day closer to Friday...

Hi Bellas,

One more day to Friday woo hoo! Yesterday I didn’t play with my makeup because my eyes were killing me! Talk about water central...I had to take out my contacts and wear my glasses...making it a whole lot difficult to apply. Plus, that whole area was uber sensitive. Instead I gave it a break and tonight I’ll be ready to create my Valentine’s Day look. I’m pretty much going to re-do my makeup from the Drugstore Haul Video but add more pink. On a random tangent, have you guys heard the new Chris Brown song “with you” lately? It’s in Anne’s neutral every day look video. It’s been in my head since I watched it yesterday and then I heard it this morning on my drive to work. I love that song! It reminds me of my days in high school where I was obsessed with boys, falling in love, and bubblegum pop culture. I think I’m going to use it in my Valentine’s Day video because it’s just too sweet. Thanks for the inspiration Anne :

Ain't he cute...if I was 5 years younger ;) oh and didn't have a man I was in love with...hehe...

I need to pick a restaurant for date night tonight..I was watching the food channel and in one trip they went to Ghana and the food looked sooo good. I’ve tried researching but there aren’t too many African eating spots around here. I looked up some restaurant reviews and I think I’m going to take us to a Chinese spot called Da San Yuan. I love spots like this where it’s not overly commercialized, and the food really does serve to the ethnic roots. Don’t get me wrong...I love me some Panda Express after a long shopping spree at the mall, but on date night my BF and I like to expand our taste palettes.

So on another note, I found out that there’s a Wal-Greens near me. My BF informed me after he read a blog entry in which I was complaining there were none nearby. I almost wish I didn’t know this information because now I have the urge to go and find that Milani blush! LOL. Oh well, I’m really trying to hold out for the next MAC collection. I’m keeping a tight watch on how much money I actually spend this month on makeup so hopefully I can keep to it.

In the meanwhile, back to work...stay beautiful, inside and out :)