I love my roommates!

Hi Yall,

Thursday night my roomies and I exchanged gifts...since we all went home for x-mas we waited until we got back, and they hooked me up!

My roomie Alex got me two MAC eyeshadows, a blinged out magenta watch from guess-I love it! It matches my personality with the bright wristband and the rhinestones blinging all around the clock face...and now I don’t have to keep pulling out my cell phone to check the time. She also got me a cuteeeeee shirt that says "I heart makeup" on it. It was so perfect, I don’t even know how she found that for me, I just don’t know! I’m definitely going to rock that t-shirt in my next video fa sho!

My roomie Melissa also got me two MAC eyeshadows, in palette pans of course, telescopic mascara, and Benefit Shelaq- Yay! I’ve been waiting for this product but didn’t want to buy it myself cuz it was too expensive, ha ha. I tried it on last night and it was awesome-I put it over my eyeliner and I felt it seal that baby right in. I think I’m going to stick some on during NYE after a wild night of partying to make my makeup last. Melissa also got us an adorable leopard picture frame with a framed pic of us from Miami…I love it! I’m going to have to show this to my kids when I get old so I can show them Mom was doing it!

Melissa’s mom also got us matching scarfs and gloves…the kind where the top part of the fingers came be buttoned back so you have the option of having your fingers free. She got me a bright color pink of course, and I’m loving it! She's so sweet-definitely a second mommy to all of this.

Unfortunately my BF already got me the eyeshadows that my roomies purchased, lol. So i'll be treking it to MAC today for an exchange :) of course, you know I don't mind another trip to MAC!