Hello Beautiful Bloggers,

So I’ve made a few videos that I haven’t had time to post on the blog. One was on starsmakeuphaven.com, a fabulous website! And another is part 1 of viewer questions. Sometimes I’m a lazy bum and it’s hard for me to respond timely to some of the questions I get via my yahoo mail and youtube inbox, sorry guys! But believe me, I am not complaining one bit…I’m glad to get so much positive feedback, it blows my mind sometimes.

I think being on vacation threw me off my regular groove because as I was editing my answering questions video I got all lazy with it and just cut it into two parts instead of doing one video, which I usually prefer to do. I also don’t want to cut short some of my answers because I want to make sure I come across clear you know?

So I’m going to post questions part II tonight. After that, expect a Hepcat Look video as well as a review on Shiseido Mascara Base. Those videos have been done, just waiting to upload them.

Upcoming videos I’ll be working on:
1) skin routine
2) MAC brushes video
3) How to blend eyeshadow tutorial
4) Curly Hair tutorial
5) Another urban decay eyeshadow look

Any requests, send them my way  I love you guys!

Questions Answered Part I


Hey guys! Did you miss me? For those of you who didn't know, I was out of town for about a week visiting some family in Cali. Sorry I wasn't really able to check any posts because I was only able to use the internet for about 5 minutes the whole trip...just wanted to let you know i'm back and ready to partayyyyyyy, lol, j/k that was super corny. Honestly, I'm still feeling the jet lag. I got home yesterday about 10pm atlanta time and had to go to work this morning. I wish I had taken an additional day off to recover because I am sooooo delirious right now. Tonight I need to go home and just sleep and recover...but after that i'll be back with more posts :)

Hey Hot Thangs,

So today is my big travel day to California! Wouldn’t it be funny if I happened to run into one of you guys at one of the MAC stores over on the west side? I haven’t googled any because I’m not sure where I’ll be exactly, plus I want to spend quality time with the parental units. I’m really excited! More than anything, I’m more relieved to be taking a break from work, whew! I really needed it! And I just found out that my vacation has been bumped up from 2 weeks to 3 weeks since this will be my third calendar year with the company, woo hoo!

So I’ll be gone and won’t be returning till Tuesday night. I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll have…in the meanwhile, I have a new video using the urban decay deluxe eyeshadow palette. I loveeeee urban decay eyeshadows. They’re super smooth and extremely pigmented. Actually, they’re more expensive in single form that MAC eyeshadow pots, but if you get the $36 palette, you can experience all the colors in the deluxe line for cheaper. I actually did this look a few weeks ago, before the FAFI haul. That’s why I’m mentioning in the video about how I couldn’t help but spend money…this was while I was “supposed” to be saving money for FAFI. Oh well!

I tried to do something a little different with my makeup. Usually I do inner 1/3, middle, and then outer darker crease…but instead I mainly used two colors and created a sort of horizontal split on my eyelid. The purple and green colors remind me of Barney (you know, the loveable dinosaur?) but I still love it! I finally got to whip out my lychee luxe lipglass that has also been neglected. I hope you guys like!

Here's what I used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow palette
-graffiti e/s (green)
-random e/s (purple)
-scratch e/s (pink)
-peace e/s (blue)
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-kohl pencil in smolder
-N.Y.C glamour lases
-L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

-Lipglass in Lychee Luxe

Hello Beautiful Bloggers,

How was your Monday? Mine was fabulous...no work, slept in. I've been packing for my trip to Cali! I leave Wednesday night and don't return till Tuesday night so my blogging will be MIA for a little while. I'll post a couple of videos before I leave so at least you guys have something to watch :)

So I decided to post the funky fafi look...I was scared because I thought I looked crazy in the video! However, I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback from all the youtubers out there who actually liked it. It helps that most ppl who watch it are into makeup and can appreciate that kind of thing. So without further ado...here's my funky fafi eye tutorial :)

What I Used - All MAC:
-Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation in NC42
-Mineralized Satinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
-blush in fashion frenzy

-smolder eye kohl
-fascinating eye kohl
-ardell lashes

-totally it lipglass
-fun n sexy lipstick
-cranapple lipliner

Hi Bellas,

Yay it’s Friday! I also get Monday off for President’s Day woo hoo! I’m so glad the week is nearly over. I’ve been having a stressful week at work…dealing with a lot of corporate red tape, having to go down to Human Resources, ughhh it’s a mess. Things are going to be different in 2008 though…always remember to fight for what you believe in ladies. One day I will carry out my dream…drop the chains of corporate slavery and amass my own cosmetic empire…and I’ll bring you all with me! He he.

Anywho, how was your Valentines Day? I got to work and like Nessa, was greeted with a surprise. Apparently when my boyfriend got up early “to get an early start at work”, he actually went to my office before me to deliver some goodies. As I walked down the hall towards my desk I saw this massive heart shaped balloon in the distance, and I mean it was big…I could’ve sworn I saw a bunch of older woman standing in my cube…I was like “why are they all up in my cube?” Then I saw the huge balloon and a bouquet of long stemmed red roses. I’ve always wanted flowers delivered to me like that  Too bad I hate my job so I was kinda depressed from all the drama that it diminished some of the fun. Funnily enough, the balloon has a multimedia capability…if you tap it, it plays music. Wow, that music was loud! It played “still the one…we’re still having fun and you’re still the one…”. At least 8 times yesterday ppl came by and randomly hit my balloon and it blasted the 15 second song….I was kind of embarrassed because I sit by a lot of the vice presidents and that junk is loud, lol. It’s funny how the day of love brings out the kid in all these corporate bigwigs.

The BF and I went out to dinner yesterday and then saw “27 dresses”…finally! That movie made me cryyyyyyyyyy. I’ll admit though, that’s not a difficult feat on its own. Even my boyfriend found the movie entertaining. It was our usual Thursday night date night. We’re officially celebrating Valentines Day on Saturday since we’ll have more time. I’m not sure what the BF has under his sleeves but he is full of surprises!

Back to makeup…
So I did a look using my new Fafi products the other day. I went back on Wednesday and picked up Fashion Frenzy Blush, the 2 other fafinette dolls I didn’t get, Perky paint pot, Nice Vice paint pot, Fun N Sexy lipstick, Bare slimshine, and cranapple lipliner.

First of all, I love Slimshines! What a great product for us dry lip girls out there. I like Bare Slimshine because it’s very natural…oh and it’s very boy friendly. I wore it on purpose during dinner on Valentines Day because I knew the lipstick wouldn’t show up on the BF during our intermittent dinner smooches. He’s usually paranoid about my glossy lips leaving traces on him, but it was not an issue with Bare Slimshine. I even made him look in a mirror after a kiss to prove that he was lipstick free  It’s not because it’s smudge proof, rather, because it’s a sheer balmy consistency.

Also, Cranapple Cremestick lip liner goes PERFECTLY with fun n sexy lipstick and totally it lipglass. I love it! It’s so much fun to wear such a hot pink lip…on top of it, it reflects blue and it’s super cool!

I couldn’t open Nice Vice paintpot because it was screwed on so dang tight, but I’ll have the BF get to that later. The Fafinette dolls will definitely stay in the packaging so I can sell them for big money down the road.

So I tried to recreate the look of one of the Fafi models…you know, the asian girl with the white and black eyeliner in the mail flyer?

I even filmed a video on this look but I decided not to post it because in the end, I looked crazy! It was just too extreme even for moi…however, I’ll share some pics with you guys because I love you so much. I photoshopped it by adding the radiant effect so the picture seems brighter…it adds to the drama of it. I will say, however, I would rock the hot pink lips from this look again.

Don’t be scared of me after you see the pics! I didn’t have a Fafi bob, so I just wore my colorful hoody.

Warning: this is definitely extreme makeup.

Hi Bellas,

How’s it going over there. So I’ve been officially reprimanded for me being on the internet too much. I was in HR meeting with her about moving to a new team for other reasons, and she mentioned that two managers had told her that I was on the internet a lot and that this was against company policy. Yikes! I didn’t get in trouble really, but that means no more ABB, beauty blogs, you tube, specktra, or anything during work hours. I also try to read everyone’s blogs daily, but now it will be more during my nighttime hours. Sorry guys! Can’t get into trouble!

So today is the official release date of the FAFI collection. Are you guys heading out there? I think I’m going to pick up the blush in fashion frenzy. I didn’t get it at first, but after reading Nessa’s blog…I think I will pick it up. I don’t have dollymix, which is supposed to be similar. Also, Mathieu, a boy wearing makeup, on you tube wore it for his Fafi’s Valentines look and he loves it! I think I will also pick up nice vice paint pot since it was sold out, two of the other fafi dolls I didn’t get (for collecting purposes-they WILL stay in the box) a pink paint pot (not sure which one yet) and fun n sexy lipstick, which was also sold out at the time. That’s it!

Have you guys ever clicked on the links portion underneath any you tube videos you‘ve ever posted? Why have I never noticed this before? My BF pointed it out to me last night. He said it’s because one of my videos before was linked on pursebuzz…I was like huh? I’ve always wished she would do that! Too bad I guess that must have been one of the days I was off with my daily reading of my blog. I looked on the links and I was randomly linked to a few blogs. One was in Portuguese! Wow that was so cool! LOL, sorry I sound like a dork. But it’s amazing how far our blogs reach people. Mrs. Lynne left a comment on one of my last entries saying it was fab how we could share these things over thousands and thousands of miles. It’s amazing isn’t it?

So my co-worker called me over to her desk today. She calls me her “makeup expert”. She wanted my opinion on what to get from www.eyeslipsface.com or ELF as many of us like to call it. She was so cute…she was like “what’s mascara for?” Awww, a newbie (and she’s almost 30!). Again everything on here is $1 except the make up bags. I suggest you split it with your friends so that way you get free shipping after $75.

Anywho, I’ll be working on my funky fafi look tonight. I’ll get the video out soon. Ciao bellas!

Hi Bellas,

Wow, I had a longgggg weekend. Currently I'm at work, TRYING to be productive but everyone is out for the day except myself and one other member on my team. Not to mention I'm super exhausted! Not only was it a long weekend, it was an expensive one too! Friday was my roomy's suprise party that we hosted in our apt's club house. We had food catered, decorated, ordered a specialty cake, and got her tickets to the lion king. Luckily I split the costs with my two other friends, but with everything we dropped $150 each, yikes! So after a late Friday night ending around 3am, I had to wake up to be at a bridal shower Saturday at 11am. I will say it was beautiful and so much fun. My table and I won a prize for a game where you had to turn a slice of poundcake into a decorated wedding cake. Fortunately, many of us at my table were avid viewers of the food channel and their awesome cake contests, so we took home the prize. I wish I could have taken pictures. After that ended around 2:30, my crew and I headed out to a warehouse sale. Basically, they bring together a bunch of chic boutiques in the area, and they set up shop in a warehouse and sell all their clothing up to 80% off. I was picking up $250 dresses for $30. I got 2 dresses, 1 shirt, and 2 pairs of bright colored tights for about $100. Pretty good deal for designer duds. After that we had to head over to the "Adult Items" store to pick up some toys for the bachelorette party. LOL, it was definitely an interesting experience. My roomy and I felt slightly uncomfortable with some of the "apparatus'" in the store...in the end we left with a coupon book and some edible massage oil.

From there we picked up food and immediately had to get ready for the bachelorette party in the evening. No time for a nap :( We got to the hotel, played games, there was even a stripper! LOL that was a first for me. Then we went out to the club where the bride to be did a bunch of dares. We ended up leaving early around 1:30 a.m. b/c we had brunch the next day with our roomy's mom. Her birthday was actually Sunday. So the next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed, had a great brunch. Then me and the birthday girl came home, got ready for the MAC Fafi event at 5pm. We got home around 7pm and I took a 5 HOUR nap. I could use another one, but that will wait after grocery shopping tonight. Whewww! Big weekend.

So to the FAFI event. This was my first unveiling and WOW all I can say is WOW. When my roomy and I got there was a line already wrapped around through a hallway. We could hear the loud DJ music blasting outside of the closed doors. We finally got in, signed the graffiti wall after waiting 20 minutes in line, and it was a madhouse in there!

They served beer, finger foods, and all the MAC artists were dressed in their FAFI shirts and had on cute makeup. I'm definitely going to recreate the look from the flyer with the white and black eyeliner. I had to wait for about 30 minutes before I could get some help with the colleciton b/c i wanted to make sure and try everything before I got it. I spent about $210...less than my $250 budget. The makeup artist was super nice, but he kinda sucked on putting makeup on me. I didn't mention it in my you tube video b/c I didn't want to be offensive but I can be honest with you guys. Maybe it's b/c he doesn't do makeup well on Asians? My roomy who's Colombian just looked at me with a grimace after she saw the makeup. In the video you can see how the eyeshadow looks non-existant on me...and I had to wipe off some of the gloss he put on me b/c it was super clumpy. Oh well! I'll do a look tonight and hopefully it comes out a little better.

So all in all...my thoughts on this collection. I was kinda disappointed. I picked up a lot of the items purely because of the packaging and so that I could add it to my collection. The eyeshadows are pretty tame...I guess this is a good look for spring but I was expecting bolder colors like from the C-Shock collection, which unfortunately I missed out on. I picked up Fafi Eyes 2 b/c honestly the colors in Fafi Eyes one looked like a basic white pink and charcoal, and I already had the pink venus e/s which was in that quad. The Irridescent Pressed Powder I got was pretty, I will say. It's my first IPP. The blush I got (Hipness) I also really liked. A lot of the paint pots seemed pretty basic...especially the pinks. I ended up getting Rollickin' (aqua blue) b/c I missed out on Electro Sky from the McQueen collection and they're kinda similar. I also got Cashflow paint pot b/c it's a nice metallic goldish green. I also picked up a few lippies...I will say the bright pink gloss is hot! I really like bright colors and I found it in this lipgloss. One makeup artist in particular rocked it and it was to die for...I think she paired it with a purple lipstick to give it a glossy fuscia/purple sheen. If only I took pictures! I only got 2 lipglasses and one lipstick b/c the rest were so so. Lastly, I picked up a fafi doll and a makeup bag to round out the purchases. I think i'll put the Fafi bag in my purse as a makeup bag and call it a day.

If I were you, I wouldn't go crazy and buy all the items unless you want to collect them for the packaging. You could skip the quads in my opinion. The colors are not all that and could probably be found in other permenent items. Some of the paintpots are definitely worthy, some aren't. The blush I got was really pretty as well as the IPP. Maybe get one or two lip products. All in all, you could end up spending $100 and get more than enough stuff from this collection. I hope heatherette is a little better...

See my videos below part I and II for swatches, my thoughts, and reviews:

I also did a look last night using Fafi Eyes 2 Quad. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of these eyeshadows. I found the colors too sheer and not really going well together. I went for a basic anyone can wear look so I hope you guys enjoy!

Hi Bellas,

So this is going to be a quick post...I'm up at 3:05 am and have a bridal shower tomorrow at 11am soooooo I need to catch some zzzssss. We just finished throwing my roomies surprise b-day party so i'm relieved it's over....it was a blast though and all the stress was worth it when we saw her happy face and tears of joy. This is my 3rd and last valentine's day look for yall...it's pretty funky. In the video I mentioned it will bring the animal out of you on valentines, he he. I don't usually rock leopard spots on my eyes, lol, but sometimes you just gotta have fun with makeup, experiment, and defy conventionality. Hope you enjoy!

So check it out!

What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise stated):

-mineralized satinfinish NC42
-select moisture concealer NW37
-dame blush
-full fuscia blush

-gesso e/s
-platinum pigment
-NYX charcoal pigment
-bright fuschia pigment
-silver dusk pigment
-Revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-technakohl liner in graphblack
-diorshow mascara
-ardell false lashes
-brow pencil in spiked
-cork e/s
-NYX candy glitter liner in pink

-CQ smart liner in berry pink
-NYX lipgloss in barbie pink
-rose pigment

Hey guys,

So I knew it was going to happen eventually...but last night I checked my you tube page and I was officially struck by my first real hater. I posted a 3rd look for Valentines Day...it was a really funky hot pink leopard eye look. Just trying to have some fun experimenting with make-up. So I was looking at my comments left by the viewers and someone wrote "You are so ugly. That looks like a big mole. Your poor boyfriend." Say what? That was so uncalled for. Luckily some of my other viewers stuck up for me and responded back to the hater. I wasn't that affected by it and my boyfriend blocked the user and removed the comment. Then I checked my youtube channel page...and the same person who left me a comment on the video comment box also wrote another comment on my wall saying "You are so ugly!". Ummmm who does that? Does that seem a bit extreme? Of course this person has no profile, no picture, no videos, nothing.

I just don't understand harsh, unnecessary criticism like this. At first I brushed off this person, but when they took the time to write on my wall as well, that really bothered me. I know I'm not the first to experience this...but I just had to get this off my chest. So release release release...I just have to keep on keeping on. I want to thank everyone out there who is so supportive. It's difficult to put yourself out there sometimes for the world to see...and when haters make you stumble along the way it just makes it a little rough sometimes. You ladies feel me right? It helps to be able to share my feelings with you all since I know you can relate. With that said...whoever that reader is...I feel sorry for him/her because of all the hate in his/her heart...and I feel very fortunate that my heart is so filled with love and support from my family and friends. 'Nuff Said!

So I was reading Nessa’s blog like I do every day, and saw how she gave a special shout out to some special readers out there who take time to comment on a regular basis.

I decided to do the same...except I am personally listing every blog I have listed in my links to the side b/c honestly, I try to read each of their blogs every single day. They all give me a wealth of knowledge, make me laugh, smile and contemplate...and definitely make my work day pass a heck of a lot faster! If I didn’t feel this way, I wouldn’t have linked them. They are all sweethearts..we’re all at different stages of our makeup learning...but I like it that way. That gives everyone and opportunity to both teach and learn from one another. I love you guys! I feel like I found a second family in the blogging community-one that truly understands a passion of mine, and sometimes even more so than people I know in my “real” life.

So with that said-here’s a shout out to my top ladies (we need to get some more dudes doing the beauty blogging yall!)

• Alien Man
• Amy from AskMeMakeup
• Anne
• Beautyhasnoboundaries
• Christiana
• d0rksta
• Ethereal Prey
• Fei
• Gezebel
• Girl Meets Makeup
• Lisa
• LynaV
• Mandi
• Mayaari
• Mrs. Lynne
• Pursebuzz
• Specktra-Blog with everything you want to know about MAC
• Stephie
• Swtginbug
• Temptalia
• Tiffany
• Toon3y
• Vanessa Garcia/Nessasary Makeup
• yummy411

Hi Bellas,

Happy Hump Day once again. Last night I spent the whole evening playing with makeup…coming up with a new look for valentines. My boyfriend was out with the boys so I had my room all by myself. I was really productive actually…filming and editing 2 videos. I was trying to do a really funky platinum/smokey fuschia eye but it didn’t really work out. Instead, my experimenting lead to a pretty white/fuscia/purple look that gives a nice pop up color. Sorry but there’s no floating bear in this vid…but hopefully you guys will still enjoy!

What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-chill e/s
-full fuschia blush
-Urban Decay Deluxe e/s in zero
-Revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-kohl pencil in smolder
-eyebrow pencil in spiked
-cork e/s
-Ardell Invisiband Wispies Lashes
-Duo lash adhesive
-L'Oreal Telescopic mascara

-Smashbox Color Correcting primer
-select moisture concealer in NW37
-mineralized satinfinish foundation in NC42
-sculpt & shape duo in lightsweep/shadester
-sunbasque blush
-mineralized skinfinish in light flush

-cremestick liner in plum soft
-capricious lipstick
-clear gloss from dual ended Victoria's Secret lip stain

Hi Bellas,

Sorry for my delayed posting. I had a crazy weekend and took a sick day on Monday to recover. As I mentioned before I had my friend from home coming in for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. She also brought a friend to stay with her of whom we had not met before. All I have to say is “Drama Central”! My friends and I (meaning my friends here in Atlanta) hardly have any drama, and we all maintain a nice equilibrium. When my friend Cindy came into town, she brought her drama with her! Mainly it was her friend Tasha who caused the tension. Basically, she was just an inconsiderate house guest. My roommate Alex graciously gave up her bed so that my friend Cindy could sleep in there with Tasha. I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s say that by the 3rd night, my roommate Alex told Cindy “So where’s Tasha sleeping tonight?” . Cindy replied, “With me” and Alex responded “Oh no, she’s not sleeping in MY bed. If she apologizes and it’s okay with Ren, she can sleep on the couch”. Ouchers! So instead, Tasha didn’t even sleep at our apartment, she slept at her cousin’s place. Crazy huh? I’m wondering why she didn’t stay there in the first place…

Anyhow, this weekend I was able to do Cindy’s makeup. I gave her a soft silver and blue look which looked really pretty on her. Unfortunately she wears these blue colored contacts which really irritate her eyes so every time I tried doing her eye makeup her eyes would tear up! Luckily I had visine on hand…just another situation you need to anticipate when doing one’s makeup. I’ll post pictures later.

Since I was layed out at home yesterday I was able to edit my Valentine’s Day look…it came out pretty well. It’s not really a really artsy bright red or pink V-Day look…instead I tried to pick something soft and pretty that someone could really wear on a Valentine’s Day date…a look that wouldn’t freak a guy out, because you know they sometimes get intimidated when us girls where our bright looks. I might do another more funky/extreme V-day look if I have time. I added my fav song of the moment “with you” by Chris Brown to the video. I hope you guys enjoy!

What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-L'Oreal H.I.P cream crayon in Unmistakeable
-whistle e/s
-print e/s
-carbon e/s
-nanogold e/s
-technakohl liner in graphblack
-#4 lashes
-duo lash adhesive
-brow pencil in spiked
-brow shader in walnut/ivoire
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

-Smashbox Photofinish color correcting primer
-strobe cream
-select moisture concealer in NW37
-mineralized satinfinish foundation in NC42
-sculpt & shape duo in lightsweep/shadester
-pink blush
-mineralized satinfinish in light flush

-lipglass in 2N

Hey beautiful bellas,

Yay it's Friday! I'm so happy since I have a fun filled weekend ahead of me. Hopefully I can just coast at work today. I have two meetings back to back in about 30 minutes so let me get this post up quick!

Last night I filmed my Valentine's Day video. For some reason I got all nervous because I'm going to submit it for one of the You Tube Valentine's Day makeup contests. LOL, i think it messed me up because you know sometimes when you try to blend, and certain spots just will not hold color? Like it looks splotchy? RARRRRrrrrr, it was difficult. I finally pulled it off in the end...I debated doing it over, but there were some really cute moments in there with my boyfriend magically floating a valentines day teddy bear in the background, he he. So I shall have it up by this Sunday, don't you fret :)

Meanwhile, I uploaded a new look last night. It's blue and gold, based on a sample of MAC gold pigment I got. I love that pigment, it's so vibrant! My boyfriend did the music again which I certainly don't mind since it's less work for moi :) It's a bright and fun look and I called it my blue bling bling look he he, gotta represent Hotlanta!

Here's what I used (All MAC unless otherwise stated):

-strobe cream
-minealized skin finish natural in medium dark
-mineralized skin finish in warmed
-sculpt & shape duo in lightsweep/shadester

-bare canvas paint
-gorgeous gold e/s
-gold pigment
-parrot e/s
-blue calm e/s (pro color)
-nylon e/s
-prestige pencil liner in denim
-revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-kohl pencil in smolder
-diorshow mascara
-false lashes
-brow shader in walnut

-viva glam V lipglass

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