Hi Bellas,

Are you as excited me New Years as I am? Woo hoo! Unfortunately I had to work today...my office has some strick January 1st deadlines and I couldn't get off :( I'm so jealous because all of my other friends too off. Anywho...it's going to be a great night. At least we get to work half a day and tomorrow we get off. Right after work I'm getting my hair done...i'm going for a big hair spiraly look...something playful and out there...for some reason I love big hair!

Yesterday I got my nails done...they're a deep wine red and I have a pretty flower design on my toes.

Then i'm going with the girls to MAC to get our makeup done...my appointment is in 4 hours and I still don't know what I want to get! I'm wearing a gold dress, any suggestions?

Then after that...we're checking into our hotel. It's a VIP package where you get a hotel room, dinner buffet and breakfast...open bar from 9pm - 1am and 4 parties to choose from in the hotel's ballrooms...I can picture us acting crazy running up and down the hallways, it's going to be a big group, i'm so excited :)

So here are pics of my dress and shoes and what I want to do with my hair :)

The shoes were only $30! I got them from arden b, they were originally $100 but on sale for half off...and then I had $20 on my rewards card so I got a deal! The dress is from BeBe, that wasn't cheap, lol. But I wanted a gold dress and they had one!

An idea of what I want my hair to be like...but my hair is longer...but I want big like this!

Hi Bellas,

So i've been getting a few comments lately on my super dramatic looks. I know they're pretty intense but I usually post them to show the artistry and color spectrum of makeup application. I know it's not for everybody but if it inspires some people out there then it's worth it. I do appreciate constructive criticism as I hope to improve each and every day...but some comments are a bit over the top. I'm sure many of you can relate...when you put yourself out there, there will always be the naysayers. However, I keep on marching...as a popular ATL radio hosts states "Make your haters your motivators", tru that!

To appease those in favor of more conservative looks, I did a more natural look...I usually wear makeup like this to work since purples and pinks are pretty crowd friendly. I actually did this look at like 5am after I got back from a party, lol, hence my pink nightgown with stars. I think I used beautiful iris, sushi flower and satellite dreams on my eyes as well as shroom as a highlight. I used a light hand so the colors are more subdued.

Hope you enjoy this because I don't do subtle looks often, lol :)

Hi Bellas,

Friday night my roomies and I went to a house party thrown by one of our friends. Their college friends (from Duke) were coming into town for New Years and it was the first kickoff party :)

So of course I was in charge of our makeup. I did a cotton candy inspired look for myself using sushi flower, knight devine, and clarity. For my roomie alex I used her new e/s freshwater and combined it with amber lights. For melissa, I gave her a bronzy more neutral look since she's intimidated my bright colors, but give me time and I will convert her.

Hope you enjoy :)

Melissa - bronze look (shroom, bronze, embark)

Alex (freshwater, amberlights, and a highlighter that I don't remember)

Me (sushi flower, knight devine, clarity, shroom)

Our happy family :)

Hi Yall,

Thursday night my roomies and I exchanged gifts...since we all went home for x-mas we waited until we got back, and they hooked me up!

My roomie Alex got me two MAC eyeshadows, a blinged out magenta watch from guess-I love it! It matches my personality with the bright wristband and the rhinestones blinging all around the clock face...and now I don’t have to keep pulling out my cell phone to check the time. She also got me a cuteeeeee shirt that says "I heart makeup" on it. It was so perfect, I don’t even know how she found that for me, I just don’t know! I’m definitely going to rock that t-shirt in my next video fa sho!

My roomie Melissa also got me two MAC eyeshadows, in palette pans of course, telescopic mascara, and Benefit Shelaq- Yay! I’ve been waiting for this product but didn’t want to buy it myself cuz it was too expensive, ha ha. I tried it on last night and it was awesome-I put it over my eyeliner and I felt it seal that baby right in. I think I’m going to stick some on during NYE after a wild night of partying to make my makeup last. Melissa also got us an adorable leopard picture frame with a framed pic of us from Miami…I love it! I’m going to have to show this to my kids when I get old so I can show them Mom was doing it!

Melissa’s mom also got us matching scarfs and gloves…the kind where the top part of the fingers came be buttoned back so you have the option of having your fingers free. She got me a bright color pink of course, and I’m loving it! She's so sweet-definitely a second mommy to all of this.

Unfortunately my BF already got me the eyeshadows that my roomies purchased, lol. So i'll be treking it to MAC today for an exchange :) of course, you know I don't mind another trip to MAC!

Hi Bellas,

I've been trying to kick up my video game but with all the technical difficulties it's been hard, but it's cool I still got two in :)

The first is a look I wore on xmas day on the way back to the airport. It was pretty quick and sorry that I didn't have a lot of finished looks at the end!

The second is a foundation video I made before going out last night...the video color kinda gos from light to dark, sorry! But you get the jist!

So please watch and subscribe and let me know if you guys have any more suggestions :) I might just do another purple video since my labtop died and it's stored on there :(

I appreciate constructive criticism and feedback :)

Hi Bellas,

Last night after unpacking I decided to play around with some of my new colors. I also reorganized my desk area so I have a lot more room to do my makeup…I moved my BF’s stuff out of the way, he he. I was trying to do a look for New Years…my inspiration was a disco ball but I didn’t really end up with what I wanted. Instead it was more of a Steely/Icy Blue look which is all good too, I still like it. I didn’t do a pic tutorial because honestly I wasn’t really sure what I was doing…just experimenting. I’m going to work on a New Years look though and try to get a new webcam so I can post before the NYE. Right now I’m stuck taking multiple pics using my digital camera…. So it’ll be the old school pic tutorial for now.

On another note, I can’t wait till I get a new digital camera. The one I have has a problem with excess flash…but when I have no flash it’s always blurry. Sighhh….me and my cameras, we have problems. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary January 15th and our gifts to ourselves will be one of those nice professional cameras…you know the one with the big lenses. I can’t wait. It’ll definitely cut down on the time and effort of me standing in random places in my room trying to avoid too much light!

In the meanwhile, does anybody have any suggestions on a good webcam I can buy to do tutorials? I’ve already bought two and returned two. The first one was okay until it started freezing my computer and the audio stopped working. The second one had good audio and it sat on my laptop edge better, but the video tracking was too slow…it was like I was moving in slow motion. Any recommendations?

Here’s what I used (all MAC unless otherwise stated):
-bare canvas paint
-platinum pigment
-sky blue e/s
-freshwater e/s
-black tied e/s
-reflects gold glitter
-stately black e/s
-kohl pencil in smolder
-imju fiberwig mascara
-ardell gisele false lashes
-eyebrow pencil in spiked

-covergirl lipstick in pillow pink
-lustreglass in flashmode

-blush in dame
-studiotech in NC43
-mineralized skin finish in medium dark

Hi Bellas,

The other night I decided to play with some of my new pro colors and I thought I was using orange the whole time but it was really brick red, lol. I did a sunrise kind of look which I wore out to dinner after (every Thursday my BF and I go to a new restaurant...kinda our weekly date night). I really like the sephora lashes I got, they were really lightweight and looked super natural...I hate how some lashes weigh your eyes down! This look is lighter than some of the looks I've done recently because I wanted to mix it up a bit. I also curled my hair using those spiral curl rollers...however I didn't have time to touch it up with a tiny barrel curling iron so it was kind of a free and funky look, lol.

Hope you enjoy :)

What I used: (all products MAC unless otherwise stated)

Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked
Paintpot in indianwood
Corn shadestick
Canary yellow e/s
Coral e/s
Brick red e/s
Revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
Kohl pencil in smolder
Imju fiberwig mascara
Sephora false lashes
Duo Lash Adhesive

chrome glass in coral

Smashbox primer
Studiomist foundation in medium dark
Select sheer pressed powder in NC40
Blush in format
Cremeblush in sweet William
Drizzlegold beauty powder

Hi Bellas,

Did any of you see Christiana's post on her false lash haul from www.madamemadeline.com? I did! They have so many kinds of false lashes to choose from at a really great price. And the shipping was super fast!

I can't wait to try mine out. I got some basic ones, some super funky ones, and some under lashes as well. I still struggle with falsies, getting them on just right. I think my problem was that I've been following the curve of my lashline too much and they're pointing downward. But at the same time, I try to place them higher at the corners and I don't like how you can see the seam of the falsies. Man any tips? I'm getting better...practice makes perfect right?

I love the lashes with the rhinestones on the seam and I can't wait to try a look with the blue lashes, it's going to be krazaayyyyyy.

Here's a list of what I got:
Elise Faux Eyelashes #339
Elise Faux Eyelashes #552
Elise Faux Eyelashes #909
Ardell Fashion Lashes #118 (2 pairs)
Ardell Fashion Lashes #129 (2 pairs)
Ardell Fashion Lashes #112 (2 pairs)
Ardell ULTRA lashes #205
Ardell Wild Lash Flirty
Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator (i'll let you know how this works! i'm crossing my fingers!)
All this for $35.43 :) including shipping!

Hi Guys,

As you might of heard me mention, my last webcam sucked. I already returned in to Target yesterday. I filmed a smokey eye tut on it but it came out too slow and delayed;it was hard to see me doing any motions without having a weird trail effect, know what I mean? So last night I recreated the smokey eye look from my holiday red lip video. This was a request from one of my blog readers so I definitely wanted to get it out timely. The only one left is to get my purple eyes video done for Mrs. Lynne. I think I may turn this into a video for my you tube page later. Please keep the suggestions coming. Hope you enjoy!

What I used:
I mainly used an eyeshadow palette I ordered from CameraReadyCosmetics.Com. I've been raving about these pro products for weeks. I skipped the foundation and blush since I already had it on from my previous look.

Other items used:
-Fiberwig mascara
-MAC kohl pencil in Smolder
-MAC lip erase in Dim
-MAC lipstick in Freshbrew
-MAC lipglass in C-Thru
-MAC e/s in Vex
-Ardell Gisele false lashes

1)Note the e/s palette I used. I used the light brown color on the far left and the dark blue/gray and black colors on the right.

2)Add base. I used bare canvas paint applied to entire eyelid up to brow bone with clean ring finger.

3)Apply light brown to the entire lid using fluffy eyeshadow brush.

4) Apply the blue color to the outer ½ of lid forming the outer V shape

5) Use your 219 brush to emphasize the outer V using the black color.

6)blend in harsh lines with 222 brush.

7)Line top eyes with kohl pencil forming a little wing at the end. Line bottom waterline as well.

8)Use small e/s brush to apply black eyeshadow to lower lashline.

9)Make sure eyelashes are already curled. Apply false lashes. I used Ardell Gisele lashes with duo lash adhesive.

10)Apply mascara to real lashes to blend them into false lashes.

11)Tightline upper waterline using kohl pencil. (I forgot the picture, but highlight browbone with vex e/s)

12)Apply lip erase to void out your natural lip color. You're aiming for a nude lip.

13)Apply fresh brew l/s and top with c-thru lipglass.

And voila! You're done :)

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