Backstreet's back alright! (remember boy bands..ahhh memories of middle school)

Hey Bellas,

I'm back from my trip-3 day real estate conference. I thought it was going to be boring but it was awesome. I didn't have to pay for anything, my BF paid for the course and the hotel, so I got the best deal. It was funny because in the end, everyone in there was networking and passing out their real estate investor cards and all me and my BF had were my makeup artist cards, lol, so I had to pass those out.

All in all, I was going through makeup blog withdrawal! I'm glad to be took me forever to catch up on ABB and various blogs but I got really inspired to do more looks tonight. I'm waiting on my "professional makeup kit" that I ordered from but it's ridiculous all the hoops I have to go through to pick it up since I missed it the first time it was dropped off this weekend.

So here's what to look out for:
1) posting red lip video-i just gotta edit it
2) deep purple/teal look (just for you christiana!)
3) more videos (I just have to think of some ideas)

Are you guys as excited about x-mas as I am? Unfortunately I'm not in school anymore so my x-mas "break" is going home to visit the parents in Orlando on Saturday and flying back on x-mas, sucks huh!

Last night I did a little sorority secret santa last night...there were only 5 of us who did it. My roommate actually got me and she's so cute! She got me stuff from my wish list that i've compiled from watching so many you tube videos and reading Asian Beauty Blog. She got me split mender and frizz be gone serum (recommended by Pursebuzz) and jojoba oil (thanks to Chi from ABB), and off course a brand new pack of brown hair elastics. For those of you with long hair, yall know you always have to have at least one on your wrist at all times!

It was good times....we shared x-mas traditions...what are some of your guys' fav x-mas traditions?