Ben Nye Haul

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to show you a haul from about two weekends ago. I didn't have a chance to post it till now but I'm still excited! Unfortunately I haven't been able to try all the products yet but I will soon.

Everything in my haul is from Ben Nye. For those of you who aren't familiar, Ben Nye is a theatrical makeup brand that makeup artists have been using for years! The color pigmentation, foundations, and special products are absolutely amazing for both theatrical and conventional makeup. For those who know about it, Ben Nye is what's up! I've been wanting to get into this brand for a while. So many have done reviews on the Lumiere Eyeshadow Palette. For some reason I actually had self-restraint and convinced myself that I had enough eyeshadows to forego the palette.

But now i've made up for it and purchased a bunch of Ben Nye products from a local theatrical shop here in Atlanta.

Look at all the bright, pretty colors! :)

This is my entire haul...I spent about $100 for twenty items. Not too shabby! Especially compared with brands like MAC.

Here are the Magicolor creme pencils. They were only $3.50 each (very comparable price to drugstore brands) and the colors are super vibrant! I got 8 of them...pretty much all the colors they had, lol. In my head I can picture doing fun face and body drawings using all these colors. From L to R: bright orange, misty violet, lime green, violet, yellow, kelly green, tuquoise, and blue.

Next we have the Creme Colors. The red color is actually a Creme Rouge aka blush, but to me they're all the same. When I saw them I was immediately reminded of MAC's creme colour bases. They go on very pigmented and creamy. The only difference is that these are much cheaper--only $4 each! I'll definitely use these as eyeshadow bases (with UDPP underneath though because they're super creamy). I can also see myself doing some face and body painting with these colors. I'm excited about finally finding a yellow base! L to R: gecko green, bright pink, red, vivid violet, and yellow.

Here we have the Lip Colour pencils and Lip Glosses. I picked out colors which I though were wearable so I could add them to the kit. The lip pencils were $8 each but they're about 2 inches longer than my normal MAC pencils...a lot more product! I got the pencils in Vino (a dark wine color) and Caramel Rose (an awesome nude lip liner...I actually like this color better on me than MAC's stripdown liner that I usually wear). Next I got lip glosses in Nude and Champagne for $6 each. I like how it's a gloss in a pot because I can scoop out the product using a palette knife. Usually I struggle getting the product out of the tube when using them on my clients. This is because I don't use the actual applicator (for sanitation purposes). Instead, I usually transfer the gloss from the wand to the palette and it usually takes a few trys to get enough product. Hence, the reason I like pots, lol. I think the nude color looks very similar to Viva Glam V lipstick-my fav! The champagne color adds a subtle gold glow. The lipgloss reminds me of the consistency of MAC's slimshines. Love them!

Here we have a new mixing palette. I love how this palette is larger than my Graftobian Steel palettes. That means less cleaning and more surface area. The product is plastic with a really smooth surface that wipes clean with a baby wipe. I think it was about $10.

I also picked up the Ben Nye Concealer wheel for about $20. There were two concealer wheels to choose from. One was slightly lighter and the other slighty darker. I asked one of the workers for help in deciding between the two. I told him I was a conventional makeup artist and needed to know which one he suggested for regular concealing. He told me that I should go with the lighter ones if I'm working with models because models are usually lighter. I was like WTF!?! My boyfriend was with me and I looked over to see if he caught that comment and he definitely did, lol. That was definitely ignorance at its best. I mean come on, we're also in Needless to say, I picked up the darker concealer wheel! In terms of the consistency, the cream is very thick...which makes sense since it's a concealer wheel for theatre makeup. I would use this for heavier coverage.

I also picked up two cake eye liners in black and dark brown for $5 each. They are the consistency of a powder eyeshadow. I've never tried a powder liner before. I dampened an angle brush slightly and then tried to apply the black eyeshadow. I was a little disappointed...not sure if i'm doing something wrong but it didn't give me the vibrancy I wanted. I'll try again...any suggestions guys? Maybe try it dry? Use a mixing medium?

Here are the swatches of all the colors. Super colorful right? The little lines on the left are the pencils, on the right are the creme colours, and then underneath you can see the glosses and the lip liners. I'm super excited to try them out! Unfortunately they've sat a bit untouched since I've been testing out a product line for a company that wanted me to review. I'll post some looks using these soon!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!