Organize those lipsticks!

Hi bellas,

So like i've mentioned before...I've been trying not to get myself in trouble with more makeup debt...I think a lot of you agree with me on that the meanwhile, I need to get my makeup collection posted.

However, I've been having problems. I tried doing a video and laying all my items on the bed but it looked crazy! Then I tried taking pictures but since I was standing over my bed it had creepy shadows on them, lol. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get organized. I know sometimes I get overwhelmed by all this makeup and it drives me crazy when things look cluttered. Right now I have my makeup in those plastic drawer containers from wal-mart. Have any of you run into the problem of sorting through lipsticks...getting frustrated having to open every lipstick because they all look the same?!? I saw a little storage solution at the container store. I think i'm going to check it out during my lunch break. I heard about this on specktra. You place your lipsticks upside down so you can see the label. The only problem is that the MAC lipsticks have a round cover so it might be wobbly. Others also mention they've taken swatches and somehow put them on the lipsticks? I'm going to have to experiment to find my perfect storage solution.
Here's a pic, it holds 24 lipsticks (I might put my glosses in here too) and it's only $7.99:

While I'm there I'll also check out some other organizing opportunities...I don't know why but I love organizing stuff, lol. It's the OCD side of me.

On another note, tonight I'll post a video with my new traincase and how I've been labeling my eyeshadow palettes. Hopefully my internet doesn't act all crazy so I can get this uploaded once and for all. I'm also still editing my hot hepcat look...that video has been giving me problems! I'm aiming to have it up by Monday. I think it's because I always do a full face in my video and usually have to edit out 20 minutes of stuff to make the video the required 10 minutes for you tube. Sometimes I think maybe I'll just do the one eye like everybody else because video editing is dominating my evenings. Or I might just cut out talking and do the speed up feature and voiceover. I'm still experimenting with what works best.

What kind of videos do you guys prefer? Subtitles, voiceover, talking while applying? Let me know so I can get a feel of what I should put out there.

On that to the container store...

Ciao bellas!