Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday and Makeup For Travel

Hi Bellas,

Last night I had another photoshoot. The model was an up and coming recording artist whose style is like Jon B meets Babyface. He was having a photoshoot done for his new album. I did the basic male makeup routine...conceal blemishes, fill in hair line and beard, chapstick...takes under 10 minutes to do. Easy breezy! Too bad the shoot ran i'm paying for it!

So I don't think I've mentioned it, but i'll be going out of town starting on Thursday. Me and the Get it Girls (my lil girl clique) will be taking our yearly vacation. We're going to Costa Rica! I'm trying to film some videos and get some posts done in between...that way I can give yall something to look at while I'm gone, lol. I think the next videos will be a spiced chocolate quad tutorial and then a review on Pur Minerals Makeup.

Meanwhile, my over organized OCD self is going into packing mode! Just ask all my friends...I'm the kind of person that makes typed up packing lists weeks in advance. I already have our day by day itinerary on Excel. Pretty much, I like to be super duper prepared but pack light at the same time. I'm the kind of person that will not remember the little things so I need lists to keep me in track.

One thing that i've been trying to narrow down is packing makeup for the trip. I feel as if I can tone down the makeup since it's mainly beaches and rainforests I'll be visiting, lol. Therefore, I'm looking into minimal makeup that won't crack or be damaged in transport, as well as multifunctional beauty products. On top of it all, I have to resist my urge to buy new makeup products (ahemm...Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer I've been lemming) just for this trip, because the budget for the trip is already at maximum capacity.

So far this is what I'm packing:

-NARS multiple in palm beach (a pretty bronzey color good for the cheeks, eyes, and lips)

-NARS lipgloss duo in sunset beach/orgasm (two very wearable colors in one)

-select moisture concealer

-mascara (no falsies on this trip!)

-eyelash curler

-warm eyes MAC eyeshadow palette from the 2007 holiday collection

-cream blush in sweet william (that way I can wear blush without worrying about the powder cracking)

-sample size 5 gram jar of loose setting powder from Silk Minerals (to set the concealer and cream cheek products)

-revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black - gotta have this!

-rimmel professional eyebrow pencil

-a few brushes in a travel brush sest

-i'm debating on what kind of foundation to bring...pressed mineral, tinted moisturizer (which I would have to go and buy), cream compact...but it's hard to decide especially since i know i'll be getting tanner...and I don't want to wear anything too heavy.

Do you guys have any tricks for packing light for travel?

Any great and reasonably priced makeup products to recommend? lol

It's amazing how NOT helpful google is being on my search for travel

After I get all the suggestions and get my final list together...i'll do a picture post to show you the final results.

Till next time, ciao bellas!


jems379 said...

Hi RenRen, Costa Rica will be fabulous! We went there and it was just great. The one thing we did not get a chance to do was the canopy (zip line). Check it out! I think there are videos on YouTube of it. We did do it in Honduras and it was quite an adventure. As far as makeup, I usually go really light with what I bring. The less the better. Have fun! Eunice

Monique said...

Yeah for a base on vacay for cheap I remember buying Revlons SoftFlex foundation since it absorbs oil and mixing it with a little moisturizer and water or Evian mist. Worked great with a tranlucent powder or mattifying powder. I mean its Costa Rica! Just rock that natural dewy look. But definitely I'd go for either making your own tinted moisturizer, buying a cheap one like Rimmel or Neutrogena, or just using a great water based concealer and setting powder. You have gorgeous skin so you really could just nix this too. Always an option!

CoutureCarrie said...

Exciting photo shoot - great work!

As for travel, I usually take a bunch of sample size Kinerase and Frederik Fekkai stuff with me.

Have a wonderful trip; I learned to surf in Costa Rica!


nicola! said...

Hi RenRen! I've been reading your blog since the beginning of summer. Thanks for all the tips and tutorials! I've definitely upped my makeup game because of them! =)

As for your tinted moisturizer dilemma, I suggest picking up a sample of Smashbox Sheerfocus Tinted Moisturizer (it's about 15 dollars cheaper than the Laura Mercier one). I currently use that and I love it! A little of it goes a long a way (at least for me). I used the sample size they gave me at the Nordstroms and it lasted a couple days.

Have fun in Costa Rica! =)

Ethereal Prey said...

I am SO jealous that you're going to costa rica! you're gonna be drinking out of coconuts with umbrella's in them! *cries* well have fun babes, take lots of pics, remember your hat and wear sunblock!

last trip i went on, i didn't wear any makeup, sunblock all the way, everything seriously just melted when I was in Jamaica. Tell us how everything works out for you! I wanna know! I wanna look sexy on my next trip..whenever that will be

alien man?! said...

Costa Rica! FUN FUN FUN!

I hope you have an amazing time, but not TOO much of a good time or our dear RenRen might not come back! Hehe.

OMG NARS eyeshadows are TOO EXPENSIVE. That was my ONE SPLURGE of a lifetime, seriously, and you know how cheap I usually am about makeup! I have to admit, though, it's my favorite high end shadow so far. Beautiful shades and quality.

Be sure to update us on how you finished packing before you leave! I'm curious to see how you systemized it.

mayaari said...

hehe, you sound like me - I make list upon list of what to pack if a trip is coming up - I always think I'm going to forget something!

sooo jealous that you're going on vacation, but I hope you have an awesome time :) don't forget sunblock - for your face and your lips! I think a tinted moisturizer would be a good option - if the weather is humid it'll take forever to apply mineral makeup, but you don't want anything too heavy

Askmewhats said...

HI Ren Ren, yay for another shoot and make up!!! So happy and excited for you.

I am very OC too! So I know what you mean about wanting to pack light..I don't know what to suggest coz I've seen in your previous post that you already pack as lightly as possible..with all those ziplocks :)

Enjoy your trip at Costa Rica!

Elizabeth said...

i need tips for traveling too! I'm off to London next month and i dont know what makeup to pack with me. Let me know when you find out more advice!

dianatan said...

Wow! Costa Rica vacation! Take care out there! I once watched pursebuzz and she recommended clinique's tinted moisturizer. :)

SPECiAL x GiRL said...

Have fun on your trip & good luck with packing! Why not just carry some things in your purse? Maybe the essentials like foundation just so you can refresh prior to your landing ,and at the same time protecting it from getting damages by the luggage.

yummy411 said...

omg i'm such a slacker! lol.. see i have a travel makeup post in draft from when....???? back when i went to LA and didn't know what to do or what to pack because i was scared of the restrictions (i wasn't as interested in makeup since the restrictions started) so see.. my post would have come up! but.. alas.. it doesn't exist! LOL so I really just carried my everyday makeup bag and since it's really a toiletries case, i just stuffed a tshirt in between everything and put my makeup bag in between all of my clothes.. i was soooo worried whenever my bag escaped me, but it worked! i need a trip with my girls!!! have so much fun for all of us. looking forward to the pics!

Becky@Glam-Beauty said...

hey RenRen i love your blog :D when i went on holiday last month i put cotton wool inside my blushes, shadows, beauty powders etc. to prevent them from cracking on the flight, everything was still in tact when i got there :)

tokyostargirl said...

I LOVE doing makeup for guys! =) I wish I had someone to practice on everyday. My boyfriend will put up with a lot, but not that! haha

Meisha said...

Have fun girl! Can't wait to work with you again when you return! ;)

Yellow Fever said...

WOw, Costa Rica!!! That sounds amazing-I hope you have a lot of fun and get in some well-deserved relaxation time!

Amina said...

have fun Ren and please share pictures when you come back..
i tend to bring too much stuff that i barely wear since it is sooo hot!!1

(g)ezebel said...

i wanna go to costa rica!!! *insanely jealous pout*