a bunch of cute bras and panties and some PINK sweatpants...and I hope my review helps :) I'll be posting the corresponding video showing the look I created sometime soon...I just have to edit the video because the whole thing ended up being 28 minutes long! And you know Youtube does not like long videos, lol. Stay tuned!

Hi Bellas,

A week or so ago, someone on ABB posted a link about LUSH products being on sale. Now I don’t know if many of you have heard of this line, but it’s a line of natural products with super cool scents and they’re known for their bath fizzys. People who do use them are hard core fans…almost how a bunch of us are to MAC. I only knew about this store because I went in there once on a trip to Boston with my friend Imani-she was one of the obsessed fans. I didn’t think much of it until I was googling about good moisturizers. Back in the day I had really bad acne…you can’t tell now but I went through years of dermatologists and went on the really strong drug Accutane twice! I think all those years has made my skin really dry and sensitive. In particular, my neck is off the chain! It gets really dry and itchy and even has a little dry patch that kind of looks like a hicky! It’s so embarrassing when I get called on it, but it’s been there for like 3 months so come on now…it’s definitely not a hicky. I always buy thick cream moisturizers in a jar to fight my battle against the itchy scaley monster that’s on my neck, but I have to reapply throughout the day to keep it at bay. So I’ve been on the search for a cure.

Anyhow, through my internet research I found a product called Dream Cream by LUSH. I thought this was a coincidence because I had just seen the post on ABB which had just rekindled my memory of this line. It’s fate I tell you! The reviews I read on it were really great…people with eczema even used it and they said it worked wonders. Now, I’m a skeptic when it comes to products…usually unless they have some dermatologists’ seal of approval and some medical terminology on the packaging I think it’s Foo Foo. The reviews really won me over though…the product is made from really natural ingredients so I was like, what the heck! I looked online at the store locator and saw they had one in the Orlando airport…and I said to myself… “how convenient! I’m flying down to Orlando to visit my parents for Christmas!” So I meant to pick it up down there but I didn’t have time. Luckily my roomie who’s also from Orlando flew back a day later and she was actually on time to the airport, unlike me, and she picked it up for me! Isn’t she a sweetheart?

The product is $23, kinda expensive right (but it's only $20.95 online...I think the airport bumped up prices)? But it's worth it! It has a very herb-y smell to it-some reviewers didn’t like it…but I did, it smelled really fresh to me. I got the product on the 26th, been using it since then and it really is a miracle worker! I mean, I was seriously considering booking a trip to the dermatologist because my problem was so bothersome, but no need! The product soaks in without feeling greasy, and my “hickey” dark spots have practically faded. I don’t really need to reapply and my neck is soft and doesn’t itch or anything. I've yet to find a product that does the job like Dream Cream. So I hope my review helped…let me know if you guys get it!

Here’s a product description from the website:Soothes and restores sore skin
Softening oat milk, anti-inflammatory lavender, calming chamomile and tea tree oil come together to produce our highly addictive Dream Cream. With its mild scent, this hand and body cream has many fans throughout the LUSH world. It brings soothing silkiness and comfort to the fussiest of skins.

Oat Milk (Avena sativa), Rose Water (Rosa centifolia), Olive Oil (Olea europaea), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Tincture of Benzoin (Styrax benzoin), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Chamomile Oil (Anthemis nobilis), Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), Lavender Oil (Lavendula hybrida), Cetearyl Alcohol, Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Hi Bellas!

So last night I did a tutorial on how I depot my MAC eyeshadows. I did a bunch so now I have 12 pans to return to MAC for 2 lippies, woo hoo!

I did this tutorial because I hadn't seen too many live videos on depotting with a candle...this process usually takes under 5 minutes real time, minus my blabbing and explaining :)

I did this after a nap on New Years Day, lol, hence my fatigued look and blah voice...you know how you crash after a weekend of partying? That was me...but I still had time to do a video!

So an update on my labtop, it's still dead, can you believe it! It's only a year old. I've been using my BF's in the meanwhile but his labtop is older and slower. So i've been trying to get a purple smokey out video for the longest for Mrs. Lynne...I redid one last night and guess what...the volume wasn't working, man! I'll try another one tonight or tomorrow...cross your fingers!

Anyways, I hope this tutorial helps you guys out, I'm going to try and do a Tut on pressing my Holiday pigments tonight.

Hi Bellas!

I hope you all had an awesome New Years celebration, I know I did! I decided to do a video the day after…with my left over hair and all. I recreated my makeup look that I wore the night before…I actually got it done at MAC with my friends. It was nice being pampered for a change…usually I’m the one always doing makeup. Funny thing is, afterward I had to go to our hotel where we were celebrating where I had appointments to do makeup for two of my friends, ha ha. So anyways, I didn’t get to take any up close face pics NYE so I recreated the look via this video.

I also got my hair done and it looked crazy! You guys saw my previous J-Lo inspired pic in the previous post right? Well the stylist ended up giving me 80’s bangs and Shirley temple curls that were shelaq’d in place with a massive amount of hair spray, sighhhhh. I should of known because the stylist looked kinda old school. It was rough…because I was having a bad day since my BF couldn’t come to New Years despite paying $130 for his ticket due to pressing family matters came, and then my hair looked crazy! Luckily my friends are so great…they comforted me and helped me pick out my curls…so it wasn’t too bad…I kinda liked the curly bangs. I’m a fan of big hair anyways.

Back to the makeup, lol. I had a smokey gold look with natural lips. I loved how she did it, but I ended up lining my waterline and winging the eyeliner myself when I got to the room. It was funny because I had all the e/s colors she used so it was easy to recreate the look myself.

I took pics of the look right before the video…please excuse my sleepy eyes, I just woke up and fell asleep in my colored contacts…ooops! I don’t usually wear the colored contacts but I thought I would spice it up a bit…my BF wasn’t in town anyways and usually they freak him out, lol, so since he wasn’t here….well, colored contacts it is!

My friends also got their makeup done…I’ll point them out in the pics.

So the video shows my look as well as the products I purchased from MAC that day. Hope you enjoy, and let me know about your New Years celebrations as well!

Pics of the "recreated NYE look"


Melissa, Me, and Ashley. Melissa got her makeup done by MAC and had a sultry chocolate brown eye. I did Ashley's makeup...from foundation to eyes and lips. She likes bright eyes so I gave her a smoked out blue green eye look and pink lip.

My best friends since we were kids...Alex and Saiesha. Both went with me to get our makeup done by MAC. Saiesha is wearing the smokey purple eyes with parfait amour and contrast e/s...the products I talked about in my MAC video that I copped after seeing that they were so pretty. Alex went with a smokey eye using amberlights (that color looks great on her!) and a beautiful wine colored lip.

My roomie Melissa looking gorgeous, my girls are hotties!

Me and Kareem...watch out ladies, he's a heartbreaker!

Alex and Saiesha whooping it up! Ash texting who knows who, he he.

Derek on the prowl...watch out ladies, heartbreaker #2!

Saiesha's BF Jon caught in a moment of perplexity, lol.

Me and Show-Mo, aka Shamari...he's my buddy!

The girls-Ishe, Gu, Me,and Ash. Hottie alert! You can really see the makeup I did on Ash in this pic. I also did Ishe's e/s. Usually I don't match the e/s to the clothing...but I can't deny my client's requests! So I put a darker blue on the outer V so it wouldn't be too monocolor.

Derek and Brandy getting funky...but seems like Derek's attention is elsewhere...hmmm...

Melissa and Ishe posing for the camera

Candid pics of the crew standing in the background (sorry i'm not a great photographer, lol)

Look at lil Dom, she's so chic!

The peeps!

And last of all, yours truly...trying to stay cute despite the blinding flash!

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