Ramblings and Anniversary Pics

Hi Bellas,

How’s it going in your neck of the woods? Can you believe that it actually snowed yesterday down here in Atlanta? It was so beautiful! It hardly ever snows here…and being a florida girl as well, I never really got to experience this natural wonder. I was hoping and praying that I wouldn’t have to go to work today…even woke up at 6am to check out company’s emergency hotline….but yah…here I am at work, lol.

Yesterday I took a trip to one of my fav stores…Michaels! I was able to use my 40% off coupon. It only applies to one item so I used it on a roll of adhesive magnetic sheets…it was originally $10 so heck yah, I saved! I have some makeup craft projects in mind…I’ll let you guys know the deal once it’s finished.

So have you checked out alienman’s blog recently? She’s got a whole ton of hot and funky falsies on there. I ordered some funky ones from Madame Madeline a little while ago but haven’t touched them. I know I was going to use a pair for my drag look…but haven’t gotten to it yet. Maybe this weekend, since it’s a long weekend. Not maybe, I WILL use them. There you go, that’s a better attitude. I’m really going to try and do something artsy as well…keep a look out!

So I’ve had this smokey green eye and magenta lip video for FOREVER…technical difficulties kept it at bay for a while…I’m really really trying to upload it but to no avail! Did any of you notice that you tube’s uploading feature was disabled for a long time last night? I was going crazy refreshing the page every 5 minutes. Hopefully tonight I can upload that. Oh, and my train case came today, woo! You know what that means…collection video here I come! I have to think of a way to properly display everything…I think first I’ll show lip stuff…face stuff…then of course eyeshadows. Yup, that seems like a plan. I’ll probably film that one tonight and have it up for this weekend.

Meanwhile, I can’t leave you without some pics…so here are a few random ones I took on Tuesday when me and the BF celebrated our anniversary. Check out my bright blue makeup!

I never realized how much of a seafood fan I was until I went to Savannah with the boyfriend last January of 07. We love this place...Spondovitz...i'm so happy you can even see my dimples!

My boyfriend is happy too...more so on the inside, lol.

Mmmmm crab legs....

This is us earlier during the day at lunch. I made us take the corny milkshake shot. Check out my bright blue eyeshadow!

Though he's 6'4 he's just a big kid...playing remote control cars...

He was up against two elementary school boys and lost, lol.

Check out the couple :)

Blurry shot the waitress took...she said she had the same camera as mine...does she take blurry shots on her camera too? lol

These shots are from two weeks ago...we were in downtown ATL and they were doing a community painting...

My boyfriend made a very lifelike banana...

I kinda copped out...

And drew a flower!

Bananas and flowers...hmmmm now that I think of it...kind of a sexual connotation, lol. Oh well!