What’s Got Me Excited Right Now…

So I was doing my daily research on specktra…and I discovered that the highlighting/contour duos are coming out on December 26th! I’ve been meaning to order the sculpting products from the pro store, but they only sell them in individual pots. This is great for beginners since you get two in one. Right now I’ve been using a blush/bronzer as my contour color, and drizzlegold loose powder as a highlighter. Since the sculpting duo is intended for “sculpting” I can’t wait to try these out and see what effects they’ll really make. I use them for slimming of my chubby cheeks I inherited from my mom. Can’t wait till December 26th! Another thing I can’t wait for is to go home for x-mas…Orlando to be exact. Not only is my boyfriend coming home for me for the first time, I just found out there’s a pro store in Orlando, 20 minutes from where my parents stay. I’ll probably have to drag the bf with me, he he. I hope I don’t spaz out from excitement when I go into the store J I’ll keep yall updated.


Shaping Powder: Emphasize - Cream with fine Pearl (PRO)Sculpting Powder: Bone Beige - Soft warm brown matte (PRO)

  • Shaping Powder: Accentuate - Peachy beige with fine pearl (PRO)
  • Sculpting Powder: Sculpt - Soft taupe matte (PRO)
  • Shaping Powder: Lightsweep - Warm beige with fine pearl (PRO)
  • Sculpting Powder: Shadester - Midtone leathery brown (PRO)
  • Shaping Powder: Warm Light - Clean peach (PRO)
  • Sculpting Powder: Definitive - Midtone reddish brown (PRO) BRUSHES
  • #138 Brush - Tapered face brush (LE at counters, regularly available at stores)#169 Brush -
  • Synthetic angled blush/face brush (LE / Repromote from Icon IV: Raquel Welch)#223 Brush -

Synthetic tapered blending brush (LE / Repromote from Icon IV: Raquel Welch)

Emphasize/Bone Beige:



***thanks to GlamYOURus on specktra for the pics and descriptions