Mother and Daughter PhotoShoot

Hi Bellas,

Along my path to purse my passion of makeup artistry, my friends have been so supportive. They've passed out business cards, served as models, assisted me at gigs, helped cleaned brushes...I couldn't ask for more support. My bestie Alex (I know yall have seen her in a million entries) even sends her Mom pics of my new work. Her mom even reads my blog at work, he he. Isn't that too cute?

Well on Alex's bday her Mom flew into town for business and stayed the weekend to spend it with Alex. Alex told me that her mom wanted to have a photoshoot! Guess who was doing the makeup? In my head I already had a vision...a mother and daughter shoot like off the pages of Essence Magazine. We wanted to do some nice and natural outdoor shots.

For Alex I wanted to do pretty purples...I love that color on her. I used a combo of contrast, beautiful iris, and parfait amour eyeshadow. I also gave her individual lashes and per her request I broke out the contour powder he he.

On her mom, she wanted to wear some false lashes and have her eyes pop! I also gave her a little help in the eyebrow department and filled in her brows. I chose a nice pair of lashes from Ardell and then I went with a gold-bronze look for the rest of her face. Her mom always radiates beauty with her smile. She's definitely a second mommy to me.

This was definitely one of my favorite shoots. My other bestie came to watch the shoot and the whole time we were smiling and going "Awww" at how cute the shots were. You can definitely see the mother-daughter bond in the pictures.

Without further ado, the pics!

Alex's mom is hot!

I love how the colors pop in this shot. That's my blue necklace!

I love this shot of daughter fixing Mom's collar through the water.

I even got a couple of working shots ! Touching up the collarbone...