Natural purples and pinks

Hi Bellas,

So i've been getting a few comments lately on my super dramatic looks. I know they're pretty intense but I usually post them to show the artistry and color spectrum of makeup application. I know it's not for everybody but if it inspires some people out there then it's worth it. I do appreciate constructive criticism as I hope to improve each and every day...but some comments are a bit over the top. I'm sure many of you can relate...when you put yourself out there, there will always be the naysayers. However, I keep on a popular ATL radio hosts states "Make your haters your motivators", tru that!

To appease those in favor of more conservative looks, I did a more natural look...I usually wear makeup like this to work since purples and pinks are pretty crowd friendly. I actually did this look at like 5am after I got back from a party, lol, hence my pink nightgown with stars. I think I used beautiful iris, sushi flower and satellite dreams on my eyes as well as shroom as a highlight. I used a light hand so the colors are more subdued.

Hope you enjoy this because I don't do subtle looks often, lol :)