Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? Hopefully it's not too cold out there in your neck of the woods. I have a few new updates. For one, my laptop is finally fixed, woo hoo! Thankfully my BF is a whiz with computers because I was not looking forward to 1) telling my dad my computer died and having him tell me again how I always break things and 2) paying someone to fix my computer that is only 1 year old. This means that I will be more able to post videos, pics, and blog entries.

I also did a bit of depotting this weekend...the fumes of the burnt plastic were starting to get to me...but I have enough for another Back to MAC product, yay!

I've also been rocking the N Collection these past few days. I really like this nude look...i've been getting quite a few compliments on it...that's a good thing right ;)

So these next few months are going to be busy busy busy! For one, I have a lot of events coming up with my sorority that will have my weekends occupied for the new few months. Let me just clarify, i'm no longer in college...I graduated in 2005 but I'm the Chapter Advisor of my undergrad chapter in case you were wondering. I also have quite a few weddings and baby showers I need to attend...it's getting to that time in life ladies! Speaking of which, I can't wait to see 27 dreses :)

I'm also going to be taking a trip in February to Cali, woo hoo! I'm visiting my brother in San Francisco. My parents are also flying in from Orlando and we'll be driving around trying to see different relatives and what not. I can't wait! It's been a while since i've really been to California. Even better since my parents are going so I can eat and sleep for free, ha ha. Maybe I can get to a pro store, cross your fingers! Who knows...I might even run into some of my lovely beauty bloggers ;)

As far as other things I'm looking forward to:
1) Fafi for MAC - 2/13/08, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be all over this new collection! Honestly, the packaging alone makes me drool. However, be aware of all the repromotes in this line...I think i'll focus on the lipsticks/lipglasses/eyeshadow quads/paint pots. A lot of the other items seem like repeats. Oh and myabe a Fafinette bag...we'll see! I have a month to save up, so no more MAC until then! Unless that is...i'm returning for Back to MAC but even then that might be a little too much temptation.

2)Heatherette - 3/27/08. After Fafi i'll have another month and a half to save...keep me on track guys! I can't wait for the hot pink packaging :)

There are a few other collections to look out for (courtesy of Janice from Specktra)
-2/7/08 Slimshine of 7 new colors with 13 being repromoted from the original release of 20 shades...
-2/13/08 Same day as Fafi MAC is releasing their Mineralie Foundation SPF 15 Loose. This should be interesting for all you mineral makeup wearers out there. This may be better for the warmer months ahead. So far I haven't fallen in love with any of the mineralized makeup samples I've ordered. We'll see about this one.
-Strobe - 3/6/08
Strobe Liquid, Strobe Lip Conditioner, 4 Different shades of Tinted Lip Conditioners
-Beauty Powder Blush - 3/13/08
A micronized powder blush with a subtle pearlize pigment, 8 new shades and 2 repromoted brushes.
-Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 - 4/3/08
-Dazzleglass - 5/1/08
-Skinsheen - 5/1/08

In between now and the Fafi collection I have some new ideas for videos and posts...I'm waiting on my train case and flat topped pink brush from Camelia-Rose as well, it should be here any day now, woo hoo!
Here's what to look for:
1) collection video
2) smokey green eye and magenta lip
3) 5 min day makeup
4) 5 min day to night makeup
5) drag makeup
6) blue eyeshadow look
and much much more!

On a more serious note:

Please take a moment to read…I need your help. My boyfriend’s younger sister Victoria, she’s 22 years old, collapsed on Christmas Day at work…she had a seizure and hit her head during the fall. Following this, her brain was without oxygen for a total of 12 minutes. She was rushed to the hospital and has been in a coma ever since. Victoria has still not awoken…we’ve been positive, praying everyday, waiting for her to wake up…but recently she has hit a bump in the road. A few days ago, the doctors attempted to perform a tracheotomy, moving the breathing tube from her mouth to an opening in her neck…that way she could more easily speak when she awoke. However, the tube was inserted incorrectly, causing her lung to collapse, speeding her heart rate and sending her into a high temperature. Since last night her heart rate has been at 190…almost like running a marathon. If you pray to a higher power, please place Victoria in your prayers. My boyfriend Mike has asked me to send this out to my friends because we do believe in the power of prayer and positive energy…thanks again, I’ll keep you guys updated.