New Years Resolutions

Hi Bellas,

It’s been an interesting year, 2007 flew past my eyes in an instant. Many of my fellow bloggers have been posting their reflections on last year and their hopes for the year to come. I decided to do the same.

So much happened in 2007…I was promoted to a new leadership program in my company, finally made my relationship with the BF official after dating for months upon months…found a hobby I love(makeup in case you didn't notice, he he), and overall learned a lot about myself.

Makeup/Beauty Resolutions: I vow to take better care of myself and fine tune my makeup artistry skills. I only got back into the game in November of 2007 and have this whole year to improve...
1) Apply Ardell brow and Lash growth accelerator every night to try and grow back my puny lashes and over plucked eyebrows
2) Be more active in promoting my skills as a freelance makeup artist
3) Apply makeup to more and more people to familiarize myself with different ethnicities, face shapes and preferences
4) Control my haul purchases…maintain a monthly budget of makeup spending and stick to it
5) Perfect the art of putting on false lashes on myself and others…give another shot at doing individual lashes!
6) Work on the blending of eyeshadows-reach a goal of seamless blending in a short amount of time
7) Try out different looks, broaden my technique…expand beyond my normal 3 colors for eyeshadow, outer v, highlight and blend technique.
8) Apply for that MAC pro discount!
9) Stop being lazy, make sure to properly cleanse and moisturize myself at night…even after going out and getting back at 3am, make sure to remove that makeup properly…and not just with a baby wipe!
10) Work on my skin…find out what’s giving me those random rashes on my cheeks and work on the dryness of my skin.
11) Invest in more quality MAC brushes as well as other brands…phase out the fakes
12) Make sure to clean brushes regularly!
13) Take better care of hair…consider more conditioning and rejuvenating treatments.
14) Get to over 1000 subscribers on you tube…market, market, market!
15) Do something different with the hair!
16) Try out new makeup brands, both drug store and high end.

Personal Goals-Ways to make life sweeter and make myself a better person
1) Talk to my brother and dad on the phone more…you never truly appreciate your family until things go awry…life is truly short and one must live life to the fullest every day. My boyfriend has taught me this lesson as he has had to undergo more personal crises than most people our age.
2) Stop being so sensitive! Rise beyond non-constructive criticism, and maintain my beliefs and continue to grow. Understand that people will always have adverse opinions, and learn to accept that and not affect my own self-worth.
3) Grow relationship with BF…continue to keep the romance alive, be spontaneous, and stop being moody for no particular reason…appreciate that I have a good man in my life who supports me completely
4) Oh lord, get back to the gym!
5) Reimmerse myself into a healthy cooking routine-and this time, don't fall off.
6) Find a career that I love…get out of corporate America…stop being depressed about a situation that I can fix myself.
7) Spend more time with my friends…just because I have a BF does not give me the right to forget that I have great friends that have been by my side for years.
8) Be positive! If I don’t have anything nice to say…then don’t say it!
9) Be a happy person-'nuff said.
10) Truly get me and BF’s side venture up and running…
11) Start rekindling my faith…
12) Get my finances back on track...remember that girl last year who was on point with her budget. Pay off the credit card balance and keep it down.
13) Try new things…go out to spots in Atlanta I’ve never tried…travel more…live life!

***On a different note, is everyone excited about the N Collection released today by MAC? I got my first mailer from MAC advertising this was so pretty, i'm going to definitely save it. LOL, who would of thought a mailed advertisement would cause me so much excitedment. I'll be going to my nearby MAC freestanding store during lunch...on my list? The mineralized skin finish in charmed...I'm trying to keep my purchases under $100 each time I go, wish me luck! I'll do a post later on what I got.