Christmas - Pics and Presents!

Hi Guys,

I had a great x-mas with the fam...even my parents' devil dog chihuahua that wants to attack me every 5 minutes. So here are some holiday pics of the fam and my best friends as well as the boyfriend...first christmas with the family. My mom even put up a stocking for him, awwww.

Me and my two best friends. We've known each other since elementary school in Orlando and are still best friends all living in Atlanta together :), the one on the left Alex was my roommate all throughout College and still is to this day. The one on the right, Saiesha, lives in the apartment next door. BFF!

Devil Dog aka Badger

Family pic with my parents and my older bro Rey

My BF Mike spending his first christmas with me and my's hard core yall!

My bro and two old filipino family friends Marvin and Neil.

Me and my baby :)

Here's this cute Red Makeup Case my mom got me from Sears. She's so supportive of my new habit. I was wary of the makeup b/c it was a random no name brand, but I liked the case. I'm going to throw away the lipglosses cuz they suck...and the nail polish too. However, I swatched some of the e/s and the darker ones came out nicely pigmented, so yay! Andddd they're the same size as the MAC pans, woo hoo! I'm going to get a palette to put them in. When you open the lid, the trays pull out at the same time automatically, pretty nifty eh? She also got me a big pot and money for a vacuum, lol, such a mom.

Yay, my brother got me MAC! He got me paint pot in indianwood and lucky jade and sharkskin shadesticks :)

My boyfriend and I decided to only bring one present for each of us to open for each other in Orlando and then open the rest up the next day in Atlanta when we flew back. He was trying to trick me, telling me he got me clothes...which as many of yall know, most guys know nothing about sizing and style. So he filled a box with plastic so it seemed like clothes but it was actually a MAC palette! I thought it was empty cuz I needed an empty one but when I opened it up it was filled with eyeshadow...some of them were on my list and some weren't. I know he went to the MAC store and asked for help. I was very impressed! He's so supportive...

Up close pic of the palette with the colors he chose...I'm set now when it comes to netural colors, he he.

When we got home we opened the rest of the presents and he hooked me up! He's a good boy, paying attention to what I say I NEED over and over...blah blah, lol. He also snuck into my makeup journal I keep to find my personal makeup wish list.
-fix + (going to have to exchange it cuz I already bought it, lol, he says he can never get me presents cuz i always run and get them myself)
-fast response eye cream and MAC face lotion
-Shadesticks in sharkskin and lucky jade (whoops my bro already got me this, going to have to exchange)
-More eyeshadows: shimmermoss and orange (going to have to exchange orange cuz i picked it up in the pro store!)
-he got me my HG Revlon colorstay liquid liner in black and brown
-telescopic mascara - i've been dying to try this after Nessa mentioned it on her blog
-MAC 187 brush yay! I got duped on ebay and got the fake one that sucks so now i have the real one :)
-lancome brush set I saw in North Carolina, he went during a "bathroom break" during our real estate class and bought it...all this after convincing me I shoudn't buy it, lol.
-metal-x eyeshadow, the gold one- now I can finally get in on the hype!
-paint in bare canvas-i'm a late arriver to the paints, just discovered how great they are, especially as bases!

My BF wearing the new hat I got him...ain't he cute? I also got him a bunch of cute clothes since I like to dress him, lol.