Drug Store Products I Couldn't Live Without...

Hi bellas,
After great contemplation...I have for you and group ofl products I’ve been using for years that are truly my favorites. They work wonders…and you can find them at wal-mart, target, or your grocery store. Don’t you feel great when you find a bargain? I do! That’s why I’m sharing these with you guys. Let me know what you think. Yay or Nay? I loveeeee feedback :)

Pantene Pro-V Restoratives: Time Renewal Replenishing Mask
I have color processed hair…I’ve dyed it regularly for the past 6 years. So that means I need some intense conditioning in order to prevent my hair from feeling like straw. I’ve gone through nearly all the products for color treated hair, and I always come back to this. This is an intense conditioner in jar form. I take a scoop out, about a tbsp worth, and work it through my entire hair, lighter on the roots, and more concentrated at the ends where it’s the driest. I do this after shampooing. Leave it on for 5 minutes while you do something else…like shave your legs or whatever. After you wash it out, immediately your hair is so silky; you can tell even when it’s wet. Do it once or twice a week. Also, you know how sometimes you use conditioners and after a while they stop feeling so great and you switch to something else? Not with this baby, it’s like the first time every time ;) he he, I highly recommend it.

Farouk Biosilk
Talk about miracle in a bottle! A little goes a long way with this product. It’s basically a shine serum and I use about the size of a quarter (you might need a dime sized amount, my hair happens to be long and thick so I put more) and put it in my palm, rub my hands together and smooth throughout my hair. Gotta be careful though, because if you put too much it will make you hair oily. I love this stuff! Honestly, if I run out or don’t use it after I finish washing my hair, blowdrying or heat styling my hair, I feel unsatisfied. It makes your hair so silky, shiny, and smooth and just finishes it off. If it don’t put it on, I notice my hair again feels dry and lackluster. Sometimes I’ve gone to the store and noticed it’s not there and I’ve bought a few imitations, and yuck, they suck! Imitators' liquid serum is extremely sticky and gooey and feels like I’m putting glue in my hair. It’s nothing to compare to the silky smoothness of Bio-Silk…if anything, this is a must-have!
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
If you’ve seen any of my FOTD’s, chances are you’ve seen me wearing this liquid liner. It’s the best in my opinion. I’ve gotten one from MAC which looks just like it, same size bottle, applicator and all, and I like Revlon’s liner way better. It’s super easy to apply for a liquid liner because of the sturdy felt tip, and I’ve been using it for years. I wear it nearly every day and it has amazing staying power. Nothing looks classier than an eye lined with liquid liner. I believe it’s only around $6 and a steal if you ask me!

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion
This is the only lotion that I keep coming back too. It’s for allover after the shower application. It’s a lot thicker and creamier than the normal pump brands, and it’s affordable to boot! I have dry skin and this works great for the price.

Baby Wipes/Anti-bacterial Wipes
Any brand…I always have them around. I usually get the kind that comes in a pop-up dispenser and then I just get the refill packs. Sometimes I am sooooo tired after hitting up the club or going out that I just use a baby wipe to take off all my makeup in a quick swoop (of course I don't recommend this as a nightly cleansing ritual, just that sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures!). There are some pricier brands out there that remove impurities, but this works well enough for me for now. I might try the specific makeup remover wipes next. These are also great for quick brush cleanups when you’re trying to get color off during application...that way you don’t have to go through a million brushes…especially if the wipes are anti-bacterial, you’re sanitizing your brushes at the same time which is good when you do other people. A must-have for your make-up kit.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Back in high school, I had really really bad skin-severe acne in fact. I went to the dermatologist for years, tried everything from over the counter products, Retin-A, Differin, various anti-biotics, prescribed skin cleansers and the whole like. Thank God for Accutane…it’s a really strong anti-biotic that you take for a bout 6 months. It’s so harsh that you have to take monthly blood tests to test your blood levels. I had to take it twice for it to finally work, and it got rid of my scars and everything, you can’t even tell now that I was so messed up. Anyways, back to my point, the acne medications were all very drying, especially on my lips. My lips would crack all the time, bleed, and it was painful. The doctor gave me a sample of this, and it’s actually made to heal burns and to treat cracked irritated skin. The product is also made by the same company who produces Eucerin products, which many of you know are off the chain! It’s like extra thick Vaseline so a little goes a long way…and it’s a miracle worker! I put it on my lips, and on random dry spots, for some reason my right ear lobe and a spot on my neck are always dry! It’s a great product, I use it everyday. I just bought some from CVS but you can probably find this anywhere.

Cetaphil Moisturizer
This is another throwback from my acne days. If you have dry skin like me, this is the product for you. Now if you are more on the normal side, I recommend using this sparingly or more so during the winter time. I had to put it away during the summer but I’m bringing this baby back now that winter is on its way. Again, my dermatologist introduced me to this product. I’ve been using a random no-name lotion and I regret it. I’m switching back to this. And it has SPF 15 to boot! I’m so glad it’s over the counter now, because it used to me prescription only! That shows just how good it is, but you'll only know if you try it yourself!