Kat Von D Look

Hi Bellas,

So I was doing some clean up on my blog...deleting draft posts that didn't make the cut or that I forgot to post. As I was browsing through I found this old post.

Many of you may or may not now, but I posted a video tutorial on achieving the Kat Von D look about 2.5 months ago. The video only had about 800 views before I took it down. The reason being is that about 1 minute into the video, it lost all sound. I tried redoing the video a couple of times. All was well in Windows Movie Maker but as soon as it was rendered to a movie file, the volume was gone! Talk about frustrating. After 3 times of trying it, I gave up. However, I still have the pictures! Luckly I also saved the list of products I used. If anything, I can still use this as a blog entry.

The look was all about strong makeup...dark brows, eyes, bold lips and contouring. After doing a bit of research on this Ms. Von D, I discovered that she is the bomb at makeup! For those of you who don't know who Kat Von D is...she is a celebrity tattoo artist with her own reality show called LA Ink. I truly think that if you're an artist in one medium...it often transfers to other aspects...i.e. makeup! Kat Von D has awesome blending skills. She has a makeup line at Sephora, but if you ask me, I think she uses MAC products. In one video, she definitely mentioned using vanilla pigment as a higlight color.

Since I don't have the video up, I'll write out the steps.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless stated):

-carbon e/s
-sharkskin shadestick
-print e/s
-vanilla pigment
-technakohl in graphblack
-Ardell lashes
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-embark e/s
-spiked brow pencil

-select moisture concealer NW37
-msf natural medium dark
-sculpt & shape duo in lightsweep/shadester
-CRC rose blush
-MSF light flush
-Revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black

-brick red lipliner
-mattene composure lipstick

Step by Step Instructions...

1) Apply sharkskin shadestick to entire lid up to the crease and into the outer V. Blend out the harsh lines with your ring finger.

2) Pack on carbon e/s on top of the shadestick using the 239 brush.

3) Apply print e/s to the other side of the 239 brush. Blend out the top edge of the carbon e/s near the crease. This will give you a nicer gradient effect.

4) Apply vanilla pigment to your 227 brush and apply it to your brow bone. Blend it down into the print e/s to make a seamless transition.

5) Line your water line and lower lashline with technakohl in graphblack.

6) Apply carbon e/s with your 219 brush and smudge and smoke out your lower lashline.

7) Line your top lashline with Revlon liquid liner in blackest black. Make sure to wing it out at the end.

8) Apply falsies to the top and bottom.

9) Blend in top lashes with false lashes with mascara.

10) Fill in eyebrows with embark eyeshadow and spiked brow pencil. Use an angled brush like the 266 to make the brows more angled and defined. We're going for a strong brow.


1) Apply concealer to dark cirlces and blemishes.

2) Apply foundation on top as usual.

3) Heavily contour using sculpt & shape duo--the shadester side

4) Apply rose blush on top of the contour to intensify

5) Apply light flush msf on top of cheekbones as a highlight

6) Draw on little stars on the left side of the face near the eye area...you don't have to be neat but try to vary the size and shape of the stars


1) Line and fill lips in with brick red lipliner

2) Dab on mattene lipstick on composure

3) Use a lip brush to blend the colors together to get a deep cherry finish

That's it! Kat Von D watch out! he he

Now for the final look!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!