Happy Hump Day...my mini Ulta haul...

Hi Bellas,

Happy Hump Day! Already halfway through the week :) Tomorrow one of my good friends from home (Orlando) is coming into town and bringing her friend with her. It’s going to be a big week of entertaining and seeing the sights. My roomy is taking off Friday to take them out during the day but she also works from home and luckily has more flexibility to do so. There are so many weddings and events that I have to go to this year that I need to save my vacation time! It’s definitely going to be a jam-packed few days so no video editing for me this weekend! Luckily I have my video reserve for times like this. I think I’m going to give my friend a makeover since it’s her birthday...she doesn’t really do makeup so it will be a nice little change. Luckily I have my foundation and blush palettes so I can do everything from start to finish. It will be good practice to. She’s Haitian and has beautiful dark chocolate skin so i'll have the opportunity to experiment with different colors on new skin tones.

Meanwhile, I was bad and went to ULTA yesterday :( I know I’ve been trying to hold out for FAFI but I couldn’t resist! I was looking for the Milani Blush in Luminous and some of the NYX lipsticks that Mrs. Lynne has (you guys are bad influences on me, lol) and they didn’t have any at Wal-Mart, CVS, or ULTA. Man! However, I did have time to step over to the Urban Decay section at ULTA. Have you guys tried the Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadows? Oh my gosh, they are heaven! The description states they have a cashmere finish and when you run your fingers over them they feel so soft and silky-definitely the softest eyeshadow I’ve ever felt. I know Vanessa did a post on this back in December on this and POWPOW baby on youtube also did a video review. Each deluxe eyeshadow is about $17.50 and comes in it's own specificially decorated case that is too cute. For example, the cover graffiti has it's own compact with spray paint lettering on the front, how cute is that? I was going to get two of them. However, I saw they had the palette with all the shades, just smaller amounts, for $36. I couldn’t pass it up! The colors are so vibrant. I did a video on it last night...a Barney inspired look if you will...bright green and purple! If you're into highly pigmented bright eyeshadow colors, I definitely recommend. The color only needs one swipe to be super bright, but you need to watch out for the fallout because of the soft texture of the eyeshadows. I was inspired by Vanessa’s posts and finally pulled out my bright fuscia eyeshadow...she pulls of bright blushes so beautifully that I was inspired to give it a try. After much toning down with a flat top kabuki, lol, I managed to get that blush on. You’ll have to see the results yourself when I post the video :)

I also picked up two pairs of NYC false eyelashes because they were $1.99 and all NYC products were buy one get one free! I wore them with my look last night and let me tell you...I can see why they were cheap. They were so flimsy and hard to get on compared with the Ardell, Elise, and Andrea lashes I’m used to. But hey, at $1.00 I’m fine with wrestling with the lashes for a few extra seconds to get them on.

I also got some more smashbox photofinish primer...however, I got the green one that’s supposed to correct redness in the skin. I got the smaller screw top one for $16.00 and honestly I’m not sure how much of a difference I see. That stuff is super expensive...I’m going to give it a few more gos before I give my final verdict on this one.

Don't forget to watch American Idol and Project Runway tonight...Enough blabbing...back to work :)