Depotting Tutorial Using a Candle

Hi Bellas!

So last night I did a tutorial on how I depot my MAC eyeshadows. I did a bunch so now I have 12 pans to return to MAC for 2 lippies, woo hoo!

I did this tutorial because I hadn't seen too many live videos on depotting with a candle...this process usually takes under 5 minutes real time, minus my blabbing and explaining :)

I did this after a nap on New Years Day, lol, hence my fatigued look and blah know how you crash after a weekend of partying? That was me...but I still had time to do a video!

So an update on my labtop, it's still dead, can you believe it! It's only a year old. I've been using my BF's in the meanwhile but his labtop is older and slower. So i've been trying to get a purple smokey out video for the longest for Mrs. Lynne...I redid one last night and guess what...the volume wasn't working, man! I'll try another one tonight or tomorrow...cross your fingers!

Anyways, I hope this tutorial helps you guys out, I'm going to try and do a Tut on pressing my Holiday pigments tonight.