Breaking News-Heatherette update! More new collections!

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I can't speak for everyone out there...but it seems that the most awaited MAC Collections are the Fafi and Heatherette line. Like many others, I read every day for new updates, tidbits and pics that are leaked. Today they gave us the color story for Heatherette as well as some new collections I'm super excited about! You can see my thoughts on each collection in quotes and italicized.

Specktra Exclusive Scoop - Heatherette & MAC Collaboration Color Story Info!
"I personally can't wait to see all the hot pink packaging as well as the eyeshadow trios! The dual ended pencils look promising since you get two for the price of one, and those lipsticks and lipglasses sound yummy!"

The colour details are as follows:

Lipstick $14.50USD
Lollipop Loving (G) - Mid-tone coral w/ subtle green gold iridescence (LE)
Fleshpot (S) - Light neutral beige (Repromote)
Hollywood Nights (S) - Fuchsia pink (LE)
Melrose Mood (AC) - pastel pink (LE)

Lipglass $14.50USD
Bonus Beat (F) - Sheer yellow beige w/ gold pearlized pigments (LE)
Sock Hop (C) - Soft mid-tone coral (LE)
Style Minx (F) - Fuchsia pink (LE)
Starlet Kiss (F) - Pastel pink (LE)

Eye Trio (a 3 pan eyeshadow compact w/eyeshadows) $32.50USD
Eye Trio 1
Mood Ring (VP) - Pastel mint green (LE)
Cloudburst (V) - True black w/subtle green pearlized pigments
(Repromote from Blue Storm)
Hoppin’ (F)- Pastel peach (LE)

Eye Trio 2
Baby Petals (S) - Pastel pink (LE)
V.I.P. (V) - Mid-tone yellow pink LE)
Cassette - Blackened eggplant - (LE)

Glitter $16.50
Reflects Gold - translucent glitter w/ gold reflection (Pro)
3D Silver - Multi-reflective silver (Pro)

Pigment $19 USD
Jardin Aires (F) - Gilded peach w/ silver reflection
(LE - Repromote from Strange Hybrid)
Pink Pearl - Mid-tone pink w/ blue reflection (Pro)

Dual Edge Pencil (a pencil with 2 ends and 2 different colours) $16.50USD
Black Funk/Pop Blue - True black/turquoise w/ silver glitter (LE)
Phone Me/Text Me - Charcoal grey/metallic silver w/ silver glitter (LE)
Nighthawk/Front Row - Coffee brown/neutral peach w/ gold glitter (LE)
Fab Orchid/Dash Lily -
Jewel-tone purple/mid-tone lavender w/ silver glitter (LE)
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Mineralize Powder Foundation
"So MAC finally caught onto the mineral makeup craze. I do love the mineralized skin finish natural in medium dark so I'm assuming I would be medium dark in this line as well. I've struggled to find a mineral makeup that has truly matched my complexion. I might have the makeup artist test this one out on me. However, I know that many of you ladies can vouch for the fact that many of the independently run mineral sites are already on point with their mineral makeup. This line is permanent at MAC stores so no up for Fafi!)

February 7th 2008 - Nordstrom
February 14th 2008 - All other outlets of distribution[US/Canada]
UNK [international]

The color details are as follows:

Mineralize SPF Powder Foundation (Loose) $29. USD
Light - Neutral pale ivory (permanent internationally only)
Light Medium - Neutral light beige
Medium - Beige
Medium Plus - Tan beige
Medium Dark - Rich tan
Medium Deep - Deep golden orange tan
Dark - Caramel
Deep Dark - Deep caramel
Deeper Dark - Milk chocolate
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Facts and Tidbits about this newest Foundation launch:Mineralize Powder Foundation is medium-buildable coverage depending on the brush you use. #150=medium, #190/#191=fuller. You can change the finish. originally natural/natural matte, but the more you buff, the more satin-y the finish becomes. Mineralize Powder Foundation comes with a sponge-top applicator, called the “capplicator”. It is a sock-covered latex sponge (same as sponges sold at mac) applicator. 2 replacement socks come with the foundation. The socks apply and blend foundation in to the skin softer and smoother. DO NOT use the capplicator sponge without the sock. it gets dirty and cannot be replaced. Mineralize Powder Foundation a long-wearing foundation (6 hours). Mineralize Powder Foundation contains wheat germ and vitamin e, which is makes it ideal for dry skin. It has been posted that BE is not liked among the dry skin population. This is the opposite. it doesn’t cake onto dry flakes. Both UVA and UVB protection. Mineralize Powder Foundation tends to run darker than the MSFNs. Mineralize Powder Foundation is LE at partnered locations, but permanent at MAC stores.


Strobe Collection
March 6th 2008[US/Canada]
UNK [international]

"I have Strobe Cream and love wearing it under foundation. It makes my mineralized satinfinish foundation turn into HyperReal foundation...honestly, you don't need both! For those of you who didn't like the way strobe cream made you look like a disco ball the strobe liquid might be for you. Personally, I think i'll be taking a look at the tinted lip conditioners."

* Strobe Cream -
Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants. Enhances the effects of light on all skin and in all lighting conditions from sunlight to spotlight. (Repromote) $29.50USD

* Strobe Liquid -
Strobe liquid in similar to oil control lotion in texture. It has smaller pearlized pigments to it than strobe cream, and it lacks the strobe cream fragrance and moisture time-release system. It provides a softer glow to the skin. it is more candlelight illumination, where strobe cream is more stagelight illumination. (Perm) $29.50USD

Tinted Lip Conditioners SPF15 (these contain the strobe pearl)
Strobe Kiss - Sheer coral with golden strobe pearlized pigments.
Strobe Rays - Light caramel with golden red strobe pearlized pigments.
StrobeBlossom - Light blue/pink with red strobe pearlized pigments.
Strobe Current - sheer plum with golden red strobe pearlized pigments.
Strobe Beam - clear with strobe pearlized pigments.
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Beauty Powder Blushes

"I definitely want to try this sounds so pretty, and I don't even own any beauty powders besides Drizzlegold which I've seemed to abandon :( I probably won't go crazy and get all of them or anything because I honestly don't wear blush that often...but I might pick up one or two. The fact is that these blushes sound fantabulous...and with pearlized pigments? You won't even need to layer an MSF over your blush...I can't wait!"

March 13th 2008[US/Canada]
UNK [international]
Beauty Powder Blushes:
A micronized powder blush with a subtle pearlize pigment, 8 new shades and 2 repromoted brushes (details on brushes shortly).
Shy Beauty - Pastel apricot with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)
Feeling - Plum with silver pearlized pigments. (LE)
Sweetness - Intense blue pink with pealized pigments. (LE)
Joyous - Peach with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)
True Romantic - Mid-tone pink with silver pearlized pigments. (LE)
Serenely - deep brownish red with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)
Eversun - neutral peach bronze with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)
Secret Blush - Neutral plum with gold pearlized pigments. (LE)

These are different [than Beauty Powders]. they are a blush, so they have a bit more color to them, but they do have that luminous pearl to it that the beauty powders have. They are like the pressed beauty powders, but with more color.
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