Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day and Night Transformations

Hi Bellas,

I actually made the title seem a lot more dramatic than my post really is, lol. So how have you all been? I was MIA yesterday because I celebrated my anniversary with the BF yesterday. We took a vacation day and pretty much did random things like going to the mall together, going for seafood, playing remote control race cars, and taking photos in a picture booth. We're still waiting on getting our anniversary present for each other, an SLR camera. My roommate may have the hookup so to the dismay of my BF who wants the camera now now now, I'm waiting to see if we can get a discount! I also totally copped Christiana's BF's anniversary gift idea and made him a video scrapbook, he he, thanks for the idea Christiana's boyfriend :) We'll see if the BF will let me post. Anyhow...I was able to do an "anniversary look" inspired by the flowers he got me...i'll post it in no time...

In the meanwhile...I was inspired by another ABB-er, PincStuff and did a 5 minute makeup video. I actually wear this to work...honestly, most of the time I wear no makeup to work, but when I do it's something similar to this look. While I was at it, I decided to do a 5 minute day to night look, for you ladies who like to spruce up a day look for a night out. I didn't use many products, and for the eyes I especially turned to my Royal Assets Metallic eye palettes...we gotta make sure we use our holiday palettes ladies!

Both are super easy...I hope you guys enjoy!

5 Minute Daytime Look

5 Minute Day to Night Look


christianadivine said...

great videos. :] very helpful and quick. :] also, i love the songs you had by amerie in your second video. :]

Mrs. Lynne said...

hi sis! i wish i could put my makeup on quickly like you. i get too meticulous, lol. but both looks are so stunning. i really like how the evening one really makes your eyes bold. i'd just wear that during the day, hah. love love love it! keep up those mad skills ma ;)

Lisa said...

happy anniversary! i LOVE the second video. you gave me a reason to love my metallic eyes palette even more!

MakeupByRenRen said...

Christiana: yup gotta love amerie...too bad she has no new songs out right now...she's gorgeous though...hopefully my kids look like her :)

Mrs. Lynne: lol I usually take a while so I had to cheat on this one...actually I would wear the evening look in the day too, lol. peace out ma ;)

Lisa: thanks! I know right, I force myself to go back to my holiday palettes so that they're not neglected!

Vanessa said...

Anniversaries rock! I am celebrating 3 years with my honey love in July. Crazy long ass time. LOL.

I made a book for my love with a bunch of pictures, he loved it!

And love the 5 minute video!