Hi Bellas,

I wanted to make sure to write this post so that you wouldn't think I fell off the face of the Earth. I've been talking about this trip for months...but today I'm off on a plane. First off, I'm heading to San Francisco for my brother's law school graduation. I'll be there only a few days...hopefully enough time to hit up the Asian Markets to pick up some fab cosmetics and skincare stuff.

On Sunday, I'm headed to the Philippines! I know there are a lot of Pinays representing on the blog scene, what what! This is my first trip since I was like 2 years old...so it's a big trip for me. It's just going to be me and the parents so it will probably be pretty tame (you probably won't catch me at the clubs, lol)...but I'm really looking forward to connecting with my roots and getting lots of Pulveron, Filipino memorabilia and cheap lashes, lol.

While I'm gone I'll probably have limited access to the internet...so no new posts or videos for at least 2.5 weeks. My boyfriend will probably be weeding out emails, but best to wait till I get back if you need to email me. However, I may drop into twitter here and there and say hi!

I wish I had planned a Manila meetup but hit me up at makeupbyren@yahoo.com if you want to meet up! I'll be there for the first week...oh and don't shoot me but I don't understand or speak the native language (blame it on my school guidance counselors telling my parents it would confuse me to be bilingual).

Till next time (be back in early June), Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

I'm so excited to finally show you my new traincase I've been using. I wanted to wait until I actually had some traveling gigs to test out how this would handle on the road.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my current hard sided traincases like this one I got from Yazmo.com.

I love how it's so huge and can fit all of my kit supplies...but trying to lift this up stairs and into small spaces can become a pain!

You guys remember how I was feening for the MAC Zuca Soft Sided Traincase? Honestly, I just couldn't justify spending $270 for the one small piece.

In case you don't know this by now, when it comes to something I want, I'm a Googler! I wanted to find a more cost efficient alternative...I found one!

On Yazmo.com they have the Pro Soft-Sided Rolling Cosmetic Case with Trays TS-100 and they also offer a matching Pro Soft Sided Carry On Cosmetic Case with Trays TS-99.

Both pieces combined are still less than the Zuca bag!

Testing them Out
I had two gigs this past weekend...an airbrushing gig and then an Indian wedding. I packed the two cases separately for each gig to see how they held up. When I first checked these traincases out I was amazed at how many drawers, clear zippies, compartments, brush holders these things had! I love keeping my items over the top organized so I was excited to see that these traincases were really designed for a makeup artist. You can tell by the little touches...removeable velcro baggies, clear zipped up compartments...trays with removeable dividers. The only thing I was concerned with was being able to find my items with the millions of different sections and compartments. You need to check out my video to see how I fit everything in the bag.

Check out my video showing off the traincases.
Mind you the video is 24 minutes long...the reason for this is also because I show you exactly what I packed in the traincases for both gigs. So not only do you get to see the new traincase, but you also get to see an updated makeup kit vid.

Final Thoughts
I love these traincases! What a weight off my shoulders...literally! The weight of both pieces is probably a third of the poundage of my hard traincase set. It was still annoying to drag it upstairs, but I could do it far more easily than before. I'm loving the little velcro pouches they include as well as the large space inside...big enough to fit two regular sized airbrush compressors. Remember to try and keep this traincase standing upright when traveling...that way things don't fall out of the compartments. Also, if you're worried about powders cracking in palettes, you can always keep them in the carry on case and carry it over your shoulder.

Traincase Porn time! (Click on pics to expand)
Packed for my Indian Wedding Gig

First we'll start off with the TS-99...I call it the duffelbag traincase because that's what it looks like to me.

I keep all my lashes and glues/tweezers/scissors to apply them in the side compartment. These are the removable velcro baggies on the right I was talking about.

Next we'll move onto the TS-100...the Rolling Traincase as I like to call it.

Top portion contains foundations, powders, blushes. I keep business cards in the side flap.
Side portion where I keep all the skincare stuff...along with a mirror and contract.

Here are where the trays are...I took one tray out so that way I had room to store my dirty brushes..cups...msfs...etc...

Here is my lippies section...glosses, lipsticks, lipliners..lip palettes.

Now just the rolling traincase packed for my airbrush tattoo gig.

I removed the drawers in the bottom compartment so I could fit a mini traincase filled with paints along with my tattoo book.

You really need to watch the video to see the products and traincases in better detail.

Meanwhile, Yazmo is generous enough to offer 10% off with the code RENREN. I'm telling you, this site is one of a kind...the only place to find professional train cases in so many styles and a good price. Check them out!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I'm always a fan of finding affordable, yet high quality cosmetics. I recently had the opportunity to try out two from Max Factor. Check out my two part review!

As many of you may or may not know, Max Factor was the first real makeup artist to develop products for the everyday woman. He mixed the old school grease paints to concoct easy to apply formulas of foundation, lipstick, blush and more. He's definitely a Father of the Makeup World...I'm glad his line is still around to pay homage to him.

I used to use Max Factor panstick foundation back in the day (Great for drag makeup by the way), but haven't really used it too much since.
I'm always in search of an inexpensive, yet high quality lipstick to add to my personal collection and kit. I came across the Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor and decided to give it a shot.

I tried out the color in shade 028. After applying it I was surprised at how super moisturizing it is...after looking at the ingredients I saw why...Shea Butter! This magical ingredient makes such a difference. It even felt more moisturizing than MAC slimshines. The Shea butter also acts like a lip balm so it seals in the moisture making the lipstick have the longevity of a long-wear product...Nice!

The only thing is that I didn't like the way the color I had looked on my lips. There's nothing wrong with the product itself, but I had the wrong color for my lips and skin tone. After pondering over this for a bit, I decided to give it another go. I added a more vibrant lip pencil and voila! Problem solved!

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Review
For this one, I asked the help of my good friend Melissa. She's always in search of a new, bigger and better mascara. I've been wearing my glasses for the last month straight so I thought she'd be a better test subject. I gave her some simple guidelines for her test. Here are her results:

Application process...easy to use?
It was easy. the mascara went on smoothly. there was minimal "gunk" or extra mascara on the brush.

Brush Type...too big, too small...easy to use?
The brush size was easy to hold and comfortable. I liked how you could put the bottle in an upright position when you put it down while you are applying. I like to think it might be more hygenic to have it standing upright so the opening of the bottle is as far as possible from the table or bathroom sink.

Easy to remove?
It was easy to remove with makeup remover and just washing your face in the shower.

Went on smoothly, glided on my eyelashes, separated and elongated my eyelashes. no gunk or clumping together.
It does volumize a bit, but perhaps my personal preference is for more volume.

Would you buy again?
Yes! My fav thus far for mascaras in this price range!

Check out a picture of Melissa using this mascara. It looks pretty clump free. She has naturally long lashes, lucky girl. But I can see how she would want a little more volume.

Click on pic to expand.

You can find these products at any local drugstore. Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Hi Bellas!

I finally had a chance to show off my new Eve Pearl products. If you follow me on twitter you probably have heard me talking about this line for months. After watching Eve's videos on her youtube page as well as her Be-You-Ti-Fied series with Koren from Enkore Makeup, I was sold!

She makes makeup look so easy and her products are so multi-purpose and travel/kit friendly that I definitely wanted to get my hands on her line.

I started off with the essentials. As you may know, Eve breaks her products down into light, medium, tan and dark. I mainly chose products in the medium range since I thought they would be a good match for me. Unfortunately, the medium HD Dual foundation was a little light so I think I might go up to tan. However, all of the other medium products, including the concealer worked great!

I used my good friend Melissa as my model since the HD Medium foundation matched her perfectly! I actually had to film this video 3 times! The first two either didn't save or were corrupted...talk about frustrating.

The first video was a two parter showing me doing her foundation and then the second half showing off a smokey green eye tutorial. At least I have the pictures. I used mostly Eve Pearl products.

The second time around I said "Okay let's just do a foundation video and see how that turns out." Too bad the file was corrupted! Luckily the pictures saved and I can show you a before and after. No re-touching has been done...I used all Eve Pearl products.

Third times the charm! My third attempt was a sultry summer eyes look that went with Melissa's yellow shirt she was wearing to dinner. This is also a great everyday school/work look.

Check out the video tutorial!

Here's What I Used (All Eve Pearl Products unless otherwise specified):

-Priming Moisturizer
-Anti-shine in Light/Medium
-HD Dual Foundation in Medium
-Salmon Concealer in Medium
-Sassy Cheeks Blush Trio in Medium
-HD Dual foundation as base
-Steelo Translucent Powder
-Au Natural Palette
-Liquid Liner in Black Pearl
-Black Mascara
-Red Cherry Lashes
-MAC Kohl pencil in smolder

-Cosmo lip pencil
-Honey Bunny/Baby Doll lipgloss duo

Check out my review on the products I used:

Salmon Concealer in Medium
The medium was a perfect match for both Melissa and myself. Crazy huh? The texture is super creamy...almost like Bobbi Brown concealers. I love how the color has the salmon tint but blends in well enough that I don't have to pair another concealer on top like I do with my Bobbi Brown corrector. You only need a tiny bit too because it is super pigmented. Melissa has really dark undereye circles and this covered it right up. Definitely a good investment if you have issues with this. I'll be looking into her Salmon Concealer trio for my kit.
HD Dual Foundation in Medium
I wish every company split their foundations into two tones like Eve - lighter side and a darker side. We all change colors year round from pale in the Winter to tanner in the Summer and the HD Dual Foundation cuts out the problem of having to run and buy multiple foundation shades year round. Like the concealer, it's super creamy. You can definitely mix them to get your perfect shade and also use both shades to contour and highlight. Extremely pigmented, this will last you forever. I'm a big fan of cream foundations because they're so versatile: wear them in cream state as a concealer, or thin them out with moisturizer for lighter coverage.

Au Natural Eyeshadow Palette
If you need a basic, everyday palette this is the one for you. It's super sleek and compact which is a blessing to people like me who are running out of space in their makeup kit/makeup drawer. There are six shades...top row shimmery, bottom matte. This is definitely a good thing so you can mix and match. You can even use the bottom row as eyebrow fillers. I used this palette on Melissa and I love how it came out...and I'm not usually a neutral makeup kind of girl.

Tips for Using this Palette: The colors blend really easily. You may want to build the layers of color since they blend into each other so easily and tend to disappear a bit...that will maintain the pigmentation and make sure it lasts. Also, make sure to tap the excess off your eyeshadow brush before you apply the shadows because they tend to have a bit of crumbling.
Lipliner in Cosmo
What a versatile liner. The pinky/neutral shade is a perfect match for most skin tones. She has one other shade in Caramel for darker skin tones. This is part of Eve Pearl's philosophy...simplifying the makeup process down to the necessities. She's been doing it for years and knows what works. If you have read Kevyn Aucoin's Faces Forward, he pretty much sticks to two lip liners: a lighter neutral and a darker neutral...that's all you need! Eve's lipliners are super creamy which make them very easy to apply. They also come with a lipbrush on the other end to help blend out the line.

Anti-Shine in Light/Medium

I've never really used anti-shines before but it seems like a staple in many kits out there. I was excited to try this tinted anti-shine in light/medium. I don't really have oily skin so I'm still in the process of testing it out on clients. The consistency is not as siliconey as I would think...it's a mix between silicone and gel. I recommend placing this after the priming moisturizer in the oily areas like the nose, middle of forehead and the cheeks.

Blush Trio Sassy Cheeks - Medium
Eve Pearl does it again with super convenient packaging. This trio contains a peach shade, a pink shade, and a shimmery bronzer. Mix all three and you're wearing a blush, bronzer, and shimmer powder all at the same time! The medium trio is a beautiful mix of colors that looks like a natural flush. I definitely recommend using a fan brush with these...it fits so nicely in between the blush wells. This versatile palette would work on light to tan skin tones. If you're a makeup artist, get all three trios which would take up hardly any room (stacked...maybe the size of a regular MAC foundation compact) in your kit...and then you'd be set with blush!

Kisses of Pearl Lipgloss Combo in Baby Doll/Honey Bunny
Out of the the 5 duos, I picked this one because anybody could wear it. One side is peachy and the other pinky gold. I like to use the peachy shade all over the lips and the pinky gold in the center for a full lip look. I wish all companies had lipglosses that have the tubes pop off to be mixed and matched. What a space saver! Also a plus, the glosses aren't sticky at all.

Priming Moisturizer
Another great dual use product. The fact that this product primes and moisturizes really cuts down on a lot of time. This past weekend I used this product at a wedding and it really saved some time when my makeup time got cut short. The product spreads easily but is extremely liquidy...on more than one occasion I held the tube too tightly without the cap and a whole bunch of product got squeezed out...so sad to waste so much product...maybe a different dispenser would make this better. Also, the primer isn't as siliconey as I'm used too...but it doesn't make it any less effective. I'm definitely keeping this in my kit for the fact that it cuts out an extra few minutes in a makeup routine.

Eve Pearl Mascara
This mascara isn't waterproof but when I applied it to Melissa using the pinky behind the lashes trick...I noticed that stuff really stays! I had to kind of work to get it off my finger, lol. The formula is a nice mix between creamy and liquidy so it goes on really easy.

Eve Pearl Liquid Liner in Black Pearl
I wanted to try this product because I'm a huge liquid liner fan. That's the only thing I use to line my top lashline. At first, I thought this product would be very similar to MAC's penultimate liner which I love...but upon testing they're very different. Unlike MAC's felt tip applicator, Eve Pearl's liquid liner has a very thin applicator which is actually an eyeliner brush made of separate bristles. This made precise lining easier because the shape of the bristles doesn't flatten and expand like a felt tip liner. The color is a rich black that doesn't face.

Definitely check out this line of products at http://www.evepearl.com/ especially if you're a makeup artist or looking to simplify your own personal traincase. These products are definitely an investment...the price point is similar to other high end department store brands, but these products are often two in one (lipglosses, lipliner pencil/brush, dual foundation), three in one (blush trios), or 6 in one (eyeshadow palettes). That's definitely something to consider if you're thinking twice of purchasing because of the price alone.

I definitely plan on making more videos using her products. Stay tuned for more!

Hi Bellas!

So I gave you a sneak peak into Steelo products in my sultry smokey look here. But I couldn't let it stop there.

Seriously, I love this brand. I'll be using these new products way past this review. Usually I don't get too excited about new brands because a lot of them seem the same...especially the millions of mineral makeup companies emerging out there (a lot of time I get requests to review them but I turn a lot of them down because a lot of them seem the same)...but this one far exceeded my expectations. The packaging is sleek and cute...even the lipsticks have a little weight to them with their metal containers...I like that! I hate when packaging looks cheap...it usually means the makeup is cheaply made too.

It's also a brand specifically tailoring to women of color...if you check out their website they have pictures of a wide range of ethnicities...Black, Asian, Latino, Southeast Asian...so many! There foundation shade process is amazing...you can choose shades with undertones in yellow, copper, red, orange and even blue! Say goodbye to not being able to match your shade!

In this video I did a makeover on my Bestie Sai. You've probably seen her in a few of my other posts and my Lauren Conrad hair tutorial. Well I brought her back for another one! Saiesha is a great model because she's really honest about whether or not she likes a product (product junkie!) and she's naturally gorgeous so makeup just looks great on her.
I let her pick out the colors beforehand and she did a great job! She chose a smokey, plum look with nude lips. Extremely wearable for you guys out there!
Check out the video tutorial!

Here's What I Used:

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Steelo e/s in cotton candy (lid)
-Steelo e/s in bella (outer v)
-Steelo e/s in damage (crease)
-Steelo e/s in matte beige (highlight)
-Eve Pearl liquid liner
-MAC kohl pencil in smolder
-Red Cherry Lashes
-Steelo black mascara

-airbrush foundation - Kett and Graftobian
-Steelo blush in Terracotta Spice

-Steelo sand lipliner
-Steelo angelique lipstick
-Steelo pink pearl lipgloss (love!)

Here's a quick review on the products I've tried so far:

Single Eyeshadows
Please don't shoot me when I say this, but these are equal to, if not better than MAC eyeshadows. The pigmentation is amazing. One swipe of the finger yields great color payoff without a base. Also, they're not like the cheap eyeshadows out there that are super pigmented but once you blend them a bit disappear (think a lot of those large e/s palettes out there). Also, they're not all loose and crumbly like the "high pigmented" cheap eyeshadows...they apply like a dream. The colors are so pretty...bright enough for people like me, but subtle enough for neutral makeup lovers. The eyeshadows are $12 per single pot...cheaper than MAC but same quality! You...must...check...it....out...or else you're missing out!

Same as the eyeshadows, these are very pigmented and the texture is super smooth. You can tell the company really paid attention to picking out shades that really complemented women of color. For example, the red tones in Terracotta Spice blush really complemented Saiesha's yellow red undertones in the video (she usually has problems finding blushes that don't make her look ashy). There are only 6 shades right now, but I hope they do more! I want all of the shades...honestly, they look so good on ethnic women. They're bigger than the single eyeshadows put are at the same price of $12...good deal!

Another winner...they chose extremely wearable shades like Sand, Mocha, Chesnut, Burgundy...all staples for any makeup kit for a woman of color. This makes my job as a makeup artist so much easier! I want all 7 shades in my kit. The liner is super smooth and easy to apply. I used the shade Sand on 3 different women...completely different skin tones and it looked great on each person. Again, they're priced at the magic number...$12!

They have ten shades to choose from in very wearable shades just like the lipliner. They are very moisturizing, no funky smell, and the pigmentation is amazing. It goes on smooth like a MAC lustre lipstick but with more pigmentation. My swatches blew me away! If you're searching for a deep berry shade that has the perfect mix of berry and brown....they've got it! The only thing is that I found a lot of their shades in this berry family to be super similar. So when picking shades keep this in mind...you don't want two lipsticks that look nearly the same. Guess how much? Yup, $12, lol.

Pink Pearl is officially my new favorite lipgloss. The colors of these glosses are super pigmented...they're only sheer if they're a sheer nude color...that's how it should be in my opinion! If I wanted sheer, I would throw some tendertones on clear gloss on. The colors are super smooth and rich and guess what? Not sticky! The bestie Sai loves how they smell too. The fact that they're not sticky makes them so much more enjoyable to wear...and the color stays bright and lasts for a pretty good amount of time (not through eating, but hey I'll reapply with no problem). These are $1 more at $13...well worth it.

Eyebrow Pencil
Steelo only offers two colors...Taupe and Earth Brown. I think most people could get away with Earth Brown (I used it on myself and on Saiesha). Taupe would be for the blondies out there. The pencil is firm/dry enough to give you the light strokes needed for filling in eyebrows. It also comes with a brush at the end to blend the pencil in after you're done. Again, they're priced at $12...they actually remind me a lot of Anastasia Brow Pencils which is considerably more. Honestly though, I'll always love my Rimmel Professional brow pencil in hazel...I especially love the price of $4, lol. If you're looking for a higher end brow pencil for a pretty decent price though, this one is for you.

I've tried this mascara on myself a few times. It's more of an everyday mascara...average lengthening and volumizing. The kind of thing you wear to work or class...no complaints but if you're looking for big time volume or length you'd probably need to turn to something like Lash Blast or DiorShow.

Final Thoughts
In all, you know what this brand reminds me of? If you combined Bobbi Brown and MAC together they'd have a Steelo baby. And believe me...that's a compliment. It has the rich colors and pigmenation of MAC glosses, blushes, and eyeshadows and the beautiful color matching

I'll have more reviews when I do a video making myself over with these fab products. Check them out! Steelo Cosmetics

Check out my YouTube video uploaded today, my Eve Pearl makeover on Melissa!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday! It's going to be a busy weekend for me. Tonight I have a gig doing airbrush tattoos at a middle school dance, he he. My airbrush teacher referred me for the gig and I haven't touched my airbrush tattoos in a while...since I mainly use my airbrush stuff for foundation. So I'm happy to make some quick cash and not let my paints go to waste. Saturday I'm getting my hair done, woo hoo! Sunday I have an all day makeup gig doing morning and evening looks for an Indian Wedding. It's also my last weekend before going to the Philippines so I'm trying to pay bills, pack, and do all the nessasary stuff I need to do before I leave.

Anywho, back to the post!

This last weekend was so much fun. My boyfriend's college buddy came into town with his girlfriend and we went out all weekend. It's good to get out there and enjoy the Atlanta nightlife because sometimes I feel old and tired and need to get on my dancing shoes! (See I sounded old again right? lol)

Sunday night we planned on hitting up an upscale club in Atlanta. My boyfriend's friend's girl actually does some modeling here and there and I offered to give her a makeover. She told me she loves blues so I went with it!

She already had a great brow shape so I lightly filled the brows in with cork eyeshadow from MAC. She told me how she loved that because usually people fill in her brows too darkly. I find filling in your brows with a shade lighter than your hair color looks a lot less harsh and opens up your eye shape even more.

She loved the sultry blue eyes and nude lip combo. Take a look!

Click on pictures to expand

Here's What I Used:

-MAC soft ochre paint pot
-MAC solor white e/s (inner lid)
-MAC freshwater e/s (middle of lid)
-MAC deep truth e/s (outer v)
-MAC motif e/s (highlight)
-MAC blacktrack fluidline
-Red Cherry lashes
-black mascara (forget which one)

-Graftobian super cream foundation
-Graftobian dual finish powder
-MAC pink blush (forget which one)

-Steelo lip pencil in sand
-MAC C-Thru lipglass

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

I finally uploaded a new video...sorry it's been a while, but i'm back!. I decided to do this video on Graftobian foundation and skin products because I already highlighted some of the eyeshadow and other makeup products in my last entry. I wanted to dedicate an entire post to the skin and foundation products because they're just that awesome. In my posts I try to be completely unbiased and give you a detailed opinion about the product, performance and price....that way you can see if you want to invest in the product. FYI, another long post, lol!

Check out my foundation/contouring video using Graftobian Products. Very helpful for learning to contour with cream products.

Graftobian Oxyderm Moisturizer
In my tutorial, I started with priming and moisturizing my face with Graftobian Oxyderm moisturizer. If any of you are familiar with the famed makeup Artist KJ Bennett (he is the head MUA for Makeup Forever) he mentions this moisturizer as one of his fav in his unbiased kit website . It doesn't break me out at all, and it reminds me of my beloved Cetaphil moisturizer except not as greasy and it absorbs more easily into the skin. Best of all, my sensitive skin had no reactions to it...that's a plus! This is definitely a great addition to your kit or own skincare regimen. The price is pretty comparable to most good quality, department store brands.

Corrector Palette
Next, I corrected my undereye circles using the light orange color the left. It helps to cancel out the dark blue/green under my skin. The colors in this palette correct different skin conditions/discolorations. For example, the yellow cancels out purple undereye circles, the green cancels out redness like rosacea, and the light pink acts as a highlight color. This is a MUST HAVE for a makeup artist's kit. I haven't seen many palettes that have all the basic corrector colors like this. The price is very affordable at $21.99 (less than MUFE concealer palettes) or you can get each color individually for only $7.99. That's a great deal for those who want to buy a corrector on their own for their personal use.

Super Cream Palette - Warm Tones
Next, I used the Super Cream Palette to apply foundation. I picked a color to match my skin tone and scooped a pea size drop onto my Graftobian steel palette. I then mixed it with my Oxyderm moisturizer to thin out the consistency and sheer out coverage. I applied it to areas of my place where I wanted to highlight my features. Next, I took a shade 2-3 shades darker and applied it onto my face in the contour areas (i.e. sides of nose, hollows of cheek bones). I then used a damp sponge to blend it out. This is how the celebrities get contoured...think Tyra, Oprah, and Monique.

I get a lot of questions about foundation palette recommendations for a kit. I used to recommend RCMA KO and Shinto palettes because of the great amount of colors in one palettte. However, I found RCMA a lot dryer and denser. You HAVE to use their foundation thinner with it. It has a lot of colors, which is why I recommended it, but it was hard to use. The Graftobian palette is the best of both worlds. A lot of convenient colors in one case, and super easy to blend! I definitely recommend this for other makeup artists. They also have a cool tones palette and neutral tones palette which I intend on adding to my kit as well! 18 foundation shades for $64.99...that's about $3.61 per color...can't beat that! Each foundation well will also last you a super long time since they're so concentrated and pigmented.

Dual Finish Foundation Palette - Neutral Tones
Afterwards, I used the Dual Foundation palette to set the foundation. I used a mix of the lighter tones to highlight and then moved to the darker tones to enhance the contour colors. This palette is a life saver if you accidentally miss the mark on matching foundation...if you go too light, just sweep a powder brush over a tanner shade and you can correct any mistakes immediately. It's also great to have as a powder foundation for men, children, or those who don't need a lot of coverage. I don't know what I'd do without this in my kit. For $79.99 you can get the pre-filled palette...or you can order it individually at $8.50 for each full sized pan. Seriously though, $8.50 for this amazing foundation? You really can't beat that.

Powder Blush in Shiny Penny
To add the finishing touch I used the Graftobian blush in Shiny Penny. This is a reddish orange color with gold shimmers. Talk about pigmented! I talked about this a little bit in my last review but I'm telling you....this is amazing. I use it with a fan brush to apply subtle color but this will work on the lightest to darkest skin tones, hands down.

Now onto pics of my newly concealed, corrected, higlighted, contoured, and blushed face!

Make sure to check out the products at Graftobian.com or Camera Ready Cosmetics.

Stay tuned for my upcoming vid tutorials using these products: Bright FantasEyes look, Clubbing Tutorial with Joy

Atlanta Makeup Artist

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