Updates-This Weekend

Hi Bellas,

So tonight i'm leaving to go to Charlotte with the BF. We're attending a real estate conference that's Friday-Sunday...you know trying to get rich! LOL, I hope it's not too boring though. I'm going to bring my labtop so hopefully I can make new posts. However, I can't promise anything because who knows how the internet will be in the hotel and yada yada yada.

Tonight i'll try getting my red lip video up. That way I can have something posted tomorrow to last everyone through the weekend :)

I really need suggestions for tutorials so please send them my way :)

I'm playing with all the pretty pigment samples I've received but I really need to get used to using them before I try to show others how to do it! Some of the textures are so different from regular shadows and yesterday I accidentally knocked one over on the floor and half spilled out :( I knew that was going to happen, i'm such a klutz sometimes. Sighhhh, at least half of it is still there, that should get me through about 5 applications tops. And it was such a pretty color...it's called platinum. I digress...

Well keep the comments coming, it's nice to hear back from you guys. If you don't hear from me this weekend, see yah sunday!