Haul and Updates

Hi Bellas,

I had a pretty low key weekend. I'm just now getting the opportunity to write about it since it was crazy at work yesterday (ahem, my normal posting times, lol). I stayed in on Friday and Saturday and then Sunday my BF and I had the day all to ourselves :) We exchanged Christmas presents...went out for dinner, and then saw two movies for the price of one, if you know what I mean ;) We saw "I am Legend" and "National Treasure 2". Both very entertaining flicks, despite National Treasure's sprinkling of corny moments.

On Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to do a lot of videos so that's what I've been posting these last couple of days. I also finally was able to clean ALL my false lashes. It took a while...picking off that eyelash glue then spraying them down with alcohol. I'm not sure if that's how you do that but it works for me :)

I also had time to go to MAC :) but don't worry yall, I only spent $42! Woohoo, new record for me. I went with the intention of returning my 12 depotted eyeshadows to get two Back to MAC eyeshadows in return. I also picked up a few other items including a new eyeshadow brush, woo hoo! Yesterday I also went to Michaels and finally got the items to make my Enkore/Sephora Brush holder. I cleaned up my makeup area and decided my brushes need a nice new home as well.

I've been meaning to do my New Years resolution post but as I mentioned...it's been crazy at work and i've been staying up really late when I get home. Sorry! I'm going to try and squeeze time in today. Meanwhile...new update, I finally got a traincase, woo hoo! Finally! My main requirements were that it had to be big enough to carry my eyeshadow palettes and other products and 2) it had to be on wheels! When I did makeup for NYE, I toted my supplies in a bag on my shoulder and I swear that i'm still walking funny because of it, lol. The traincase with wheels and pull up handle (like a luggage) will come in handy when I travel to do other people's makeup. That's mainly why I got it...and to save my back as well.

I've been checking out www.yazmo.com and really wanted one for about $120...but i've been trying to moderate my spending after trying to recover from my end of the year shopping sprees. Instead, I found one on ebay, woohoo! I paid today...it was only $39.99 but had $25 for shipping. Still, that's nearly half the price of the similar one the yazmo. Once I get this sucker I'll make a video along with my collection.

Back to the point of this entry, he he...I made a video on my recent trip to MAC and Michaels...hope you enjoy!

If anyone has any video requests, please send my way :)