Atlanta International Fashion Week - Fashion Show

Happy Friday!

Boy am I glad it's the weekend. Even though I really don't have a chance to sleep in, lol. It's another busy weekend for me. Last night I did a fashion show and didn't get home till 1am! It was a lot of fun...luckily my two best friends came to assist me. They were really helpful. I taught them eyebrows, lips, prepping and the end they were pretty darn good!

As for the weekend, here's what I have planned:
Friday afternoon: Nothing makeup related and I did this on purpose! There was a possible photoshoot but I had to pull out because i'm overexerting myself and just too tired. It was TFP anyhow, so we can reschedule.
Saturday: 8:30am starting makeup for a shoot. The client is flying in front out of town after her friend recommended me to her. 1pm-4pm: I've having a group of 3 girls getting their makeup done--one of them was a youtube fan and she's bringing her two girlfriends for some makeover fun as well. 4pm onward...another shoot. After that, birthday activities for my bestie's birthday. Don't want to spill the beans because she might read my blog!
Sunday: 11am makeup begins for a shoot that will last till 7pm.

Busy Busy Busy!

So back to the original post. Speaking of Fashion Shows, last Friday I participated in Atlanta International Fashion Week. From the fashion shows I've been to so far, I've come to expect long hours and a little bit of craziness, lol. I did about 12 people, both male and female. It was a good experience because I'm learning to do makeup quick! Of course, male models are a lot easier to do so that helps. Here are some pics!

Here I am ready and set up at my makeup station. As soon as I got there all these models kept following me so I could do their makeup, lol. I think it's because I wore really bright makeup to show off the skills. I believe that if you're a makeup artist, you have to make sure your makeup is on point whenever you're on a job. After all, you wouldn't go to a dentist with jacked up teeth would you? On my eyes I'm wearing bright sunshine e/s, full fushia blush, the purple e/s from the pandamonium quad, MAC lashes and Hollywood Nights lipstick with the matching fushia lipglass.

The first person to sit in my chair. She was a publicist of my friend who's a designer. She wanted something natural yet pretty. I went to my fallback--amber lights and carbon e/s. Too bad I didn't get an after look because she looked gorgeous!

One of the male models checking out my work. I just evened out his skin tone with my Cinema Secrets foundation. Looks like he's not wearing makeup right?

Backstage getting stylists, makeup artists, models galore! Hectic!

Working on Dominique, a model from the Czech Republic. We were talking about adding a little warmth to his skin with the subtle use of bronzer.

Working on another model...I'm giving her pink and purple eyes.

Some of the models I painted up... working the runway!

At the very end...fitting in one of the show's fashion designers last minute! She's trying to eat some Sun Chips at the same time because there wasn't time to eat!

Me and the BF at the end of the show. He was doing photography. Glad to be done!