Blue Green Eyes-Weekend update

Hi Bellas,

Here's another tutorial I made this weekend. It was a quick blue green eye look. I actually wore it out this weekend, went to a bar with my friends, slept in it, and it was on the next day, lol. And you know what was kinda funny...while my friend and I were ordering a drink at the bar this weird guy that kinda looked like Jon B (throwback to old R&B singer) was trying to hit on me and my friends. He was superweird, after he heard I was ordering a sex on the beach that just started a whirlwind of super cheesy convo. You can imagine I was ordering the drinks and he noticed that I had some eyeliner swatches on my hand, lol. I forgot that I had been testing liners for this video and I was in such a rush doing my friend's makeup that I didn't take it off. He pointed at my hand and said "oh is that leftover from last night's escapades, wink wink". And my friend stepped in immediately and said "Ummmm no, she's a makeup artist." I love my friend, lol.

Anywho, back to the video! I did both eyes in under ten minutes, talk about rushing! My patient boyfriend was once again filming me (so supportive) but the sound is too low and got cut up a little at the end. No worries though, I finally bought a webcam this weekend so I can zoom in, have better volume, and finally edit my videos! On that note, I am definitely taking requests on looks you'd like to see, or reviews, or pretty much anything :) I'm here to serve.

-mac e/s in deep truth
-mac e/s in freshwater
-mac e/s in brill
-mac e/s in aquadisiac
-mac e/s in newly minted
-revlon color stay liquid liner in blackest black
-styli style liner in turquoise
-mac kohl pencil in smolder
-diorshow mascara