Hi Bellas,

So it's Friday already! These last few weeks have been flying by! I think it's because I've been in my new position at my corporate job for almost two months now and I have a really great boss so the work days fly by.

Oh and Happy Halloween! Today I'm not dressing up...I got nowhere to go! But my boyfriend and I did buy a pumpkin to carve and some candy for any kiddies that happen to stop by. It's crazy because the last two years me and my girls hosted huge halloween parties and always did it up big! We also made sure to do group costumes. Here are our costumes from the last two years.

Here we are as the Fantanas two years ago.

Last year we were the Rock Group Kiss...this is my amateur attempt at Photoshopping. I'm on the left by the way. Oh and I also did the makeup!

Anywho, lots of parties this weekend? I have a sweet sixteen gig on Saturday so that's my Saturday night! I've also put myself on a major budget so I'm not going to be doing as much hauling. I'm trying to get my budget on point especially with Christmas coming up. I did buy one palette from the holiday collection but that's it. I'll do a post on my look soon. Meanwhile, I have a million videos to get up in the next two to three weeks.

Here's what you have to look forward to:
-Flat Iron Review: Curling your hair with a flat iron
-New Traincase Video
-Tutorial for my Manish Aurora Dupeable Look
-How to become a freelance makeup artist video
-How to apply false lashes video
-Big Contest video!

I went out on 2 Friday nights ago for a bday dinner with some of my sorority sisters. I decided to try doing my hair for once and flat ironed it. It's amazing how much blonder and longer my hair looks when I do that!

For the look I was attempting to copy the look using one of the Mineralized Eyeshadow trios Interview. I saw someone wearing it on Specktra and I thought it was gorg!

The colors however, are dupeable I feel. I like the grown up feel of this combo, and decided to replicate it on my own! Looking back, I probably should have used more of a bronze than gold, but I still liked the look. My webcam kinda washed out the colors but you get the idea.

Like my shirt? When I was a baby my family used to call me Mr. T because my hair stuck straight up in a flat top shape, lol. Luckily gravity got to it and it started growing downwards instead. The shirt is a freebie from a t-shirt campaign shoot I worked on. Check them out at http://www.sayonme.com/ I'll have a more detailed post on these shirts soon!

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-Laura Mercier primer
-MUFE HD foundation mixed with Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer (I do this to darken the color of the foundation)
-true romantic beauty powder blush
-so ceylon msf

-bare study paint pot as a base
-deep truth e/s
-goldmine e/s
-grand entrance e/s
-submarine e/s
-blacktrack fluidline
-mac #8 lashes
-smashbox mascara

-stripdown lipliner
-hush cream color base
-miss dynamite dazzleglass

What are your big Halloween plans this year?
Till next time, Ciao bellas!

Hi Bellas,

I was recently tagged by my girl May at Changing Faces By May, Anne, and Aubrey to share 6 random facts. So here goes!Here are the Rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website

1. I am allergic to nearly everything...animals with any kind of fur, multiple fruits, trees, face products. Growing up I had years of allergy shots and still go to the dermatologists regularly for my flare ups. Yall remember my lip allergy right? I’m a hot mess lol. Thank God for modern technology or according to Darwin's theory, i'd be a goner!

2. Even if I’m super full, I always have room for dessert especially chocolate and ice cream! Mint chocolate chip is my fav!

3. I use way too much ketchup…I use it with everything, and in large amounts! From fried eggs, fried chicken, meatloaf, chilli…mmmm ketchup and fries...I’m a ketchup fiend!

4. I am a big time list maker…my friends always make fun of me for this but I like to be super organized, especially when it comes to packing for trips. I Google anything and everything I can find on suggested items for the type of trip and then I type up a detailed list. I’m usually done packing a week before my trip. Just ask ethereal prey, lol, I sent her my cruise packing list.

5. My boyfriend does all my music on my youtube videos. He does an amazing job matching the song to the mood of the makeup look...he's also a freelance music producer so that kinda helps. Sometimes I don't even hear the song till the video is uploaded...so whenever people ask me on my youtube I honestly don't know what it is sometimes...sowwy!

6. I always need to sleep with a comforter…not a sheet or regular blanket; it has to be a comforter. Even in the summer if it’s hot, I’ll crank up the AC so I can sleep with one. I just grew up that way!

And now I tag:
Nessasary Makeup

Have fun!

Hi Bellas!

I was asked by a few viewers to recreate my look that I wore in my Red She Said Haul video. I had a couple of other videos I wanted to do first, but I wanted to get this up especially since a lot of you guys wanted to wear this look for Halloween.

It's actually really simple...I used the Dangerzone MES trio...black and red...that's about it! The color combo is especially good if you're doing a dark look for halloween...i.e. devil, dark angel, etc. I really recommend doing your foundation last if you do this look because you're definitely going to have some fallout from the mineralized eyeshadows.

So here yah go!

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-bare study paint pot
-dangerzone mineralized eyeshadow trio-black and red sripes
-feline kohl power pencil
-blacktrack fluidline
-no.8 lashes

-select moisture concealer NW35
-PUR minerals pressed mineral makeup in med dark
-gold deposit msf
-soft and gentle msf

-sugarrimmed dazzleglass

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Hi Bellas,

Two weekends ago, one of my besties commissioned me to do the makeup for her, her mom and grandma for a wedding they would be attending. I was really excited because I love challenging myself and I want to be able to practice on women of all changes. This was the perfect opportunity to test my skills. My bestie Sai also came by to help with the hair so it would be a complete transformation. This is the best part of doing makeup on other people...seeing their reactions when the final look is done. It just warms my little heart :)

Melissa wanted the smokey purples eyes look from my Makeup Forever Dramatic Smokey Purple eyes tutorial. It was an evening wedding so a little dramatic was okay. I still toned it down a bit to make it wedding appropriate. The purple look went nicely with the pink dress she was wearing. I decided to keep the rest of her face clean and glowing since the eyes were the main feature.

-Laura Mercier Primer
-oil control lotion
-cinema secrets foundation
-graftobian powder
-shadester sculpting powder
-sunbasque blush
-petticoat msf
-model in a bottle spray

-too faced eyeshadow insurance
-bare study paint pot
-idol eyes e/s
-MUFE no. 92 e/s
-black tied e/s
-Revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-smolder eye kohl
-splashproof mascara
-ardell medium individual lashes on the outer ends only

I asked Melissa's Mom what kind of look she wanted and she just told me she wanted something dramatic. I took this and ran with it! I wanted something sexy but still age appropriate. I decided to base the look off of mink and sable eyeshadow...a pretty shimmery olive green color which I hadn't used yet! We went for a green smokey eye and I gave her my favorite lashes to wear...ardell demi wispies. Lashes really do make a huge difference. I was glad she gave me free reign because clients are often scared of falsies in the box, but on they look great!

-laura mercier primer
-cinema secrets foundation
-graftobian powder
-shadester sculpting powder
-graftobian cream blush
-CRC rose colored blush
-petticoat msf
-model in a bottle spray

EYES-embark e/s and spiked brow pencil on eyebrows
-soft ochre paint pot
-idol eyes e/s
-soot e/s
-mink and sable e/s
-shroom e/s
-revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-blacktrack fluid
-splashproof mascara
-ardell demi wispies

-cream o spice lipliner
-fanfare creamsheen lipstick
-viva glam v gloss

Melissa's grandmother is one of the sweetest women I know. She told me I didn't need to spend a lot of time on her but I still wanted her to look gorgeous! I decided to go with plums and pinks and give her a nice rosy finish. I cut a pair of ardell 108 lashes in half and put them on the outer lashes to give her eyes a slight lift. The key with mature skin is to make sure to also keep the skin hydrated and to use creamy based products. In the end, I think she looked so beautiful!

-Laura Mercier Primer
-studio moisture fix
-fast response eye cream
-cinema secrets foundation
-graftobian powder
-graftobian cream blush
-camera ready cosmetics blush

-bare canvas paint
-shroom e/s
-girly e/s
-random pinkish purple e/s
-CRC brown gel liner
-Revlon colorstay pencil in blackbrown
-splashproof mascara
-Ardell 108 lashes, cut in half, put on the outer half of the eye only
-Rimmel professional brow pencil in hazel and cork e/s on eyebrows

-dervish lipliner
-viva glam VI lipglass

Here is a pic Melissa posted on facebook of the final look! Awww love it!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Hi Bellas,

Over the last week or so I've been in contact with one of my favorite youtube gurus, MissChievous. If you're seen her videos, you know that she is amazing when it comes to makeup...just simply amazing. I asked her if she wanted to collaborate on a Halloween look. She suggested a bug theme because she wanted to do a Ladybug look and had another request for a bee look.

At first I was a bit stumped. A bee look? I googled pictures and found that bees just have a plain black head. I decided to take a more artistic approach. I used the colors of yellow and black and decided to create shapes on the face similar to the bee's stinger and stripes. I like how it came out!

My boyfriend gave me the great idea to do a Queen Bee look, and to take a cheap crown and attach antennae to it. A quick trip to wal-mart for a princess crown kit, some pipe cleaners and pom poms and I had my look!

I hope you enjoy :)

Check out my video!

Check out MissChievous' Lady Bug Tutorial!

Some pics!

I used a lot of the same products for both the eyes, faces, and lips. But I went ahead and showed you the products I used for each area of the face, so please excuse the repeats.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise stated):

-soft ochre paint pot
-Ben Nye yellow cream color
-chrome yellow e/s
-dangerzone MES - the black part
-anastasia eye lights in pink
-MAC clear brow set
-feline kohl power pencil
-gesso e/s
-dark angel costume lashes

-select moisture concealer NC35
-pur minerals foundation in med dark
-sharkskin shadestick
-dangerzone MES - the black part
-feline kohl power
-Ben Nye yellow cream color
-chrome yellow e/s
-medical tape - to make the straight lines

-select moisture concealer NC35
-brick red lipliner
-brave red creamsheen
-Pencil Me in cosmetics onyx eyeliner

-$3 princess kit from wal-mart: crown, septer, earrings, and ring
-yellow pom poms
-black pipe cleaners

Till next time, ciao bellas!

Hi Bellas,

Yay it's Friday! This week went by really fast, woo hoo! Did you guys peep the holiday palettes and brush sets yesterday? I didn't! I decided to exert some self control. To be honest, nothing in the holiday collection is making me pee in my pants with excitement, so I wanted to hold off until my makeup budget refreshes next week. If by that time I still want something despite the newness wearing off, I'll go get it. Talk about exerting self control right? The deluge of collections has put a dent in my wallet that I need to recover from. I also have a million videos I need to post so my self-restraint cuts out another video to film..which is good for me!

Last night, I stayed up to 3:30am! It's my boyfriend's big homecoming weekend (he went to Morehouse) so all his homies are in town to celebrate. He already graduated but this is a yearly reunion that they too. Of course I'm not invited, lol, so instead I stayed up playing with makeup! I'm posting a new Halloween makeup look tomorrow which has proved to be quite challenging! Stay tuned for the video :)

Anywho, back to the original entry!

Like many, I missed out on the Manish Arora collection because it sold out so quickly! For some reason I thought it was coming to stores, but I was clearly confused. It's actually a good thing though, becuase I got to save some cash! I decided to recreate the look using products I already had...in reality, the packaging is what sold me on this collection. A lot of the colors are permanent line or very dupeable.

Here's my recreated look. You know blues and greens are my fav!

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-MUFE HD foundation mixed with Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer (to make it darker...i'm going back for #153 eventually...because I'm pretty sure that's my actual color)
-select moisture concealer NW35
-Camera Ready Cosmetics orange blush (dupe for devil, even a MAC artist told me so)
-Elf warm tan bronzer

-soft ochre paint pot
-nylon e/s (highlight)
-clarity e/s (dupe for electric eel)
-deep truth e/s
-lime e/s (dupe for bitter)
-gorgeous gold
-blacktrack fluid line
-model co lashes
-smashbox mascara

-lychee luxe lipglass (dupe for shine manish lipglass)
Any big plans this weekend? Going to any Halloween parties? Hopefully it's not rainy and cold where you are...cuz it sure is here in Atlanta!
Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Hi Bellas!

Like many of you out there, I am obsessed with makeup brushes! I'm the kind of person that wants a brush for every kind of makeup application...especially eyeshadow brushes! Brushes really do make a huge difference. Sometimes I use crappy brushes and notice that it just takes twice as long to come out the way I want it.

This summer, I attended an event in Atlanta called the Beauty Style Lounge. It was a cute vendor fair in a hotel where they had everything from makeup, toiletries, clothing, shoes, and purses...the vendors were all geared towards women. While I was there I spotted A-Design Brushes. I had actually seen them online before because Christiana had posted a link to them long time ago. At the fair I was able to pick up the Master Brush set for $100 (originally $250)!

The set came in a chic, faux snake black patent leather brush roll. The brushes are very high quality, similar if not better to MAC. They have the most innovative Kabuki brushes in the market...they even have special patents on them to protect the design. The only items I feel are missing are more tapered crease brushes. I've mentioned this to the company and they are working on it!

I've used the brushes on myself and my clients. The look of the brush alone is extra chic. They hardly shed and I've washed them a lot! Everytime I use the brushes in a youtube video people always ask me about them! Well here they are!

In addition to the master set, I also had the opportunity to try a few of their other brushes including:

  • Ankled Kabuki Brush (thanks Brown Girl Gumbo! I won it in her anniversary contest)

  • Skin Care Set (courtesy of a-design brushes)

  • Flat Top Foundation Kabuki (courtesy of a-design brushes)
So many great brushes, so little time! Check out my youtube video for an in depth review on all my a-design brushes.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Pointed Foundation Kabuki $26-This makes applying liquid foundation super easy! It cuts the time down in half and the pointed tip allows you to reach all the crevices. It's also incredibly soft and velvety.

  • Flat Top Foundation Kabuki $26-Feels like pure silk on my face. I love this for pressed mineral makeup.

  • Pointed Concealer $20-Why didn't anyone think of this before? The perfect brush for applying zit cream or for getting right underneath the eye with concealer...especially handy if you do eyes after foundation and need to touch up.

  • XL Powder $45-Talk about luxury brush! It's huge and feels like heaven! Great for the body.

  • Angled Kabuki $24 - Way better than the traditional kabuki...the angle lets you buff in powder into all the angles of your face. I love using this to highlight with my MSFs.

  • Angle Eye $22-This is awesome for blending out the crease into the highlight.

  • Eye 1 $20-This is like the MAC 239 but way better. The tapered end really let's you get into detail work and is great for smaller eyes.

  • Groomer $15- I love how this is an eyelash groomer brush on one end, and then and eyebrow brush on the other!

The prices are on the high end, similar to MAC brushes, but actually a bit cheaper. That's due to the high craftmanship in these brushes. If you're trying to get the best bang for your buck, you should definitely purchase a set because you'll save a lot of money that way. For instance, the Skin Care Set which is actually a set of Foundation and Concealer brushes retails for $60, but alone you would pay $145 if the brushes were purchased separately. Five brushes for $60 really isn't that bad, especially when you're getting some really nice foundation brushes.
In sum, if you're a makeup artist looking for some great brushes for your kit, check these out! If you're a makeup addict who wants to kick up your makeup game a notch, these are also for you. Check these out at http://www.adesignbrushes.com/!

Also, I'm planning on holding a contest to celebrate a special day...A Design has agreed to sponsor. Stay tuned!
Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Hi Bellas,

Here are the pics from the second Trash the Dress Shoot I participated in a few months ago. The bride was gorgeous! She's a tomboy at heart so we made sure to give her a very natural look...subtle smokey brown eyes and some plum lips. I used individual lashes to also give her some natural definition. I finally got to use one my lustre twins from the longwear release. But ehh...I'd give it a C for lasting coverage.

The shots came out great. Credits to Allan Levene Photography, Slava Slavik Photography, MMFotography, and Rhonda Klakow with Life to Image Photography.

Some working shots...here I am helping to hold the light reflector.

We first shot by an abandoned water tower. What a gorgeous background!

Then we shot in a really cool area with tin-roof buildings and vintage looking backgrounds.

This was shot in a dirty old bathroom. Ewww! She was a brave one!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I’ve been chatting with Linda Eisner of Pencil Me In Cosmetics and she is promoting her set of Platinum eyeliners for the holiday season. The eyeliners are a mix of everything you need for a smokey eye. The colors include Onyx, Black Velvet, Platinum, Snow, and Jet Sparks. It’s great to have these in your collection…a white, black, silver, and shimmery black are essentials for a kit.

The pencils are extremely pigmented. Here's a tip: Try to roll the pencil between your palms first to heat up the tip. That way, the pencil will glide on extra smooth and you can avoid tip breakage. Jet Sparks has pretty glitter specks in it which might not show up as well in the picture below. Black velvet is a gorgeous gun metal color. Snow is a bright white. Platinum is a bright metallic silver. Onyx is the blackest of black. I like the pencils because they have a stiffness to them which means less smudging.

The cap with the built in pencil sharpener is a plus!

Check out my previous review here. Stay tuned, I have an extra set to give away on an upcoming special day!

Here’s a look I used just using the pencils! They have great staying power but as you can see, you can also blend or smudge them out if you choose to.

You can purchase these at Pencil Me In Cosmetics for $6.99 a piece. Not too shabby!
Till next time, ciao bellas!

Hi Bellas,

A friend of mine told me of this great opportunity for those of you in the NYC area. It's great as a part time internship for you beauty lovers out there.

Contact: Send resume to beautyjob@hotmail.com

Location: Mid-town Manhattan, NYC

Do you...
- work better in a small company?
- have passion for marketing luxury cosmetics?
- have creativity, a get-it-done spirit, and a professional work ethic?
- have a personality people like being around?

If you've said yes to the above, there's a great opportunity for an internship with Sue Devitt Beauty, a cosmetics and skincare line sold in specialty distribution founded by makeup artist Sue Devitt. This small, growing company is looking for support to its Marketing & Sales Development team. You'll be reporting to a senior manager and team coordinators to assist on marketing plans for new launch items and promotions programs. The ideal candidate is a college junior/senior seeking work study or part-time professional experience 2 – 3 days per week.

1. Assist in compiling competitive marketing analysis and trend research.

2. Assist with sales due diligence and reporting.

3. Assist in generating a variety of written materials, including internal/field sales newsletters, product fact sheets, training manuals, invitations and other pieces as assigned.

4. Assist in trafficking/archiving creative, including, packaging, collateral, national and co-op advertising.

5.Assist in coordinating presentation preparations including visuals, room display, handouts, and gratis for account meetings and regional meetings.

6. Provide administrative support as needed in the following areas:
• Answer phones, receive deliveries
• Prepare mailings/pack ship/goodie bags
• Generate sales invoices

Other Requirements:
Prior internship and office/professional etiquette.
Attention to detail, ability to balance/prioritize/accomplish multiple tasks at once from various supervisors.
Maximize in office time.

• Education – Enrolled in accredited college working towards degree
• Communication – Solid verbal, writing, editing and interpersonal skills
• Skills – Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Culture – Flexibility with constant change, positive attitude, self starter
• Additional – Familiarity with Mac and creative software including Photoshop and Illustrator a plus, but not required



Hi Bellas,
How was your weekend? Mine went pretty well. Friday I went to a birthday dinner at Benihanas and then saw the movie Max Payne with the crew. In my opinion the movie was uber corny, save your money and see something else.
Saturday I did the makeup for one of my best friends, her mom, and her grandma. They were attending a wedding and wanted to look fab. My bestie came over to assist with the hair while I did a makeup. They all looked amazing! I can't wait to show you the pictures...I remembered to take a before and after this time.
Sunday I chilled and went with my friend to a baby shower...there was so much good food but I couldn't eat it all since I stuffed myself at an Indian buffet right before!
So my internet has been acting up for the last week...my condo supplies free internet services but they've been having issues. I just went ahead and signed up for Comcast because I couldn't take it anymore. I should have it up by Friday, but in the meantime it's a little difficult me to upload videos and pics that are on my computer at home. I've been wanting to upload my Red She Said and Sheer Minerals video since Thursday :(
In the meanwhile, I'll make do. Luckily I have some posts I've already done! Here's one I did back in August but forgot to post, lol.
Just wanted to share with you some of the items that i've been loving recently.

-Taco Bell Volcano Tacos---mmmm I like anything spicy

-MAC Spiced Chocolate quad--the last two brides I worked with both love this look! It's great for fall weddings.

-Bing Matteen--ummm used it in like the last 4-5 shoots and shows i've done, lol...I can't get enough of it!

-MUFE No. 92 eyeshadow - this purple is to die for...I can't stop wearing it!

-Forever 21 black cardigan --this is perfect for work and it's super comfy....usually I don't repeat clothing two weeks in a row but I made an exception for this cardy

-MACY's cargo khaki pants - these pants are a God send! I love when my bottoms fit loose...it feels like I'm wearing pajamas!

-The prison drama Oz - this is a really old HBO show about the lives of male prisoners in a new type of prison...it's so good! The show is really old but they've been playing episodes every night at 11pm. My boyfriend and I are hooked! I just got him the entire 6 dvd box set for his birthday.

-My boyfriend--lol, that one was for you Mike!

What are you guys loving right now?

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