Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Updates and new things to expect...

Hello Bellas,

How was your night? I went to sleep late again…I think my boyfriend is a bad influence on me because he stays up sooo late. He just tells me that I should go to sleep because I can't hang with the big dawgs or something or other, lol. I’m supposed to be at work by 8:45 (which is more like 9:05-9:15) but go to sleep at 1:30am and always feel it the next day...that’s not good :(

Anywho, after reading Vanessa, Mrs. Lynne and everybody’s pages about all their drug store hauls I was really wishing there was a Walgreens or Duane Reade near me so I could finally get my hands on the HIP paints. Alas, my local CVS does not carry them. Also, the Milani blush that’s a dupe for NARS is definitely on my list.

I think I might go to Wal-mart during lunch today and pick up more work snacks and check out the cosmetics aisle ;)

Last night I did a really quick makeup look to one of my sorority events. I wore one of my neglected Mattene lipsticks in “All Grown Up”. I try to revisit some of my older products to make sure I at least use all of them a few times. I mean if we shell out so much cash on these items we've got to get our money's worth, right girls?

Just like friendship, you may meet new friends, but you can’t forget the faithful ones that have stuck by you through the years...well the same goes with makeup (good methaphor eh?). This lipstick is described as a deep chocolate brown and honestly, I’m not sure I can pull it off. I got it mainly because it was different and I didn’t have too many dark colors at the time. It shows up so dark that I need to use something underneath because it settles into the lines of my lip, giving me unsightly dark lines on my smackers-you know, the Angelina Jolie affliction?
Here's a pic from the MAC website:

I paired it with nothing else except my eyes lined top and bottom with Graphblack Technakohl liner. It was definitely a darker, more mature look...not really my typical bright eyes but I was happy that I expanded my makeup boundaries, lol. Sometimes you need to try different things! Sorry but I didn’t take a pic but you get a visual image right?

So this Thursday I’m planning on recreating the smokey pink eye and curly hair for a Valentines Day look. I’m doing it Thursday evening because that’s date night for my BF. I might of mentioned htis before, but we switch off each week picking a new restaurant neither of us has been to. It’s my week...usually we pick some form of ethnic food-any suggestions?

Like I mentioned before, I’m putting out less videos so I can have a few nights off each week. Last night I finished edited my Shiseido Mascara Base Review. I also got the go ahead/music approval from the BF on the “Hot Hepcat” look (he's the one who usually gives me my background music inspiration) as well as what I call my “Blue Bling Bling” look. Unfortunately Windows Media Maker is tempermental and lost all of my edited music clips I inserted in my Blue Bling Bling video. I was so mad that I took it out on the boyfriend :( If you’re reading this babe, I’m sorry! I went to bed all frustrated but I think in my random tossing and turning I looked over my shoulder and could’ve sworn I saw him redoing the music on my video for me. Gotta love him!

Anyhow, with those vids I should have enough material for you tube posting for the next week or two.

Meanwhile, here’s my “To do list” of viewer requests, tutorials, videos and looks:
• Warmed MSF as eyeshadow
• Burnt orange look
• Collection video
• Valentines Day look
• Curly hair tutorial
• Still have to do my funky eyelashes and drag queen look but those take a little more practice...

Don't forget to watch American Idol tonight! Well back to work so I can make money to pay off my makeup, he he. Ciao bellas!



Hey Ren, girl I suffer from youtube and blog insomnia. I probably would be asleep if I could see everyones stuff while I'm at work, but usually I need to wait until I get home to see all the pictures and to have sound for the vids so of course one thing leads to another and it's 1 am like you said.
I feel you on those browns. Sometimes they can be harder to pull off than reds in my opinion. I had Film Noir l/s and deceit l/g from back in the day when I use to wear really dark makeup and I tried it on and was like WTF!! I use to wear this! That's going B2M pronto.

Can't wait for the new videos so I will have something else to watch instead of sleep :)
Ok I have made a book in your comments. Can you tell I'm board at work LOL!

MakeupByRenRen said...

LOL yes girl thank goodness for B2M, I might just trade in that dark brown. I just don't think I can pull it off! I sometimes look at old looks I wore back in the day and cringe...sighhh to my mismatched foundation...LOL and I know right I've been blogging since this morning on the DL...ever since I got back into this stuff I've been losing lots of sleep but I've also been way crazy excited about every new thing that comes out he he.

Alice said...

Hi Ren! I'm a new reader to your site. I just started reading maybe last week or so and omg I thought it was so cute when I read that you and your boyfriend switch off picking restaurants to eat at each week because my boyfriend and I do the same thing! We usually do it on a Sunday, and I'm in Philadelphia so there's tons and tons of restaurants we always want to try out. We ate at a restaurant called Pod and they have a sweet sushi bar with a little conveyor belt so you can just pick whatever you want. It's pretty sweet hehe. Anyway sorry to ramble on, I hope you get more sleep in the future and I look forward to more of your tutorials =] -Alice

MakeupByRenRen said...

Hi Alice! Thanks so much for stopping by :) That's so cute how you go out to eat at different places too :) I really think it helps keep the excitment week to week alive when you have a date night like that. I've always wanted to go to one of those conveyor belt sushi places like that...but I don't think we have any here in Atlanta. Well I hope you enjoy reading, nice to meet yah!

christianadivine said...

You're so lucky that you have so many videos to back you up when you're feeling lazy. :P LOL. :] I'm looking forward to all of your future posts. :D too bad you didn't take a pic of the the makeup today but it's all good. :] I was suppose to go to a drugstore today but I've been too lazy. Hahaha! :P Ahhh well. :P

mayaari said...

haha, my bf is a bad influence on my sleep pattern too - he works weekends, so mon-thurs are his days off to relax & stuff, so I end up staying up late with him even though I have to get up for work in the morning...thank goodness my schedule is pretty flexible and I can roll in by 10 (which I do, most days =T). Looking forward to the upcoming posts!

(g)ezebel said...

woah. that's a really dark lipstick. i can do dark reds, but dark browns, i'm really uncomfortable in.

Mrs. Lynne said...

Wow. That is definitely a charred red, huh?

You and your bf are so cute. Once you get your makeup gig going, you should make him your marketing manager and sound tech :) But as if he's not already, hah.

And I am all over American Idol! I've been watching it for however long it's been on (7 years?). I really like the first few weeks as they weed through the crowds then find myself tuning in the last month or so to see who wins. But the horrible ones keep me laughing hard, lol.

MakeupByRenRen said...

christiana: yah I gave myself a surplus so I wouldn't have to be doing makeup each and every night...I dont really wear makeup regularly unless i'm going out at night or doing tutorials...so whew! it takes a lot out of a girl sometimes...r u feeling better?

mayaari: lucky! you have flex time...I kinda just show up late to work and stay late, lol

g: yah dark browns don't work on me :(

mrs. lynne: lol yah I'll definitely make him handle the business side of things...lol american idol is too crazy...last night they definitely played up on some of the more "interesting" characters...I can't wait to see the ppl when they actually start to do the singing in hollywood