Getting ready for New Years!

Hi Bellas,

Are you as excited me New Years as I am? Woo hoo! Unfortunately I had to work office has some strick January 1st deadlines and I couldn't get off :( I'm so jealous because all of my other friends too off.'s going to be a great night. At least we get to work half a day and tomorrow we get off. Right after work I'm getting my hair done...i'm going for a big hair spiraly look...something playful and out there...for some reason I love big hair!

Yesterday I got my nails done...they're a deep wine red and I have a pretty flower design on my toes.

Then i'm going with the girls to MAC to get our makeup appointment is in 4 hours and I still don't know what I want to get! I'm wearing a gold dress, any suggestions?

Then after that...we're checking into our hotel. It's a VIP package where you get a hotel room, dinner buffet and bar from 9pm - 1am and 4 parties to choose from in the hotel's ballrooms...I can picture us acting crazy running up and down the hallways, it's going to be a big group, i'm so excited :)

So here are pics of my dress and shoes and what I want to do with my hair :)

The shoes were only $30! I got them from arden b, they were originally $100 but on sale for half off...and then I had $20 on my rewards card so I got a deal! The dress is from BeBe, that wasn't cheap, lol. But I wanted a gold dress and they had one!

An idea of what I want my hair to be like...but my hair is longer...but I want big like this!