Thursday, December 27, 2007

I love false lashes!

Hi Bellas,

Did any of you see Christiana's post on her false lash haul from I did! They have so many kinds of false lashes to choose from at a really great price. And the shipping was super fast!

I can't wait to try mine out. I got some basic ones, some super funky ones, and some under lashes as well. I still struggle with falsies, getting them on just right. I think my problem was that I've been following the curve of my lashline too much and they're pointing downward. But at the same time, I try to place them higher at the corners and I don't like how you can see the seam of the falsies. Man any tips? I'm getting better...practice makes perfect right?

I love the lashes with the rhinestones on the seam and I can't wait to try a look with the blue lashes, it's going to be krazaayyyyyy.

Here's a list of what I got:
Elise Faux Eyelashes #339
Elise Faux Eyelashes #552
Elise Faux Eyelashes #909
Ardell Fashion Lashes #118 (2 pairs)
Ardell Fashion Lashes #129 (2 pairs)
Ardell Fashion Lashes #112 (2 pairs)
Ardell ULTRA lashes #205
Ardell Wild Lash Flirty
Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator (i'll let you know how this works! i'm crossing my fingers!)
All this for $35.43 :) including shipping!


Mrs. Lynne said...

Nice haul. Looks fun!! I just bought a pair of cheapo falsies the other day because I've never tried them before. I wish I went out more often to be able to wear them instead of only using them for my posts, lol.

christianadivine said...

woo hoo! nice haul! can't wait to see what looks you have in mind with these! :D

christianadivine said...

oh, and you can curl your falsies! :] I do it most if not all of the time, after the glue has dried. This helps me if I feel the eyelashes aren't curly enough or are falling lower than I'd like. :D

Ann said...

Omg, I love you. Hello, I first came across your blog from recently posted an entry on a teal look. Anyhoo, thanks for this post!! I love false lashes...and now I can get a whole bunch for cheap..thx.