MAC N Collection - Haul and Tutorial

Hi Bellas,

So as you all know, the N Collection was released at MAC on Thursday. It's been on my calendar for a while, and of course I ran and got it the day of!

In my head, I planned on just getting the mineralized skin finishes since these are always limited edition sell out items. Instead, I walked out with a whole haul, lol. Nonetheless, at least I have a good little break in between the next collection...Fafi, woo hoo!

Usually I favor super bright funky the C-Shock collection...however, we all need to try different things. It's a good thing too if you can feel comfortable wearing both bright and natural looks...after all makeup should be a tool of enhancement, not a mask (unless you're into theatrical/fx makeup).

If you have neutral eyeshadows the ones in this collection are probably very similar...I just got 4 of the collection eyeshadows because I wanted to put a look together. This look also really looks good with clean eyebrows and a nicely contoured face. I also love the lip colors...with a lipliner, lipstick, and lipglass all get a perfect nude lip reminiscent of Kim Kardashian.

In the first video I showed you all the products of the the second, I put a nude/natural look together using the collection and a few other products.