Hi Bellas!

Thanks so much for participating! You guys nearly tripled last week's comments. On my blog I had nearly 800 comments, and on my YouTube almost 4,000, wow! I'm loving this :)

Now to the winners! Each winner was chosen using a random number generator to be completely fair.

Blog Winner: Commenter #563 Makeup By Amber Rashid
YouTube Winner: Page #176, #8 froggylily97

Please email me your name and contact information. Please make sure to tell me which contest you have won, and where you won from. For example, I won the Eye and Face Set giveaway and I'm the blog winner. That way I keep everything straight!

You have until Friday to email me at makeupbyren@yahoo.com or the prize will go back into the contest pool.

Thanks to Sigma Makeup again for donating these prizes.

Congrats and stay tuned for this Friday's giveaway!

Hi Bellas!

Happy Friday! Like last Friday, it's the end of the week and time to celebrate with a giveaway!

Today I will be giving away Sigma Makeup Face Kit and Eye Kit, yay! There will be one winner on my blog, and another on my YouTube page.

***Picture Credit to www.SigmaMakeup.com

It's really easy to win and there are two ways to win. Here's how to participate:

1) To win on this blog, make sure you're a follower. Hit the follower button, that's it! Also, leave a comment saying hello!

2) To win on my YouTube page, make sure you're a subscriber to my channel and leave a comment on the Video saying hello!

Easy right?

Check this blog on Monday, August 31, 2009 for the winners. Winners will need to email me their contact information at makeupbyren@yahoo.com by the Friday after (September 4, 2009) in order to not forfeit their prize for another giveaway.

You can find these products at www.sigmamakeup.com

Good luck!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

Here is a look I did using the MAC Photorealism Quad from the recent MAC Makeup Artist Cosmetics Collection. It’s a gorgeous smokey green eye with a gorgeous berry lip. Perfect for the fall!

I tried to do a slightly different take on the this smokey eye. Usually I do a transition between light to dark starting on the inside of my lid and then moving out. This time, I darkened both the outer and inner edges and kept the middle light for a pop of color.

Check out my video tutorial!

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-Graftobian powder foundation
-summer rose beauty powder

-Steelo eyeshadow base in medium
-photorealism quad
-vanilla e/s
-graphblack technakohl
-Ardell lashes
-NYX mascara
-Rimmel brow pencil in hazel

-on display lipglass


Stay tuned for tomorrow's Sigma Makeup Brushes Giveaway!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I'm a huge fan of Anastasia's brow products - she is Hollywood's brow guru after all. I keep these products stocked in my kit and they make a world of difference. Recently, the line has forayed into new products including skin care. I had the opportunity to try out Anastasia's new Line Erasing Serum.

What It claims:

Hydrators, Instalift(TM) Goji, and an exclusive Balkan Botanical(TM) Infusion to improve the appearance of skin and help reduce signs of aging. Designed for all skin types, it soothes, softens, and hydrates&#151leaving skin brighter and smoother. Fine lines and wrinkles don't stand a chance! -Instalift™ Goji (Tibetan Goji Berry): Gives the appearance of reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.-Balkan Botanical™ Infusion: Helps soften, soothe, and hydrate skin.-Sodium Hyaluronate: Delivers ideal hydration to smooth and refresh the eye area.-Chrysin and Hydroxysuccinimide: Masks the appearance of redness while leaving the skin looking brighter and lighterWhat else you need to know: Daily use gives the appearance of diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while maximizing moisture retention. This formula absorbs instantly and delivers long-lasting results.

My Thoughts:

Feels a little sticky, not extremely moisturizing. That's why I would apply this in combination with your nightly moisturizer. I dont have a lot of fine lines yet, knock on wood, but i'm more into wrinkle prevention. I didn't notice any weird allergic reactions so that's a plus. In all, I didn't really notice too much of a difference for my skin type and age. My main benefit would be peace of mind that I was contributing to wrinkle prevention.

Would I Buy Again:

Probably not, I need something with more moisturizing properties for my dry skin and I prefer products that sink more into the skin. However, I did read some reviews of women with more mature skin and it seems like they really noticed a difference. Apparently, Dimethicone gives it the impression of filling in fine lines and those with loose under eye skin noticed a lift.

Try it yourself by purchasing it for $45 at Sephora or http://www.anastasia.net/

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

You may have seen my last review on Mineral Magic's Microdermabrasian Scrub. I was also contacted by the owner Kellie to try out her well known eyeshadow pigments.

She sent me this gorgeous stack of irridescent shades. I honestly told Kellie that i'm not a huge fan of loose shadows, but I was willing to try them out. I really like how these come in screw stacks so it saves space and makes it easy to keep products together. Many makeup artists use these in their kit to keep organized. The cool thing about these shades is that each of them has a duochrome quality. It reflects more than two colors...for example, there is a white pigment that reflects blue and green...a gold pigment that reflects green and gold, etc. There's even a dupe for the popular MAC Stars and Rockets eyeshadow. Because of the duochrome quality, you can change the colors of these pigments by just choosing a different base. In the video, I swatched the shadows dry on my hand...but it looks completely different when applied on my eye with a base. I was glad I tried these out because they weren't as difficult to use our blend as some pigments I have, yay!

I also got to try out this nifty little makeup brush set. It was very soft...reminded me a lot of EcoTools brushes. When dealing with pigments, you'll want to use synthetic brushes a lot especially if you decide to foil the colors.

Check out the video tutorial!

Here's What I Used:

-Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Medium
-Pur Minerals Tan Pressed Foundation
-MM Mercy loose shadow
-MM Suite loose shadow

-Steelo Cosmetics Eyeshadow base in medium
-MM Opeal loose shadow
-MM Mercy loose shadow
-MM Harvest loose shadow
-Graftobian Black Velvet Kohl Pencil
-Red Cherry Lashes #102
-Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel

-MAC Viva Glam V Lipglass

Check out the pics!

Check out these products at Mineral Magic Cosmetics and follow them on their YouTube page.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas!

Thanks for all participating in my first Friday Giveaway of Sigma Makeup Brushes :) I received an overwhelming amount of comments, yay!

Like I mentioned before, I'll be giving these brushes away every Friday until I run out!

The best way to win is to follow me on YouTube, here on my Blog, and on twitter. I choose the winner using a Random Number generator to make it completely fair.

The winners of the two travel makeup sets are:

Blog Comment Winner: Peek_A_Boo
YouTube Comment Winner: shesURBAN

If you're a winner, please email me at makeupbyren@yahoo.com with your address information and to claim your prize.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway on Friday!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I've been so lucky to be in contact with Seymone of Sigma Makeup Brushes. I recently got to try out their new travel sets - Naught in Black and Pretty in Pink. Recently, a lot of videos have come up on the web talking about Sigma Makeup Brushes. Let me preface my review with saying, I want to be completely honest in my review of these because I believe in being an unbiased beauty blogger.

First off, Sigma does such a cute job on packing their brushes. They always come in these beautiful cloth sacks. There are also professional post cards printed in each bag.

These brushes are amazing quality for the price. From the everyday makeup user to the Professional Makeup Artist, these are a great addition to your kit. For comparison purposes...they are a lot better than brushes that you'd find on sites like Coastal Scents. This is because these brushes are not mass produced and resold overseas. Instead, Seymone and her team have researched, tested and developed all of their products on their own. These travel sets come in two options: Nice in Pink Set and Naughty in Black Set.

Nice in Pink Set

Naughty in Black Set

I washed my brushes. They held up pretty well. There was a bit of shedding on the SS150 and SS168. A little bit of shedding is normal in the beginning so hopefully this will diminish over time.

Check out my video review on the Sigma Makeup Travel Sets

Immediately I notice that the travel brushes look almost identical to the full set of Sigma Brushes except for the fact that the handle is shorter. This is surprising because often times, travel sets have lower quality than their full size counterparts.

The only major differences I noticed between the full size and travel size brushes are the following:

-The mini SS150 is smaller than the regular version. This doesn't bother me because the full size bristles w0uldn't be practical to travel with.

-The bristles of the mini SS219 are a little stiffer than the regular version. I actually like this better! It gives you a more precise line...especially for applying shadow to the lower lashline.


-I love the quality of the brush roll. It's a leather like material with an internal magnetic clasp. There is a brush flat to protect the bristles and a zipper pocket for more storage. This is definitely high quality stuff. I compared it to my Billy B Brush Roll which was a cheap canvas fabric.

-The brushes are pretty much the same as the regular size...no sacrifices in quality. Even the handles have a bit of weight to them - that's a good thing! It shows quality. I was able to use these brushes and have the exact same outcomes as with the regular brushes.


-The only con I have is that the mini SS168 tends to shed. It's normal for brushes to shed in the beginning (some of my MAC brushes still shed) but I hope this diminishes over time. Also, this brush is too soft and fluffy to really act as a contour brush. If anything, I'd use it for a sheer application of blush.

Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert!!!

Seymore of Sigma Makeup Brushes has armed me with several brush sets to give away! I'll be doing Friday Giveaways. Each Friday, I'll either announce a giveaway on my YouTube, Twitter, or on this blog. The best way to keep track is to follow or subscribe me on all three. I'll most likely ask you to post a comment and will pick a winner.

For today's giveaway, I'm giving away one of Sigma's Travel Brush sets!

Here's how you win:

1) Make sure you're a follower on this blog

2) Leave a comment telling me why you'd like to win.

That's it :)

I'll announce the winners on Monday. Good luck!

You can find these products at www.sigmamakeup.com

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I recently had the opportunity to test out this line. I was interested in getting the tousled hair of the celebrities out there. I was born with thick, very straight hair and I've always been a fan of curls and big hair. I guess the grass is greener on the other side right? I used to use Herbal Essences all through high school and am familiar with the line. This collection is called "Tousle Me Softly" to give you gorgeous tousled tresses.

First Impressions from a Straight Haired Girl Perspective:
-First off, the smell is absolutely divine. My BF even noticed and complimented me on it. Herbal Essences has always been good with scents.
-However, if you are for sulfate-free products...this isn't for you.
-I like how these products are very easily available at major retailers...Wal-Mart, Target you name it.

Testing It Out
-I started with the shampoo and conditioner. I don't think it's suppose to actually make your hair wavy. Instead, it's supposed to "cleanse and prep" it so you can scrunch with the other products. Like I said, it smelled wonderful and performed like the typical shampoo and conditioner.
-Next I tried the Mousse and Spray Gel. This didn't tousle my hair at all with the scrunching method. I tried the spray, scrunch and see method for a few days...but my hair just ended up looking messy. That technique does not work for my straight, thick hair.
-The only way I these products would work is if I used them prior to curling my hair in order to keep it in the scrunched, loose wave form. Honestly, that kind of defeats the purpose to me...I can use a curling iron with pretty much regular hair spray and achieve this look.

Would I Buy Again?
-I might pick up the shampoo and conditioner because of the scent, but probably not the other products.

As a result, I decided to let my good friend Melissa give it a go. She has super curly hair and I thought it would work better for her.

Here's her review from a Curly Girl's perspective:

Note: I tested these products when my hair was damp and I let it air dry.

- The fragrance is very pleasing and last longing. It lasts the whole day, night and even the next day. I worked out and there was still hint of it in my hair.
- The gel-like product in the jar holds well and does not stiffen the hair too much where it starts to flake or feels like crust. The hardness consistency is just right. I tried the do that manufacturer suggests, the slick back ponytail look, and it held the whole day.
- The mousse sprays a good amount of product. I like that it sprays a lot because I have a lot of hair. It holds lightly as it is marketed. It does not leave any crusty or flaky residue.
- All products left my hair relatively soft, not hard or crispy like some other products in the market.

- I did not like the spray gel because the amount is sprays out is not enough for my amount of hair. I have to do a lot more squirts than the mousse product.
-It does not hold as much as the mousse.
-It leaves my hair frizzier when it dries up. It does not hold enough for my curly, thick hair, but perhaps for someone who has less curly and thinner hair, it would work better.
- The “tossled hair” look did not apply to me due to my kind of hair. When my hair dried, it was curly, not wavy / tossled. But again, for a different kind of hair, I think it would look tossled. Ideally, for my type of hair, I need a stronger hold.

Would you buy again?
I would buy the mousse and gel-like product in the jar again, but I would not buy the spray gel.

Final Thoughts
-It seems like we're both under the ingredient that this product smells great.
-However, it seems like this may work better for people with thinner hair or a slight wave.

If you're interested in trying these out, check them out at the shampoo aisle of your local drugstore.

Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

Check out my tutorial using the In the Gallery Quad from the MAC Makeup Artists Collection. The colors are very wearable...matte pinks and purples. I kicked it up a notch by adding Violet Trance Eyeshadow to my outer v...this was a single eyeshadow also released with this collection. This is a subtle yet smokey pink purple eye great for a date or a night out.

Check out my video tutorial! I finally kept one under 10 minutes, lol.

Here's What I Used:

-Steelo Cosmetics Shadow Base in Medium
-MAC In the Gallery Quad
-MAC Violet Trance eyeshadow
-MAC Graphblack Technakohl
-Ardell Lashes
-Steelo Cosmetic Brow Liner in Earth Brown

-Graftobian Powder Foundation
-Camera Ready Cosmetics Blush

-MAC Plum Soft cremestick liner
-MAC Personal Taste lipglass

Stay tuned for my Friday giveaway!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I had the opportunity to try out the ProSilk flat iron. I've tried out quite a few flat irons from cheap to expensive so I wanted to put this product to the test.

This flat iron comes from the ProSilk Salon...a professional resource for those in the hair care industry. I took a look at their catalog and these products are indeed for hair care professionals. They have everything from salon chairs, aprons, to hair cutting scissors to bobby pins.

Here are the product claims:

  • Heats up in 7 seconds
  • Automatic Sensor Control System
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Preserves Moisture and Shine to give smooth silky hair and provide volume
  • Eliminates damaging hot spots
  • Scratch resistant ionic plate
  • instant heats up to 435 degrees fahrenheit
  • 9ft swivel cord
I tested this out and immediately noticed a few things.
  • First off, it's lined in a black velvet. I really like this so that the metal won't be as hot to the touch on the outside and burn my bathroom counter! The only thing that I could see going wrong with it though, is that the velvet can end up catching lint or hair product and looking dirty after a while.
  • It also feels a lot more heavy duty than my previous flat irons.
  • The plates are scratch resistant which is definitely a plus.
  • This flat iron only took a few seconds to heat up and it definitely got hot! It got my hair super straight and the hair did not snag on the plates.
  • This curling iron is 1 inch with slightly rounded corners...this makes it work really well for curling your hair as well. I can definitely see professional using it in a salon because it really straightens hair quick and effectively.
  • It retails for $79.95 which isn't actually too bad for a high quality flat iron.
For my bestie's wedding rehearsal we're dressing in Sari's to reflect her Indian/Arabic roots. She wants our hair super bone straight and this little tool will definitely come in handy!

ProSilk Silk Serum
When using a super hot flat iron, Pro Silk recommends this serum to provide protection from heat and split ends. Reminds me of Biosilk because it has the smooth, silky feel. I really love how this smells like candy! I prefer this smell to Biosilk and Chi...which have heavily perfumed scents.
Retails for $19.95 - I find that these kind of serums are always on the expensive side...i've tried cheaper versions from wal-mart but they're always too sticky and not as good. I'd compare this in price point and quality to Chi Silk Infusion.

This is a great resource if you do hair professionally or if you want high-grade hair care products. You can check them out at www.prosilkprod.com If you're a regular person like me, though, this site may not be for you since you have to have a minimum $200 purchase to buy from this supplier.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you my collective haul of OCC makeup over the last few weeks. This has become one of the hottest new lines on the scene lately...I've been a bit lazy on my hauls lately, but thought you might want to see what I got.

Check out the video for a thorough review!

Of course I had to check out the lip tars! These are described as "A stunning new innovation in lip color, OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. Goes on slick and moist, and dries down to a featherweight, long-wearing satin finish."

These little glosses are jampacked with pigment! You really would only need one in a lifetime. One drop covers the lips entirely.

My Haul From left to right:
1) Vintage: I picked this amazing wine colored gloss to have as an edgy lip color for shoots. Can also be used to add a touch of burgundy to existing shades. I used this on a recent shoot...amazing.
2) Clear: Great to use for custom mixing glosses...just add a bit of pigment to this clear gloss and voila! New gloss shade :)
3) NSFW: An amazing red, perfect for that pin up look.
4) Hush: One of the newest shades. A very opaque baby pink...looks weird on its own but would add a nice touch of pink to existing shades.
5) Anime: My fav! A super bright magenta color. It's super bold but also looks amazing on it's own. You think Pageant lip tar was bright? This one has it beat.
6) Tarred: How cool would this look on an avant garde shoot? This is also a must have for darkening existing glosses.
7) Feathered: Really bright white...use it to lighten existing shades.
8) Melange: One of the more wearable colors. A mix of pink and apricot.

OCC is also becoming more and more known for their pigments. This is a pure pigment meaning it is insanely bright. Just check out the dry swatch below with no base. You can even thin these out and airbrush them. My girl May gifted me this even before OCC Makeup became a household name.

I really wanted to try OCC Skin: Airbrush foundation. I have tried other foundation brands such as Graftobian, Temptu, and Kett. I find it more difficult to match client's skin with airbrush foundation. There's a lot more mixing involved. This is due to Airbrushing being more "new" than traditional foundation - to which there are millions of shades out there. I tried this and was surprised to see that I was a perfect match for Y3. They break down their colors into yellows and reds which is also helpful. These foundation are a bit more matte in coverage than others.

I also really want to try Nurturing Force products and was happy that OCC Makeup offered them. The first - Blot Out Offensive is an amazing primer, moisturizer and oil control cream in one. After seeing a video where Enkore reviewed it, I was sold! I even tested it on a super oily friend of mine in an outdoor shoot, and she hardly got oily! I am amazed. I also wanted to try out their airbrush cleanser. I love how it smells super minty and you only need a few drops since you can dilute it with water. Saves me from going through a lot of product.

If you can, try to apply for the OCC Pro discount...honestly it's pretty easy to get and you receive confirmation in a few short hours.

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

Last night I went to a magazine release party. Suite Tea magazine was celebrating the release of their August issue and my BF and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to network others in the industry. My BF also had previously worked with the editor in the past. The magazine is a highly creative photography, fashion publication and the makeup looks on the cover are right up my alley.

This cover definitely shows off my favorite color - magenta!

**Picture credit to Urban Suite Entertainment and Suite Tea Magazine.

I wanted to make sure my face was in order, so I sent a message out on twitter asking for makeup look ideas. One person suggested silver and glitter. I really liked that since my dress was black with a bit of purple, and I thought silver would coordinate nicely.

This also gave me the opportunity to use some of my new Graftobian products.

After applying my primer, I used my Graftobian Metallic Powder in Silver all over my eyelid. This product is like a pigment but better. You don't even need to apply it wet for it to be super vibrant.

Next I finally got to use my new Graftobian Glitter Glams. These liquid glitter products are amazing! I simply applied some using the nifty nail polish like brush onto a palette. I then took my synthetic concealer brush and just tapped the liquid glitter over the silver powder. Absolutely no fallout! I used the Opal Confetti Glitter Glam and it looked amazing in person. Too bad glitter is hard to capture in photos.

I also used my Black Velvet pencil from Graftobian to achieve my smoked out lower lashline. This creamy pencil gives me the intense black color I want. I set it with a bit of black eyeshadow for lasting powder through the night.

Here is a complete list of what I used:

-Graftobian Oxyderm Moisturizer
-Face Atelier Ultra Pro Foundation in #3 and #10 mixed
-Steelo Mattifying Powder
-MAC Shadester Sculpting Powder
-Steelo Body Shimmer in Fairy
-MAC Dame Blush
-MAC Accentuate Shaping Powder

-Steelo Cosmetics eyeshadow base in medium
-Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel & MAC Cork e/s for brows
-Graftobian Metallic Powder in Silver
-Graftobian Glitter Glam in Opal Confetti
-Graftobian Kohl Pencil in Black Velvet
-L'Oreal Liquid Liner Intense
-MAC Texture e/s
-MAC Carbon e/s
-MAC Femme Fi e/s
-Red Cherry Lashes

-MAC Lip Pencil in Spice
-MAC Brave New Bronze Lipstick
-MAC Liberated Lipglass

I also was able to try out my new Sigma Makeup Brushes for the first time. For travel brushes, these do not sacrifice on quality. I'll do a more in depth review a bit later once I've had additional time for testing.

**Picture credit to www.sigmamakeup.com

Onto the pics!

This is really the only shot where you could see the glitter, but in person it was so pretty! Click on the pics to expand.

Here's a shot of me with some lovely folks from Lash Out Magazine. You can see a little bit of my dress here. It was only $12.99! The bottom part is black with a black elastic band at the waist (80's style) and has a tulip shaped skirt. I'm also wearing my new Guess Leopard Print Slingbacks at a steal from Ross for only $34.99.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Hi Bellas,

After waiting in line for over an hour (check out my video to hear about the dramazzz), I finally got to take a sneak peak of MAC's Makeup Artist Collection.

Of course I showed up rolling with my homies from my beauty clique Joy and Leslie.

I finally got to meet my fellow Georgian YouTuber Makeup By Tiffany D. We've been meaning to meet for months and finally got the chance! She's super sweet and gorgeous in person :)

I also met some of my subscribers and they were so friendly and nice! Hi guys! The preview events are so much fun because you get to be around other MAC junkies. They also served wine and h'ors d'oeuvres. There were even two artists on site drawing portraits of customers. I didn't wait in line but Tiffany did. I can't wait to see her pictures.

Make sure to check out my haul vid! I also filmed a tutorial on the look I'm rocking in the vid...stay tuned for that!

Here's a shot of my complete haul.

Let's start off with the Technakohls. They included the classic Graphblack along with 4 new neon, super bright colors. These pencils have amazing staying power, more so than any other MAC pencils. I love the bright shades, I can't wait to use these. I swatched them on my hand and they are indeed bright!

I picked up a few lipglasses that were super pretty. The first just looked gorgeous in the tube. It has no glitter, more of a molten apricot sheen. It actually swatches pretty similiar to Queen Bee lipglass from the Naked Honey collection, so if you have that you can skip. This would look great on everyone since it's a neutral color but still has a golden sheen.

I also picked up Personal Taste lipglass. This is a super frosty pink. I honestly picked it up because the MAC artist put it on Joy and I loved it! I found that when I applied it, it looked more frosty on me. I toned it down a bit with my Plum Soft cremestick liner and it looked great. Stay tuned for that tutorial.

The lipgloss went great with Joy's eyeshadow.

Do you remember Jampacked lipgloss from the Cult of Cherry collection? This one, called On Display reminded me of that. I love this plum color. It's a hit with my Southeast Asian brides! On its own, it gives a subtle berry stain. With a liner and lipstick you'll get a gorgeous wine toned lip.

They had a few single shadows. I only picked up one. This one didn't translate too well to the pics but it's a super pretty frosty orange. I think Fab & Flashy e/s (also limited edition) may be a dupe, but I don't own it. This actually is pretty pigmented when packed over a base. I like it!

I was excited about the quads. I like how quads have colors that are grouped together so you don't have to think about picking shades...it's done for you! The 3 quads were pretty neutral tones.

The first is In the Gallery. This quad has a subtle pink/purple theme. The shadows are pretty matte with the exception of a shimmery lilac color. Scandalous Beauty did a video on this and the colors looked amazing on her. She showed that as long as you wear a good eyeshadow base and know how to apply color, you can rock any eyeshadow...no matter what skin tone. It might be a bit tricky to get at first, but I do a tutorial showing you how to rock these colors. I actually like how the colors are matte and mature. They remind me of makeup from the "Waiting to Exhale" era.

From my research on Specktra, I already knew I was going to get the Photorealism Quad. If you like greens, this is a must have. Like the other quads, the colors are still understated though. This would make a great fall combination. Out of the three, I would recommend this one. You'll get the most color and ease of use from it.

The Notoriety quad is the most neutral out of the three. It has earth tone colors that neutral shadow lovers would love. In my opinion, it's alright, I picked it up for my clients who like the natural look. Personally though, I think you could skip out on this one.

Here's the look I wore to the MAC preview party. I really liked the way it came out. It reminded me of Barbie Doll makeup. I think I might do a tutorial for it. Would you guys like to see one? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

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