Hi Bellas,

I decided to mix things up for this tutorial. I usually do a look on myself and call it today. This time around I used my bestie for a model. I get a lot of requests from women of color to recommend shades for them since they don't think they can rock the bright colors that I do. Wrong! It just takes the right application and the right bases to use the same products. My bestie is an NW45 and she loves wearing bright colors.

This video also gives me the opportunity to demonstrate how I do makeup on others. I was pretty laid back in this video but I do explain my technique and give tips on applying makeup on others.

FYI, I had already airbrushed her foundation beforehand to save time. She also has on MAC lip erase in Dim which explains why her lips look so light, lol.

Check out part 1! I show you everything from eyeshadow to applying lashes.

Part 2 will be up on Wednesday where I show the complete look including pictures! Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

Happy Monday. This weekend was so relaxing...a bunch of my plans got cancelled so it gave me time to sleep, sleep, and sleep! I truly am back on track after my sleep-deprived week. My sorority plans were cancelled Friday night so it gave me an opportunity to participate in one of my fellow blogger's contest. I don't always get a chance to do this so I was excited to jump in!

My girl Spankadelic is celebrating her one year anniversary, yay! Part of her contest is to create a look inspired by an arabic makeup pic. My fav! I searched and searched the internet and ended up settling on a look she posted on her page. I wanted to do something uber dramatic since my last arabic eyes look was a bit more modern and understated in comparison. I also got to break out a Bindi I've been saving for years, yay!

Here is the inspiration pic:

My interpretation...I added a little extra to it .
Click on the pics to expand! You can see the picture way better!

Close Up of the Eye

Aerial view - Click on pics to enlarge

I actually filmed myself completing this tutorial and I'll have the video up in the next few weeks.

Here's What I Used:

-mineralized skinfinish natural NC42
-msf natural med dark
-strobe cream
-prep and prime
-NARS sin blush
-shadester sculpting powder
-refined msf
-nail rhinestones and bindi

-NYX black jumbo pencil
-passionate e/s
-stars makeup haven 96 palette: light pink, dark purple, black
-l'oreal carbon intense liquid liner
-feline kohl power pencil
-fascinating eye kohl
-ardell 116 lashes

-spice lip pencil
-Stila brown sugar lip glaze
-Stila vanilla lip glaze

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

As promised I have the pics from my weekend trip to New Orleans. Thanks to everyone would commented on suggestions of where to go. I actually went to one of the places suggested!

I got there Saturday evening. We checked into the hotel and then went to my BF's mom's house to eat dinner with the fam.

Check out future mom-in-law's shrine to Mardi Gras! She's a pro at getting the good stuff!

Mom surprised us with Crawfish or as I like to call them "Crawdads" and her famous sausage, beans and rice, yum!

After dinner we headed to the hotel to get ready for going out. I packed everything in my nifty little makeup bag. It's a mini traincase that Vanessa recommended. As you can it looks tiny, just a bit bigger than my hand.

But look how much it fits! I packed makeup for myself and his sister. You may not be able to see everything but inside some of the products in there: a MAC 15 pan palette, RCMA palette, MAC quad, 4 pairs of lashes, MAC holiday quad, about 10 brushes, sponges, q-tips, mascara wands, eyeliners, base, 4 lipglosses, 2 lipsticks...and more! Love this little thing!

Then I did a quick makeover on the BF's sister. We went for a subtle smokey look. It's pretty much the look from my Jennifer Hudson tutorial. I focused on sexing up the eyes and evening out her skin tone.

Closed eye shot. On her eyes I used the silver and nude colors from the MAC 2008 smokey holiday palette, carbon in the outer v, and texture above the crease.

Here's a shot of me and the BF in the hotel room before we went out

Our first stop, to get the infamous Hand Grenade drinks...I got mine in slushy form, yum! They taste innocent and sweet but they pack a punch!

Had to get in the A-town! You can see my makeup better here...I went for the no fail MUFE no 92 smokey eye...mixed it with a bit of carbon, stars and rockets to blend out the crease and shroom as a highlighter. I'm also wearing 2 pairs of shisem lashes on each eye!

After this we pretty much club and bar hopped to 6 or more different places...it's awesome because they don't charge cover! It was a regular Saturday night but the streets were packed!

Here's an inside shot of me and the BF in one of the clubs

My sassy pose! It was a little chilly that night so the blazer and tights were a God send. I'm glad my BF convinced me to skip the heels cuz we did a lot of walking and dancing!

Here I am in the outdoor courtyard in the middle of one of the clubs.

Gangsta couple ;)

Me and the Bf's sister...this was our second time meeting, we got along fabulously!

Saturday was spent with the BF's fam. We visited his sis in the hospital and then went back to Mom's house for my crawdads, lol. I didn't get any pics unfortunately.

Sunday we slept in for a bit and checked out of the hotel by noon. The BF and I wanted to be on the road by 4pm so we could get home by midnight at the latest. We both had to work the next day.

Our plan was to walk around the French quarter, go to the French Market, pick up some Beignets, and have lunch with the BF's sister and her boyfriend.

We saw this voodoo shop on the street.

Of course we went inside...I didn't get anything though...I don't want strange things happening to me. Check out the little man outside the store he he

We also stopped by the famous Cafe Du Monde for beignets. These tasty treats are pretty much fried donuts in powdered sugar...think funnel cake. I got some to go and brought some back for my besties. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the food porn!

Gotta get a pic with the Bourbon street sign. I'm wearing my $5 sunglasses I picked up at the French market. They have a cool Ed Hardy design on the sides.

Sappy shot, I know...but why do I look like a little kid lol

The End! I decided not to post the inappropriate pics, lol. I had so much fun on this trip. We're definitely going to Mardi Gras next time, can't wait!

Have a great weekend bellas! I have a bridal consult this weekend, I'll post pics as usual!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

I'm finally getting my MAC sugarsweet haul up. I haven't done a haul vid/post in a while because I kind of fell off of the last MAC collections. My makeup collection and kit are in pretty good shape and as a result I don't haul like I used to. I'm trying to also save up for my move into the new apartment in April. I plan on getting a bunch of furniture for my makeup/photo room, I'm excited!

Anywho, back to the post. While I was at MAC, I finally picked up some refill items for my kit.

1) Big pack of MAC wipes - I love the way they smell, how they never get dried out, and I always give one to a client to wipe their face clean before I start makeup.

2) Cleansing TIPS - These little m/u remover swabs are so convenient to clean up makeup when you're doing multiple people and don't have time to bust out the m/u remover and q-tips

3) MAC lightful moisturizer - I was using studio moisture fix in my kit and ran out...I don't like how you couldn't tell when you're out of the moisturizer so I decided to try something new. The MAC artist recommended this to me...very light and smells yummy! I'll test on myself before putting it in my kit...if it works on my sensitive skin it should work on everybody!

On to the haul! Check out my youtube video where you can see how the blush and MSF look on me too, as well as swatches IRL.

1) Tri Color Lipgloss in Tasty - I honestly got this because of the packaging. This was the most pigmented of them all but it's still sheer. All of them are sheer.

2) Shadesticks - I only picked up two, Butternutty and Red Velvelt. I felt like I would use these colors the most. Red Velvet is a great brink pink to pair with pink eyeshadows that usually don't show up on me. Butternutty is a warm pinkish/cream shade that works great as a neutral base. The formula is much more creamy this time around and they stay on forever. If you have oily lids though, you might want to pair with UDPP.

3) Grand Duo Blush in Intenso - While I was there I also picked up a blush from the Grand Duo collection. I just wanted one and this color called to me. Super pretty reddish/orange shades...perfect for a Bollywood look.

4) Mineralized Skinfinish in Refined - I'm obsessed with MSFs. I almost picked up both, but I knew the other one wouldn't show up on me. Even when I use this one it doesn't show up that pigmented...it helps to use a CCB underneath to make the colors pop a little more.

That's all folks! Next week I plan on doing a Sugarsweet tutorial using my bestie who's an NW45. Stay tuned!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

It seems like Maybelline's new Last Stiletto Mascara is everywhere these days. From TV to the blog scene...I was fortunate to get my hands on it.

I'll make this review short and sweet because I know some of you are already familar with this product. My lashes are super short, straight and sparse so this mascara needs to work wonders!

The concept of this mascara is really cute...shaped like the end of a stiletto.

The brush is tiny with very spiky bristles to catch the lashes.

Check out the before and after. My non-existent lashes to added length.

Here is a another close-up. I used Lash Stiletto with a volumizing mascara in familiar bright orange tube and whoa, I quadrupled my lashes. They could use a comb through to separate the lashes but what a huge difference right?

-cute packaging
-definitely lengthens
-dark black formula
-inexpensive - under $10 and available at most drugstores
-small brush to catch tiny lashes/lower eyelashes

-does not volumize
-does not have a patent black finish like the product suggests

To get the best results, pair this with a volumizing mascara and your problems are solved!

Stay tuned for today's YouTube Video: Sugarweet Haul and Review

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

I'm back from New Orleans. I got home after midnight yesterday so I'm pooped! I had sooo much fun...I wish I could of stayed a day longer. I got some partying in and some time with my BF's family...I'll make sure to post pics soon!

While I was gone I was able to stick to my regular video posting schedule and I uploaded my Prom Makeup Tutorial. Prom season is among us and I wanted to make a simple tutorial which any high schooler could follow. I tried to use products that were easy available at drugstores (NYX) or easily dupeable.

Check out the video tutorial!

Here's What I Used

MAC stars and rockets - Milani shock
MAC black tied - Milani storm
MAC shroom - any shimmery, cream colored highlight shadow
NYX liquid liner
NYX mascara
Ardell Falsies

any shimmery pink gloss

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

It's Friday, woo hoo! This week has been super long, I think because I'm excited about my mini trip to New Orleans this weekend! I'm really excited! We're staying right on Bourbon Street at the Chateau Bourbon. We picked this hotel because of the location. That way when we go out at night, no one has to drive! No DD's in this bunch, lol.

I plan on eating Beignets, Drinking Hand Grenades and Daquiris and relaxing! I've been doing a lot of makeup gigs lately that have tuckered me out...combined with my full time job, my blog which I try to post every Monday - Friday, 2 videos a week on YouTube, and working out...I don't get a lot of free time and I'm a little Makeuped out (is that a word, lol). However, I did offer to give the BF's sister a makeover, lol. I couldn't resist! I'll post a before and after next week. I packed really smart too makeup wise too.

I'll come back and post a pic during lunch.

Last night I went to MAC and picked up a few refills, a blush from the Grand Duo Collection, and some stuff from Sugarsweet...I'm actually wearing one of the MSFs to work now, so pretty!

Here are my upcoming videos:

This Monday - Prom Makeup Tutorial (I didn't realize I used a lot of the same colors from the Sugarsweet collection, lol, I did it before I hauled)

This Wednesday - Sugarsweet haul vid

Next Monday and Wednesday - Tutorial on the Sugarsweet collection on my bestie Alex! I've gotten many requests to do makeup on other people - she's an NW45 also for the women of color out there who think they can't rock the same looks I do. This might have to be a two parter video.

So I probably won't have a post on Monday since I'll be out of town :( But my YouTube video will be up. I'll be back to regular posting on Tuesday. I'll miss you all. Ethereal Prey, I'm taking food porn pics just for you!

Hi Bellas!

I got up part two of my Lauren Conrad mini series. Sai shows you how to turn the braided look from day to night. I would truly rock this look to a wedding or evening function. She used a clip in flower as an accesory - my fav! I love the way flowers look in the hair :)

This is my contest winning entry - I did a tutorial, stay tuned!

In the video I also showed you a breakdown of Sai's makeup. We went for a neutral eye and a red lip. She's getting married in October (I'm a bridesmaid!) and she is going for a vintage look...her hair will be parted on the side and wavy like Jessica Rabbit/Veronica Lake. I think she's going to do a darker red lip though. Ain't she perty? In case you're wondering, I'm not doing the makeup for her wedding...she wanted me to enjoy her wedding and I have bridesmaid duties to attend to!

Check out the video! The bloopers at the end are so funny!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

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