Friday, January 18, 2008

Smokey Green Eyes and Magenta Lips

Hi Bellas!

So remember that smokey green eye video I've been trying to upload for the longest time? Well finally it was uploaded last night. Finally! My internet was acting crazy and kept coming in and out so it would disrupt the upload process. Luckily my boyfriend stayed up after I passed out. He wasn't satisfied with my music for the video so uploaded some more "appropriate" songs, lol. He also finally edited my boring white background on my youtube page. Check it out

It has pink hightops on it...I'm not a big fan of them, but then he mentioned that Fafi designed them, lol, and he said "that kinda changes it doesn't it..." and I was like well, if Fafi designed them AND they're pink, I can live with them ;) he he, what would I do without him?

Last night I attempted playing around with my funky blue falsies...but it did not turn out well. I was going for a really crazy bright blue look...not conventional at all, more like face art...BF didn't like I wiped away an hour's worth of work :( Hopefully this weekend I'll achieve my vision.

Any plans for the weekend? My boyfriend is going back to visit his sister in the hospital, he'll be back Tuesday. Luckily I'll have my makeup to keep me company :) Please continue to pray for his sister Victoria so she can finally emerge from comatose.

Andddd here's the video like I promised :) I'll upload my "crazy daises" look that I wore to my anniversary dinner tonight. Stay tuned.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):
-Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation in NC42
-Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium dark
-Bronzer in Bronze

-lip pencil in Vino
-lipstick in Deep Attraction
-lipglass in Luminary

-paint in Sublime Nature
-Nylon e/s (highlight)
-olive green pigment (lids)
-Carbon e/s (outer V/crease)
-Reflects Gold glitter (sparkle over entire eye)
-eyebrow pencil in Spiked
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-kohl pencil in Smolder
-Diorshow mascara


(g)ezebel said...

girrrl, you know i love drag queen green!! *notices upcoming entries* you're gonna do a drag look?! very cool..!! loma linda, i don't even know where that is. i'm in northern cali, in between sacramento and san francisco. i don't really talk about my blog 'cuz i don't really have anything interesting to say. mostly, it's just my rambling, random thoughts. my dream career was to be a journalist (my mom was in college), so i have writing in my genes, i think. it doesn't matter if no one sees what i write; i write for the sake of writing. well, at least, that's what the voices in my head tell me. bwahahahaaa

Mrs. Lynne said...

Hey sis! I think you paired a lovely set of lips with this! Hawt!!

So cute that the bf helps you edit. I won't let Hubbo get anywhere near my stash, lol.

Have a great weekend sweetie :)

mayaari said...

I love all the bright colors you use in your tutorials - I wish I could pull off the same =T

Your BF is toooo cute helping you edit videos and stuff - my BF just complains that I have too much makeup...and then uses my skincare products whenever he notices that my skin looks nice, heh. Hope your BFs sister is improving, looking forward to seeing what you come up with over the long weekend!

MakeupByRenRen said...

G: lol...oh yes drag queen in full effect...yah i asked someone else if they knew where loma linda is and they didnt either! what the heck! well i'm flying into san francisco that night and driving 7 hours to loma linda if that yah i really like your blog...very thought provoking...good therapy to read and, i think you'd make a fab journalist!

mrs. lynne: thanks honey bunches :) yah the Bf does come in handy sometimes ;) have a great weekend!

mayaari: yup i loveeee bright colors, lol. i think you could pull it off, honestly, it just takes getting used yah sometimes my BF monitors my spending too...and I did get him to try the aspirin, i'm telling yah these boys are gonna have the bomb skin b/cuz of us!


Cute!!! Green is one of my favorite looks and you pulled it off nicely! Have a good weekend!

Girl Meets Makeup said...

Your boyfriend is so cute! I asked my bf one time if he would help me record, and when I told him it was a makeup video, he looked at me like I had grown two heads. Then he agreed, provided that I let him play xbox without nagging him, lol. Boys.

I love the look! Green is one of my favorite colors. :) I also have to mention that you have such great skin! I seriously thought you had foundation on at the beginning of the video.

Would you mind linking to my blog? I'd really appreciate it! :)

(g)ezebel said...

7 hour drive from san francisco?! doesn't loma linda have a freakin' airport?! daaaaang!!!


this look is beautiful!!! i love the color combo's & the lips just go with everything!!

christianadivine said...

lovely look girl! you NEVER disappoint! :D loveeee it! that's sweet of your bf to edit your video for you! :] awww. :D

Anne said...

i love how you and your bf are soo cute. he's sooo supportive and even helps out on your video editing. that's really sweet of him!!!

well i miss your daily posts! i hope everything is ok with you and your bf's sister.

i was just wondering, a some what personal question... but where do you work? and how corporate is your corporate? i'm kinda border line right now if i wanna stay corporate (it's been my dream since i can remember, but now i'm not so sure now that i'm actually in it). yea it's not makeup related but i just wanna ask someone who's been in it for awhile about the experience and stuff.

if you want you can e-mail me at for your response. Thanks ren!

(g)ezebel said...

ren, from nessa's blog.. seriously, monistat (that vag yeast cream??) can be used as a primer???