CCO Haul and Blue/Green Look

So thank goodness for CCO...they have one about 25 minutes away from me (located in Sak's outlet) and it's well worth the drive. They also have a bunch of stuff from the Barbie Loves MAC collection...of course, various branches probably differ. The prices there vary but are usually about 30% cheaper than the regular product (almost like having a pro discount, he he)...for example a pot of e/s usually runs $14.50 but at CCO it's $10. One drawback is that you don't get the professional MA's to help test colors on you...the girls at my store didn't really help me much...but again that differs per store. I've heard of ppl who have had great service at their stores. Also, since it's the outlet, don't expect all of the new products/lines and the foundation colors are limited. Nonetheless, I got a bunch of good stuff for a good price...everything seen below I got for under $200, and we all know that doesn't go very far in a regular MAC store/counter. Especially if you're starting out or trying to rebuild your collection and fill those palettes (like me!) this is a great place to start. You might want to call your local CCO and check up on new deliveries...mine is getting a new bath 2nd or third week of December and you bet I'll be there!

Here's a list of what I got, and a few lil tidbits about some of the items i've already tried.
  • Aquavert e/s (nice payoff for such a light's a very light blue/green and I used it as a highlighter on the look posted at the bottom
  • Eyepopping e/s (really pretty lime green color, if you love bold colors you'll love this one)
  • Beautyburst e/s from Barbie line (a brown/burnt sienna type of color that goes on really smooth, I love this! It's a versatile color that worked on both me, and my roommates (one is Haitian with beautiful dark chocolate skin and the other is Colombian with a more fair complexion)
  • Whistle e/s from Barbie Line: light pink color that's good for a natural lid color or even as a matte highlight
  • Black Tied e/s: great basic color for smokey eyes, black with sparkles
  • Blushcreme pearl - sweet sienna : pretty natural color. This is my first creme blush and I think I'm a convert! It goes on so smooth with my blush brush and the color seems to stay longer.
Lip products
  • Chromeglass - pulsesetter (hot pink color-I love the chromeglass collection-the color payoff is great...i hate when a lot of lipglosses end up looking the same and too sheer...not to worry with this line)
  • Chromeglass - show coral (darker peach color, a good basic)
  • Chromeglass - uberpeach (another lighter peach color - sooooo pretty, it will look good on anyone)
  • Lipstick lustre - deep attraction (I've been looking for a nice rich dark plum/magenta's perfect for a bold look...wore it to the club and it stayed all night when paired with a gloss and liner)
  • Lip varnish - autobody red (to add shine to red lips)
  • Fluidline in Non-conformist: pretty deep purple (i've been experimenting with this as a base for a purple loook)
  • Fluidline in Delphic - really nice cool blue
  • Fluidline in Ostentatious - medium brown color
  • Shadestick in beiging - a must have to prime eyes