Monday, December 17, 2007

Business Cards!

Hey Guys,

Like I mentioned in my last post I now have business cards so I can hand them out and finally book some clients. They're actually glossy...from They were free but I paid extra to remove the vistaprint logo from the back and to make them glossy. Don't fall for the trap of paying extra for expedited shipping...I chose the 21 day option and I got it in a little over a week. They came in the mail about a week ago but I didn't have a way to scan them onto my computer. Luckily I found an image of it online. I blocked my telephone number (not that I don't trust my blogging beauties, but you know there are other crazy ppl out there) but you can still see the rest.

Just thought I'd share my excitement with you. Hopefully after I start booking some jobs...I can build up my portfolio more, get my MAC pro card...and finally be a professional free lance makeup artist , wish me luck!


christianadivine said...

Nicee! Good luck! :] I'm sure you'll do great, you do your makeup really pretty. :D

MakeupByRenRen said...

awww thanks supportive. i'm really doing it because i've found something i really enjoy, it's really not about the money...and it helps that you guys are so nice...your makeup alone gives me so much inspiration!

Mrs. Lynne said...

Your cards look very nice! Go get 'em girl! Work that magic of yours. I've been lagging so long on making mine. You've inspired me to get on the ball :)

Ooohh, also check out for your next batch. I used them a long time ago to make business cards and they are VERY good! The quality is amazing, you can even do front and back and I think gloss is standard. And the prices are fairly decent.

BO - Makeup Is Art said...

hi Ren,
just checking out your blog now.
saw the pic of ur biz card and i can feel the excitement cos i just got mine recently too and i was super duper excited.

uv done well, im aspiring to be as successful as uv become in a short period of time.

wish me all the best.