New Traincase...Update on Fafi

Hi Bellas,

So last night I filled in my container store lipstick holder…I didn’t have enough lipsticks but I did have more than enough lip glosses, glasses, etc. I’m trying to get more into lipsticks this year since before then all I owned were glosses. It was kind of cool actually…because since I’m laying the lipsticks upside down they all tilt in one direction due to the rounded tip. I might have to get another container because I have some lipglosses that couldn’t fit in there. The acrylic of the lipstick holder is very thick and sturdy and it’s only $7.99. I definitely recommend it!

Oh and guess what? Last night I called my nearby MAC freestanding store and inquired about any upcoming events/promotions for the FAFI collection. She told me their was an unveiling on February 10th with h’ors d’oeuvres and that I could sign up for a spot and bring a friend. I guess the mall will be open later for this because it’s a Sunday but the event is from 5-7pm, and in my neck of the woods malls usually close at 6pm on Sunday. Anyways, of course I signed up for the earliest time slot to make sure I get my hands on these goodies. I’m so excited! I get to see the collection 3 days early and this is my first MAC event I’ve attended. Thank goodness for Specktra for the heads up! If your interested, give your store or counter a call. I heard that some stores do this thing where you have to pre-purchase a $50 gift card which will go towards your purchase and you also get a FAFI makeover. I wish my store did that but it’s just an unveiling. Oh well, better than nothing!

In the meanwhile, I uploaded a new video last night. I get to finally show off my new traincase I was talking about a few posts ago as well as show you how I label my MAC palettes. Hope you ladies enjoy!