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We have another winner!  The winner of the Bare Minerals Smokey Kit is:


Congrats!  Please email me your shipping info by Friday at midnight eastern standard time to makeupbyren@yahoo.com or the prize will go to someone else.  Don't worry if you didn't win this time, there are plenty more giveaways to come!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another tutorial and review. Today I'll be reviewing the Bare Minerals Tutorial - Lesson 1: Smoky Eye. I know many of you are familiar with this brand as one of the first huge mineral makeup companies. I used to use their mineral foundation back in the day and it was my first time trying out some of their eyeshadows.

The kit came with instructions and all the materials you need for a smoky eye.

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Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another Beauty Clique Vid as well as a haul video.  A few weeks ago I went to my first big beauty Trade Show - the Bronner Brothers Hair Show.  This is the hair equivalent to IMATS and many of the products are also geared to black hair care.  My girls Joy and Lesli accompanied me and we made it another Beauty Clique event.  It was a lot of fun...lots of people...lots of hair products...and even some makeup too.

To see my haul and live video from the event, click here! 

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you another client makeover.  I was contacted by a fellow Filipina from Jersey who was traveling down to Georgia for her younger sister's wedding.  The wedding was actually about 2 hours away from me, but she wasn't in love with the makeup artists' work.  After some last minute googling, she happened to come across an article featuring a Filipino Makeup Artist in Atlanta - that's me!

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you a quick post.  I was planning on uploading a video today but somebody forgot to return my memory card and sim reader to me (ahem the BF), lol, so it will probably go up tonight.

Instead, i'll be featuring a bridal trial I did a few weeks ago.  One of my viewers actually just moved to Atlanta and contacted me about doing a trial.  It's always fun working with a viewer because they tend to be very knowledgeable about makeup!  My client was super friendly and already naturally gorgeous.  I knew that it was going to be a fun trial.

Hi Bellas,

This is a haul video I filmed a few weeks ago.  I was being super good about spending and decided to treat myself with a little trip to Michael's Craft Store.  For those of you who don't know, Michael's is an amazing resource for makeup tools.  I've shopped there many times.  From their brushes to rhinestones and organizing tools, they really have everything.  The key is to browse the aisles and think outside of the box.

For $20, I picked up some really amazing tools.

Hi Bellas,

I had the opportunity to test out a new product from the Anastasia Beverly Hills line. Many of you may be familiar with their super awesome brow products, but the line has recently branched out more into makeup like this new Illumin8 with Youthful Synergy Complex Eye Shadow Palette.

By the sound of the palette, you can tell that the shadows are formulated with anti-aging properties. When I received the product, I told the Anastasia folks that I didn't really have too many wrinkles for me to accurately test out the age defying properties. However, they wisely told me that this is great for those into prevention. I'm totally for that.

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Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you another Giveaway! These giveaways are sponsored by ValentineKisses and will occur on the first Friday of every month. This one is going out a little late but I hope to get them on a regular schule.  You'll get 10 items from the website or items that will soon to be featured on the site.

www.ValentineKisses.com for those of you who didn't see my last review, is an amazing site which offers jewelry, accessories, and makeup at ridiculously good prices. You can get a lot of your favorite drug store cosmetics for around $2.

Click here to find out how to win!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another tutorial.  Today I'll be creating a look for St. Patty's Day.  The typical route is to go for greens like MAC Humid and Wondergrass...but I wanted to do something a little different.  Instead, I went for a more teal/turquoise green since those colors are just gorgeous but still fall into the green family.  I've gotten a couple of requests to do more dramatic, colorful looks.  Here's one for you!  It's super dramatic so you can always tone it done to make it more wearable.

To make it easier for you all to duplicate, I used the 120 e/s palette...or you can use your 88 palette.  

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Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another video tutorial.  Today I wanted to try something a little different.  I did a smokey eye but I used only one eyeshadow.  I show you techniques how to make one color look like three!  This is a video I filmed right before Valentines but I'm just now getting it up...which explains the darker hair again. In this video I feature one of my favorite brands Steelo Cosmetics.  Sometimes I'll try out a makeup line and forget about it and it sits  in my drawer neglected.  I like to revisit these oldies but goodies or "shop my stash" as they call it on www.specktra.com

 Here is a picture of the one color I used for the whole look.

Click here to check out my video tutorial and more

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another video tutorial and review. I'm sure many of you are probably familiar with the mineral makeup company Everyday Minerals. They recently contacted me to review one of their palettes from their Lavendar Collection. I remember ordering from them back when I first started my blog when everyone was obsessed with mineral makeup, lol. I think they were one of the first to give Bare Escentuals a run for their money with affordable, high quality mineral makeup.

Today i'll be reviewing the Lavendar palette.
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Hi Bellas,

Today's review is a little different from my typical cosmetic, beauty post.  I had the opportunity to test out Nokia's newest addition to their family the N97 mini (item was temporarily loaned out then returned to the company).  Today the beauty industry is so in tune with the world wide web that it's almost a requirement to have the necessary devices to keep you connected.  From online blogging, to YouTube videos and Twitter...it definitely helps to have a cell phone with the right applications.

If you're interested in checking out this review, click here for more!

Hi Bellas,

Congrats to the winner of the Sigma Makeup Beauty on the Go Kit - Blush & Highlight:


You have till Thursday at midnight eastern standard time to email me at makeupbyren@yahoo.com to claim your prize or it will go to someone else.  Thanks for participating!  This is the last sigma makeup giveaway in this series but I have more to come!

You can find these brushes at www.SigmaMakeup.com

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I am really excited to bring you today's post and video.  I was recently contacted by the Alcone Company, a huge distributor of professional makeup artist products.  They had seen a review of the Beauty So Clean Sanitizing line which I purchased from them and sent me some additional products to try.  Like I said, I've bought from them before so I was familiar with them.  They are similiar to sites like www.camerareadycosmetics.com where they retail a lot of items great for makeup artists and afficionados.  Not only do they sell online, but they also have a small boutique located in New York.  They carry a lot of amazing brands from Ben Nye, Beauty Blender, Eve Pearl, Kryolan, Three Custom Color Specialists as well as their own Alcone Brand.

If you're in the market to fill your kit with makeup must haves, click here for more!

Hi Bellas,

I'm glad I finally got this video up.  My girls Joy and Leslie from the Beauty Clique (our little makeup group) shot this video Valentine's Day weekend.  I often go to brunch to swap makeup stories with my girls, but it's the first time we all go together to do a gig.  It was a lot of fun...we bonded, did makeup, and talked about the upcoming LA IMATS the entire time, lol.

Click here to see our video and my look for the evening :)

Hi Bellas,

I had the opportunity to try out the Josie Maran Cosmetics line. I was really excited to review it as I've heard great testimonials on it already. To do a complete and accurate review, I had to make sure and do a little research.

I found out that many of Josie Maran's cosmetics and skincare was infused by a natural healing ingredient called Argan Oil. This oil is derived from the fruit of the Argan Tree located in the desert regions of Morocco. It is an amazing natural oil that heals scars, moisturizes, anti-ages and more. Josie Maran decided to tap into this natural resource and include it in her cosmetics line.

To see more of my review as well as my fun, colorful Spring Look and Tutorial featuring these products, click here!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review and giveaway!  I was contacted by Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics to take a look at their new cosmetic line.  This is actually a company that specializes in extensions and hair pieces...but they've branched out into cosmetics.  Of course I'm always willing to try out new brands to find the latest and greatest.

**Picture credit to www.JaguarLuxuryCosmetics.com

Click here to check out my review and giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

Thanks for participating in another Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway.  I apologize for posting this a day late but I had an unexpected trip to the doctor again yesterday to take care of my allergic reaction on my face, lol.  Trying to get it right so I can film more videos!

The winner of last week's contest, for the Sigma Beauty Hollywood Glamour Kit - Princess Grace is:


You have until Thursday at midnight eastern standard time to email me at makeupbyren@yahoo.com and claim your prize or it goes to someone else.  Thanks!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

This weekend I uploaded a video to give a tutorial on Professional/Interview Makeup.  It's really important to learn how to do makeup in a natural way to enhance your features.  Certain occasions like job interviews call for a more subtle look that will make you look fresh and alert.  This was a tutorial requested by my sorority sisters still in Undergrad, as part of their spring conference.

In this tutorial, I go over the basics from the beginning to the end.  The video is a bit long, but I wanted to make sure to cover everything for some of my sorority sisters who may be beginners in makeup.

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