Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Monday!

Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good...very relaxing. I actually didn't really go out too much...just spent quality time with the BF, it was nice though.

I didn't really try any new makeup looks this weekend either because I was lazy and still have a surplus of videos of myself putting on makeup which I haven't edited for youtube yet. I'm trying to space out the videos a little more to give myself some breathing room.

Can you believe January is already almost over? This year is already flying by! Gotta remember and smell the roses sometimes.

On Friday I went with my roomie to MAC after work to help her find a natural yet fresh look for work...she's going on a business trip and wants to look know, in a work kind of way. It was really fun actually...and then we got home and I showed her how to apply it. I introduced her to the wonderful world of paint pots as bases and she was amazed at how they can totally intensify and change the color of eyeshadows :) She spent $100 and was like "Whoa I'm going to wait another 8 months before I purchase makeup again...". I just looked at her and was like "Yah, it's addictive huh" lol.

So I had time to post my video from my CVS has some swatches and mini reviews in there. I've been getting a lot of comments on my curly hair...good but noooo it's not natural. Just some good ol' hairspray and a curling iron. I think I'm going to go ahead and do a tutorial on's really easy and lasts a few days. Anyhow, back to the vid...hope you all enjoy!

By the way, I posted a new video.


Vanessa said...

Looking cute Ren!

mandilicious said...

ooh..great haul, i have the HIP liners too, i bought them last time they were bogo half off, but i haven't really used them yet..hehe..what are you wearing (make-up) in this video?'s really pretty!..and i really love the nude lips!!

Mrs. Lynne said...

Hi love!! I'm glad you agree with me on the price of HIP. I'm really with you on the under $10 for drugstore. I mean their products are competitively priced to MACs for decent quality, but in line next to stuff like Wet'n Wild? That's just boo boo. I don't mind paying the price, but I'm still under the "drugstore" aura and finding it difficult to make peace with a $15 pigment (that's how much the pigments are here!).

And I love your thumbs own on the eyebrown stencil. I see those all the time and wondered how much of a miracle they had. Not much :) Lol.

Have a fab week sis!

*I am officially entering my 3rd attempt at the stupid word verification nonsense!! Lol. The word is: lamwrd. Ooohh, I have a lamwrd for you!!!

sassychix said...

u look lovely with this hairdo! :)

yummy411 said...

you look cute in your video! great haul! i got a lot of the same stuff. i got that deep pink stick color from hip hoping for a flammable paint dupe or something to that effect. thanks for sharing!

Bliss said...

Im totally loving your hairdo heheh. I mean the colour really makes the makeup popped, im never suited with nude lips and you really look good with it, i loved your daisy tutorial. :) ps: Im linking you, thanks

MakeupByRenRen said...

vanessa: thanks sis!

mandilicious: yah those HIP liners are hot, lol, but I really need to also do a look with them...I'm wearing like a pink smokey eye in this vid with lipglass from the N collection...i'll be doing a tutorial this week :)

mrs. lynne: lol I was just thinking yesterday how the word verification thing was all screwy! let's petion L'Oreal HIP so they either get their own space in the front in the grocery store or drop those prices! yah and pass on those eyebrow stencils

sassychix: thanks! I have thick str8 hair and always love big curly hair on pplz, I think I'll be doing a tut on the hair soon

yummy411: yah I love the pink shadestick thing...I wore it under an almost white/pink and it didn't disappear on me like it usually does!

bliss: I think you can definitely pull off nude lips :)