MAC Haul - Blue/Green/Purple Eyes

Hi Bellas,

Soooooo...I had to do it. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't go to MAC till after x-mas I had to go for the originals collection...sighhhh. I told my co-worker I was just going to go get an e/s (Parrot) but came back with that plus seven other things, lol. I just can't control myself in the MAC store as many of you can relate I'm sure. So I got Parrot b/c everyone has raved about it. I think it's pretty...similar to aquadisiac but a little darker. I asked the MA about a shadow she thought would look good with it so we picked Prussian from the Matte2 collection. Then of course I had to get a highlight color...shroom, since it's such a must-have basic and you know what...while I'm there, I wanted to get a paint...I've never used them as a base before, so I got sublime nature since it was a matte paint that was closest to my skin tone. And I threw in Embark because that's been on my list for a while. And while I was there...I was like you know I kind of want a sheer plum looking lipstick. I'm really trying to expand beyond just lipgloss and get some real pigmented color on my lips. We couldn't really find any but I ended up with this sheer mauve color and a plum liner that makes it look a lil more plum in person. At first I wasn't sure about the lips, but it grew on me. The lipstick is actually very sheer and picks up on my natural dark pink lip color.

So on top of that, I was like hey, might as well pick up Fix +! I had it on my x-mas list and was trying to hold out so hopefully nobody got that for me. It's my first time using a product like this and it's pretty nice and refreshing. I spritzed some on the low low once I got to my desk at work and it made my complexion fresh and dewy. So that's it, I swear, until Sculpt & Shape comes out and until I visit the MAC pro store when I got home to Orlando this weekend. Did I mention my BF is coming home with me for the first time, exciting!!!

Every Thursday my BF and I have a tradition where we try a new restaurant every week, and we rotate picking it. It's kind of like our date night, he he. So I threw a look together before going out. It actually only took me about 10 minutes to do everything, from foundation to e/s to lips. That was pretty good considering the colors were kind of new to me. I used some of the new products I bought.

So I got a couple of looks I'm going to be doing looks/tutorials on: Smokey eye from holiday lip video, Bright Fuscia eyes, and Purples (I suck at purple but i'll try), please keep the suggestions coming! If you want me to review something too, let me know! Oh, and my 1 week old web cam is having major technical difficulties, the audio won't record! I was going to do a Tut on this look but to no avail :( I'm going to try and exchange it today for a new one and hopefully get a video in before I leave tomorrow for Orlando.

What I used (MAC unless otherwise stated):

MAC studio tech NC43
MAC blush in format
MAC blush in ? can't remember it was a peachy color
Camera Ready Cosmetics translucent powder

Soft plum cremestick liner
Capricious l/s

Eyebrow pencil in spiked
Sublime Nature paint
Juxt e/s
Parrot e/s
Prussian e/s
Stars and Rockets e/s
Revlon colorstay liquid last liner
Kohl pencil in smolder
Diorshow mascara
Ardell false lashes (sorry can't remember the number)