On my way to being a real makeup artist, I hope!

I also just ordered a bunch of makeup from camerareadycosmetics.com. If you’ve read about makeup kits on specktra, you’ll know that these products are for professional artists. The RCMA foundations are even thicker so you have to dilute it with a liquid mixture. I bought 2 foundation palettes, cheek palette, lip palette, e/s palette, foundation thinner, loose setting powder, a corrector palette, anddddd I think that’s it. It definitely ran me a pretty penny! But I’m just super excited…cuz now if I go into the real world…I plan on doing some work pro-bono to practice and build a portfolio, I won’t feel limited or weird asking them to bring their own foundation color, woo hooo! I also ordered business cards from vista print.com. You can actually order them for free plus shipping and handling. However, I paid an extra $10 bucks to make them glossy, and an extra $3.50 to take the vistaprint.com website off the back of the card…that way they look a little more professional. And if all goes as planned…I should be able to get my MAC pro card…I’ll keep you guys updated!
RCMA Sampler Foundation Palette: (Descriptions from the website) RCMA is a professional, hi-percentage-pigmentation, easy spreading cream base with no perfume, mineral oil or lanolin. Great for photography, TV, Film, Video. This makeup is great for every day wear as well. Each color is approximately 0.08 oz and will cover 10 to 12 faces. If you would like the larger sized palette (1oz each color) purchase the Economy sized palette. I carry RCMA professional makeup palettes in my set kit, this is a great foundation for print, TV, film, video and Bridal. I am never caught without the right color when I have these. These palettes are a must have if you can't afford a full kit of full sized products but you need all the colors in a few easy to handle pallets.

Cinema Secrets Corrector Kit: (description from website) 2Highlighters, red/blue/purple/black neutralizers for medium light to ruddy and dark skin.I love these Neutralizers - I use neutralizers under my clients' eyes to diminish dark circles, and I even use neutralizers on my own eyes every day. Most concealers are heavy and can add to lines. This product will NOT do that and in fact will diminish the appearance of fine lines.

Cinema Secrets Lip Pallets (description from website) give you a variety of colors in each 5 color pallete.I use these lipsticks on clients and myself. I custom mix colors on the spot, the possibilities are limitless. Each pallete comes with 5 complimentary shades.
Blush palette: (description from web site) 8 Beautiful High pigment colors for the lightest to the darkest client, warm and cool colors. Beautiful heavy duty silver color pallet with mirror.
Cedar, Mocha Mauve. MelonSunkist, Breathless, Purple Rain, Sienna Sunrise, Chaos

Micro Fine Camera Ready Loose Powder: (description from web site) Sets makeup and absorbs shine. This is the powder I use for everyday as well as photo shoots, TV and video. Fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic. 28 grams.
***Info and pics from http://www.camerareadycosmetics.com/