A Makeup By RenRen reader gets a makeover!

Hi Bellas,

Last week I had the opportunity to do makeup for one of my blog readers Ameisha and her two friends. Little did I know that Ameisha lived right here in Atlanta until she saw my ad one day showing that I served the Atlanta area. Ameisha is a member of http://www.blackhairmedia.com/ and she was coordinating a dinner for members coming from near and far. The site is a forum for everything to do with black hair, beauty, and more. So you know she had to look fly for this event! She was able to show my blog and youtube page to her two friends Adrienne and Roslyn and you know they wanted to get in on the action too.

First up we did Ameisha. Let me also mention that she had her hair recently done for the event so she was already half done to begin with. The first thing I noticed about Ameisha is that she had really nice skin. I was asking her all sorts of questions about her facecare regimen, he he. I hardly needed to give her any coverage. For her eyes, she let me concoct a look for her. We went with pinks and purples because I thought they would look beautiful against her skintone. I used hepcat, contrast, carbon, and a few other shadows. In the end, I needed to do a few adjustments to make the look perfect for her. When it's comes to my clients, my feelings really don't hurt if they want me to fix something here or there. I've had my makeup done plenty of times before...I'd much prefer someone tell me something they don't like so I can fix it right then and there...then for them to go home unhappy. On Ameisha, I put a shimmery highlighter on her nose and cheeks...she felt like the shimmer was making her a little oily looking. A quick fix to that is to take setting powder (I used MAC invisible set powder) and use it with a fluffy brush and place it over the areas that are too shimmery. Instant fix! I also broke out my llama eyeshadow to bring her eyeshadow down a centimeter...llama tones down any eyeshadow!

Ameisha also had a thing with false lashes...she said they remind her of spiders, lol. So we lessened the fear by applying individual lashes which look much more natural. I used my Ardell Individual lashes in medium.

After her friends saw the lashes, they all wanted some, lol. I'm about to order from http://www.madamemadeline.com/ and stock up on my individual lashes!

Roslyn was next. This girl was very sweet. She too had her hair recently done and it was too cute! I loved the color and cut. Roslyn really doesn't wear makeup but she wasn't afraid of trying a bright look. She told me she wanted her eyes to be a color of a peacock. So you know I pulled out my aquas, blues and greens--my favorite! I used colors including aquadisiac, clarity, bottle green...the colors looked gorgeous on her skin. I topped it off with a nude lip and it was an amazing transformation.

Lastly, we had Adrienne. Unfortunately we were all running a bit short on time. So we had to make Adrienne cute and fast! I went with a smokey gold eye. Amberlights and carbon e/s is a match made in heaven. I love how her skin glowed after I added some bronzer and blush. Adrienne was so sweet...we talked the entire time and she gave me a lesson on individual eyelash extensions...I learned so much from her!

***Picture was removed per client's request

The whole experience flew by because I felt like I was chatting with the girls. These girls were naturally gorgeous so my makeup just highlighted it even more.

Till next time, ciao bellas!