Make-up Looks from the Past Week

So I’ve kinda fallen off in terms of posting my pics…it seems like it takes forever to upload those things. And on top of that…I usually use the camera I got for my forever last year, but it’s been missing! The camera he got me last year is cute and all…it’s bright magenta…but something screwy is going on with the flash…it’s super bright and always washes out the colors. And I was able to do my roommate’s makeup…one is Colombian and she’s a lot fairer than me, and my other roommate is Haitian and she has a darker complexion…it’s been really good practice since I can experiment on a variety of shades and features. But too bad the dang camera was missing, I couldn’t take any pics oh well. Here’s some looks I’ve been experimenting with over the last week. Please ignore my lack of symmetry in the first and third pic...sometimes my eyes crease differently when I take pics and one eye ends up swallowing more shadow than the other.
I’m also trying to get into bolder lip colors…let me know what yall think! If you want products, let me know. I have to get into the habit of doing that.