Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale!

Hi Bellas,

I went to Vickys yesterday for their big sale...pretty much the only time I buy a lot of stuff at this store...and I got a bunch of cute stuff!

I made a video on my review of some of the beauty products I bought-they were all around $3-$4 and mainly lip products. I really don't like their eyeshadows, no color payoff in my opinion. However, if you DO like the shimmery sheer look, then go for it!

So get your tails to Vickys and load up! I got a bunch of cute bras and panties and some PINK sweatpants...and I hope my review helps :) I'll be posting the corresponding video showing the look I created sometime soon...I just have to edit the video because the whole thing ended up being 28 minutes long! And you know Youtube does not like long videos, lol. Stay tuned!