M.A.C Makeup Cult of Cherry Haul

FYI: Long post...pic heavy!

Hi Bellas,

Tuesday night I was able to go to the MAC pre-release party at my local freestanding store. I was rolling deep! I brought my two besties and my two friends also met me there. While I was there I also met a few of my youtube and blog readers! They were so sweet...if you see me on the street don't forget to holler!

Check out my haul vid!

On to the pics!

Funnily enough, I had already made a list of products that I wanted to get before I even got there. Like many of you, I did my research on specktra beforehand. I got everything on my list except for one lipstick which I switched out for a different gloss. I'm trying to spend wisely because I have some large makeup expenses coming up which I'll be sharing with you soon :)

Spiced Chocolate quad and Tempting quad

I picked up 4 lip products. Truly, the lippies in this collection were to die for. It takes a bit to get used to some of the darker colors but they are great items to add to your lip collection. They have many colors which are in the cherry color realm...but there are also 2 pretty neutral colors for those who prefer a toned down lip.

Bing matteen, Lightly Ripe l/s, So Scarlet l/s, Jampacked l/g

Bing Matteen
First off, I picked up Bing. This is a matteen lipstick and the color reminds me of a dark eggplant. This is definitely a high fashion/editorial lipstick for the fall. If you can step out of your comfort zone, this lipstick is truly gorgeous. It's pretty dark but you can see the purple radiating through. I'm saving this for a future fashion shoot. In my haul video I'm wearing this color. My tip to you all is that if you are wearing a bold, dark lip, please make sure to add some color to your face. I was wearing bronzer...if not, bold lips can tend to make you look drowned out and more gothic than glamorous. Of course, if that is your style, rock on!

So Scarlet Lipstick
Next I picked up So Scarlet lipstick. I loveeeee this color! Truly gorgeous...if you're afraid of a bold, red lip, this is the perfect compromise. It has a bit of a berry tone in there so it is more user friendly. The finish is Amplified so you know that it goes on super creamy. I can't wait to wear this new color. You'll definitely be seeing it in my next tutorial.

Lightly Ripe Lipstick
I also picked up Lightly Ripe lipstick. The finish is a lustre which makes it even more perfect for an everyday lipstick. I tried it on and I fell in love...it's exactly my lip color but better! I'm going to buy a backup or two for myself and my kit. I really don't see anyone going wrong with this color. Before this, Viva Glam V was my go to color...but Lightly Ripe is giving it some steep competition.

Jampacked Lipglass
The last lippie I picked up is Jampacked Lipglass. I chose it because it was a beautiful plum color. I definitely don't have a similar color in my collection. It reminded me a bit of Viva Glam VI but a little darker. It's definitely good to have some plums in your collection for the fall. It has just enough plum in it for you more neutral girls and you can also amp it up by wearing a coordinating liner or lipstick underneath.

Now for the swatches! Top L to R: So Scarlet l/s and Bing Mattene
Bottom L to R: Lightly Ripe l/s and Jampacked l/g

The Blushes
I skipped out on the blushes on this collection because the pink blush seemed a bit too light for me and the purple blush didn't really catch my eye. My bestie picked up Plum Du Bois...I might see how she likes it and go back for it if it's a winner.

The Quads
I did however purchase two quads. I skipped on the Shadowy Lady quad because I had two of the four colors in the quad-shadowy lady and deep truth. If you don't have too many similar colors, I highly suggest purchasing these pre-made quads because the colors coordinate really well and it's actually a better deal.

Tempting Quad
First off, I knew I was getting the Tempting quad. The bright green color was too gorgeous to resist! I'm a sucker for bright greens.

Swatches from L to R: Next to Nothing (frost), Sharp (satin), Tempting (lustre), Dark Edge (Satin)

Here's a little bit of info on the eyeshadows:
Tempting: Tempting e/s (one of the better lustres) is a permanent color that I already have. However, I don't mind having a backup because it's a beautiful bronze color that would look good on everybody. I actually wore this color in my Hepcat e/s tutorial.
Next to Nothing: This is a nude colored frost which would make a perfect highlighter. I like the tone of it because it's perfect for blending out harsh edges of eyeshadow. I'm not usually excited about the highlighter colors included in quads, but I really like this one.
Dark Edge: This satin eyeshadow is a dark brown color. Everybody needs a color like this in their collection. It's great for lining the eyes, and contouring the crease.
Sharp: Save the best for last! This satin e/s is extremely pigmented and just as vibrant as it looks on the pan. I'm a sucker for bright eyeshadows.

Spiced Chocolate Quad
This perfect for you neutral lovers out there. I love how the colors compliment each other and I think this quad would look really great on women of color.

Swatches L to R: Sweet Chesnut (frost), Spiced Chocolate (matte), Brash (veluxe pearl), Nanogold (lustre)

Spiced Chocolate: This is a great matte brown color. Since it's a matte, you can definitely use this to fill in eyebrows. It's a good essential for any eyeshadow collection.
Nanogold: This lustre is actually a color I originally picked up from the N Collection. It has a bit of pink to it which makes it a nice highlighter color for reddish/pinkish looks.
Brash: I love veluxe pearl eyeshadows. They go on so smooth. This is a gorgeous color that is the color of a penny. I don't think there's a similar color out there.
Sweet Chesnut: Many say that this lustre is a dupe of Cranberry e/s. Fortunately I don't have it so I was really excited to pick this up.

In my bag, they also included an extra - a cult of cherry apron. Too cute!

Now on to the promo party!

I decided to recreate a look I just saw on Kim Kardashian's blog. She just posted some new video tutorials on her famous smokey eye. The look is actually unbelieveably easy. I only used two eyeshadows!

This is what I Used (All MAC unless otherwise stated):
-bare canvas paint
-shroom e/s (in the video she used Naked pigment which I didn't have)
-contrast e/s
-kohl pencil in smolder
-zoomlash mascara

-strobe cream
-select moisture concealer in NW37
-mineralized satinfinish foundation in NC42
-msf natural in med dark
-sweet william creme blush

-stripdown lipliner
-fresh brew lipstick
-c-thru lipglass

This picture shows my actual skin color a lil better. I broke out the digital camera for this one.

Oh la la, check out the goodies! They also put the Overrich collection out.

As you can see, it was pretty packed in there!

Me and the promo model. She looks just like the model from the ad. But she's not, lol, cuz we asked her!

Me and the besties with our fabulous drinks! I had a chocolate martini (I couldn't even drink it because it was too strong!) and Sai had a cherry vodka thing-a-majig. And here's the bartender that made the super strong drinks!

They had a bunch of yummy hors d'oeuvres with cherries in all of them. The lil caterer man was really nice too!

That's all for now folks! Till next time, ciao bellas!